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Rush Limbaugh July 2nd 2018


Jessica Bennett, a New York Times Journalist who writes about genders and sexual interactions posted an article saying "Consent isn't always black and white but sometimes "No" actually means "Yes".

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Every american male has learned like in the last ten years that when a woman says no, she means no doesn't mean. Maybe it means no right. We'll pay attention. Folks, on Sunday the news analysis section of the New York Times featured an article titled Wednesday, and yes, he is easier than saying no, it's by Jessica Bennett, the gender editor of the New York Times. That is her actual title. Now she and her female friends and spoken with knowing nods about the nuances of sexual interaction. Sometimes they say, there's a place of no return.
Having sex is easier than bailing out and she says that there are names for this like Grey Zone, sex or begrudging, consensual sex or look warm sex sex, your kind of about meaning board apathetic and then there's bed sex because a how you feel afterwards, but there's one passage I want to quote verbatim: she writes consent, isn't always black and white? Sometimes no means yes, because you actually do want to do it, but you know you're not supposed to, lest you be labelled us what and if you're, a man that no often means just try harder, because you know persuasion is part of the game. This woman doesn't know what she's a throwback because she's exactly right in the old days, no more often than not did mean. Yes, it's called seduction and you might want to look it up in the dictionary of your offended right now.
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