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Rush Limbaugh March 28th 2018


Bishop James Duke has asked the mayor of Chicago to change the name of both George Washington park and Andrew Jackson park in his neighborhood because both were slave owners and its offensive in Chicago's black communities.

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A man of the clock, a pastor, has asked the mayor of Chicago to change the names of two parts in its neighbourhood: Bishop, James Dukes, pasture deliberation, christian setter, says Chicago- has no business uttering George Washington and Andrew Jackson. He says that both were slaveowners, which is especially offensive in Chicago's black communities. He told the media My children and grandchildren walk through these parts and say grandfather was a slave owner. How do I explained that? And how do I reckon sale that, with their views of what he rose are passed? Her dukes says that he is trying to eradicate history. He just wants it put where it belongs, so it can be taught properly. Now, who does pastor dukes think is worthy of having their names on community parks. Willie offered a couple of ideas: the Reverend O Jack's or Michael Jackson,
Leslie Autumn Junior, who performed in the Broadway Musical handled and also weight in. He told DMZ that pulling down statues of Washington and Jefferson should be on the table for discussion, perhaps to better question for Rama Manual, the mayor and faster Davis and Mr Autumn isn't what the neighbour the parks oughta be its, whether children and grandchildren who visit the park Chicago these days, stand a chance of getting out of them alive. I mean there's a lot of we'll get shot. Your google, you remember that right, kids do. with rush twenty four seven you'll, never have to miss one word of the rush. Limbaugh show and now new yearly members get Russia's exclusive tumblr. from Russia's wisdom all day long with Russia,
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