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Rush Limbaugh Mar 19, 2021


A lady by the name June Chu a dean at Yale, she has a doctorate in Social Psychology her biography taught her long career helping students not just academically but supporting their multi-faceted identities.

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Support for this podcast comes from yield street. What is diversification mean to you at yield street? You can find opportunities to diversify your portfolio with investments in alternative asset classes, starting at one thousand dollars decent. Commence and asset classes like art, real estate and legal finance, typically have low correlation with the stock market and target annual yields up to seven to ten percent Welcome to the next generation of investing welcome to yield street sign up today at Yield Street doc. lady by the name of June. To is a deal at Yale. She has a doctorate in social psychology, her biography, tottering, long career, helping students not just academically but supporting their multi faceted. I Entities now recently Yale student stumbled upon one a doctor choose multi, faceted identities, hidden on social media in You have a mobile restaurant. She posted if you are white, teeth,
This is the perfect night out for you. The japanese unity was not authentic, so it was for low class folks after slamming a gym employ is she wrote, I don't care if you lose your job, I'm sure Mcdonald's at higher you and that's what she called local movie. Theater employees, barely educated morons, trying to manage snack orders for the obese. Well after the Yale Daily NEWS, publisher, scathing review, students and alumni of the prestigious leaders University were horrified supposedly doktor, chew.
Deleted, her social media account and apologize. She says that she's learned a lot about the power of words. She says her post demean the values to which she holds herself, in other words, the racist, bigoted person, a wrote, those racist, bigoted views, that's not the real doktor to any one else would have been fired, but doktor to won't have to apply the Mcdonald's, because Yale placed her on leave until things cooled down. That's the multi faceted identity of liberalism. You talk one game, you play another and you get away with both.
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