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Rush Limbaugh Mar 22, 2021


Career day went a little sideways for students at the Rocky Top Middle School in Fort Colorado, one of the featured speakers was “Jessica L’Whor”

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At steeple. We believe investment advice is about more than helping. You manage your wealth. Our investment advice is about you. It's about providing your kids with opportunities for a head start in life. Feeling secure your retirement in realising your dreams just may become a reality, because you have a plan. We believe in you. Your path to investment advice starts with your steeple financial adviser. Fine, or new stifle financial adviser stifled outcome. That's S tea. I f, p L stifle Nicholas in company incorporated member S, Ipc and N Y s Career day went on, side ways for students at the rocky top middle school, important Colorado. One of the features speakers was Jessica, Lahore, L, apostrophe, W, H, o r, a dancer and performance artist actually Jessica. The horse is a drag queen, Lahore explained to the middle school students that he is a man but portray
a woman in performances Lahore ask that they call him Miss Jessica, because using a whore around the children he wanted to influence would be inappropriate use. Ie parents were not informed that their children would be getting careers advice from a drag queen when word got out many of parents were outrage, but not all so. The principles are not a letter apologizing for not letting parents know in advance, but the principal defended inviting. Or because doing so was inclusive and promoted diversity. After all, to liberals, there's nothing more important for kids to learn in middle school, then diversity and police we correct gender vendor brainwashing being instructed in all of it by a drag queen
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