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Rush Limbaugh March 14th 2018


Arnold Schwarzenegger is suing Big Oil for "first degree murder" as companies knew since 1959 that there would be global warming because of fossil fuels and harm peoples lives.

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The political caught up with Arnold Schwarzenegger, an acre insult by southwest that's tech and Culture Festival in Austin, Texas, We're almost revealed is next big plan. The former California governor working with environmentalist wackos, to sue big oil for first degree. Murder, I take every body- is just go. Stupid yeah Schwartz an acre says there is no difference between big oil and big tobacco use of tobacco companies. No four years their product kill people, but they didn't come clean. They denied it same. Big oil says Schwartz.
Or the oil companies know from nineteen. Fifty nine on that fossil fuels would cause global warming in global warming would kill people yet they kept selling gasoline. He says it big oil companies irresponsible for not putting warning labels on their products every gas station. He says every car everything that uses gasoline should have a warning label. I don't think there's any difference between big oil and big tobacco said Schwarzenegger. If you walk into a room- and you know, you're gonna kill someone its first degree murder. I think it's the same thing with the oil companies and it looks like he serious, but he and his global warming wacko activists may have miscalculated key detail picture this big oil fights this lawsuit to the hilt in court. Finally, the entire global warming hoaxes legally exposed and
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