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Rush Limbaugh May 08, 2020


Politico is reporting that some States have announced cuts to their medicaid budgets, because of the loss of tax revenue which of course is due to the closing down the economy.

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Political is reporting that some states have announced cuts to their Medicaid budgets because of the loss of tax revenue, which of course, is due to the closing down the economy. Now it's not the first time that states have cut medicate spending. It happened during the last economic slow down, but experts worn this time. It's gonna be worse because under Obama care the number of people using Medicaid skyrocketed by millions, that's not bad enough. There are millions of people newly out of work, a bunch of them But a seek help from Medicaid, just as the money is running out now. In the first corona virus bailout legislation, Congress gave states a temporary six percent increase to cover Medicaid that some states are crying and moaning. It's not enough.
More money and they don't want chump change. They want billions and billions morning what hundreds of billions and they want it now and Democrats in Congress of course, want them to have it now. So you might be asking why not the states cut their budgets in other areas if Medicaid such a priority or you might ask where are these billions of dollars supposed to come from? Where you can ask all you want and never will be, an answer. States want more money and we're supposed to come up with it into story, just parent we helped works now set for you. You want more money screw you. You can't even go back the wont, get chump.
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