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Rush Limbaugh March 14th, 2017


Democrat mayors in big cities reassure illegal immigrants they'll remain sanctuaries.

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one. Eight hundred four forty forty two forty three and use the promo code rush. Well, they democratic mayors across the country are rushing to the cameras to declare their loyalty. The sanctuary, cities all told her about three hundred Democrat run cities and counties that have adopted this lawless sanctuary policy, Chicago's, Emmanuel reassured the illegal population. They were safe and secure in his city. Chicago has in the past many sanctuary, and it will always be a sanctuary city. Mayors of New York, LOS Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia and San Francisco all said that they will defy federal immigration law. They promised to keep illegal immigrants from being deported. They were reacting to President Trump reaffirming his plan to enforce immigration law, starting with those who have criminal records. Now you would think that that would be celebrated in Chicago
which is closing in on a record four thousand shootings this year and where the budget is such a mess, their struggling to keep schools open speaking a budget. If trumped stops federal funding the sanctuary cities, as he promised San Francisco alone, could lose a billion dollars. But Democrats federal money is secondary, Our laws mean nothing. So long as democratic illegal aliens as voters Democrat voters, the party will stop at nothing to protect them. Since Democrats lost the white working class illegals, they think are their ticket to power. It's gonna be an ugly battle in an even uglier war, but for the first time in years, were actually gonna fight the damn thing about time.
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