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Rush Limbaugh January 11th, 2017


National teachers' unions are preparing to stand against Trumps pick to lead the education department, Betsy DeVos.

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and that'll get your ten percent off on your membership. Lifelike. Eight hundred four forty forty forty three promo code rush national teachers unions are prepping an assault on Betsy divorce. Trumps picked led the education department unions are urging teachers to contact senators to tell them to vote against her I will the union bosses say: she's an ideological extremists in April Lily, Garcia says that Betsy Divorces made a career trying to destroy neighbourhood, public schools, Randy Weingarten Union Also, the American Federation of Teachers says the Trump has chosen: the most anti public education nominee in the history of the education department. Now folks, it's true. That's divorces had choice words for teachers, unions over the years and its true that she's a strong proponent of charter school but there's more to it than that. Let's look at the NEA accusation that she wants to destroy. Neighborhood public schools, Democrats and the You're unions have already done that in city.
After city we have failing schools which graduate woefully unprepared students, others just drop out. Violence plagues the worst schools and parents have knows in choosing better schools for their kids. What Betsy Divorce really threatens is the stranglehold, on that teachers. Unions in a democratic party have had on public education. For decades. Democrats have allowed teachers unions to have their way in exchange for hefty campaign donations, while of public schools have become a national embarrassment. Their little indoctrination centres, propagandizing the kids, the teachers unions are afraid that that party at the propagandizing, the indoctrination, is gonna.
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