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Rush Limbaugh January 21st 2019


The Washington Post wrote an article about Venezuela's Crisis and how it was once South America's wealthiest nation before its descent into Socialism.

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Do we want to South America's wealthiest nations? But now is one of the poorest. The post describes how I'll rich country is Latin America's new underclass because its buckling under the weight of Venezuela's descent into socialism, there's no food. There is no other trysted, it has no money. Every day. Five thousand people flee the country, try to escape starvation. In the last two years, two million have fled another. Two million will leave this year. Women women risk being raped and attacked by smugglers. Members of the upper class skilled professionals. They are abandoning their property, taking jobs is day labourers in other countries, but life is worse for those who stay in Venezuela. It's also told A predictable- and I did predict that when Hugo Chavez came to power back and ninety ninety nine, but our brilliant liberal elite, including Hollywood, stars, praised job as in this
Those in successor, socialist dictator, Nicholas Maduro, american liberals all ways celebrate socialism, just as they are doing today and a Democrat Party because they see it as total power, even though it fails every time it's tried, they still think it hasn't been tried by the right people with the right amount of money,
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