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Rush Limbaugh March 1st 2018


Florida school shooter, Nicolas Cruz, was able to pass his firearm purchase background check during his high school attendance thanks to an Obama program called PROMISE.

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Brower County, floored, very proud of its promise programme. The website brags that Brower public schools are committed to keeping students out of the juvenile justice system. Promise stands for preventing recidivism through opportunities, mentoring, intervention support and education. It's an old bomb, a program that puts pressure on schools in the lowering the arrest rate, a majority students. It's in at least fifty districts. Student You would normally be subject to arrest for bad acts in school, including assaults are instead mentor, so they have no arrest record. They don't show up in background checks. That's the promise program mission
Now, after the parkland school shooting the Washington Post looked into it, Brower schools used to have more in school arrests than any other Florida district. Before the shift to the promised programme, the post reports that the shorter Nicholas crews was getting into trouble around the time of the policy shift. His behaviour, problems in school included, insubordination, profanity disruption, fighting and assault will. Now. We know that despite multiple red flags and despite forty five contacts with the cops crews was not arrested and without an arrest record, he was able to pass a background check to legally purchase weapons like an eight hour fifteen with which he murdered seventeen people. The democratic Party runs Brower County from the police to the schools, its Democrats and not the Un Irae, whom.
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