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Rush Limbaugh Jul 17, 2020


Portland, Oregon has been the scene of violent protests almost 2 straight months this week, an anti-capitalist group calling themselves the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front.

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Hildy? College serves for purposes, learning, character, faith and freedom, education and faith thrive, and freedom and freedom requires people who are educated people of good character, hills. They'll college has been providing the education needed to preserve free government for one hundred seventy five years. It continues to provide that education today, not only to the fifteen hundred undergrad and graduate students on campus, but nation, wide to hills. Dale creates and provides free online courses, as well as supporting group of K to twelve charter schools, Hillsdale's articles of association date back their one thousand, eight hundred and forty four they commit the college to preserve, blessings of civil and religious liberty for the provision of sound learning. The learning includes the constitutional laws of nature's described the declaration in Amerika, great heritage,
Liberty, hills, Dales Motto, pursuing truth and defending liberty, since eighteen forty four find out all about it. At rush for Hills, Dale, DOT, com, Portland, Oregon, has been the scene of violent protest for almost two straight months. This week and anti capitalist group calling themselves they Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation front set up a so called autonomous zone like the leftist crazies in Seattle did a few weeks ago, and nobody with any sense wants to risk their lives to go downtown. Business is important suffered over twenty three million dollars in damages and counting is vicious violet hate filled. Anti american protesters are also attacking federal buildings, not protect this federal property. The Department of Homeland Security deployed
their role. Agents to Portland that has caused the mayor of Portland intend Whaler de Gaulle. Ballistic they are Wheeler is blaming the federal agents for bringing violence to Portland streets will all they ve done is defend themselves when attacked by these worthless, shreds of human debris. Anarchists mayor Wheeler is demanding that federal agents, eaters inside their federal buildings or get the hell out of town. Now. This nut job mayor also ordered the federal agents to clean the graffiti off of these buildings graffiti. That was put there by the violent, adding american and a capitalist rioters that Wheeler has allowed to control is city mayor we were in Portland like mayor. The Plaza New York is an abject idiot. It is amazing there are. Businesses at all left in either city, and for how long will there be
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