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Rush Limbaugh May 12, 2020


Washington State one of the 1st US areas hit by the corona virus still dealing with the fallout.

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With all that's going on, we need to keep our bodies moving and our spirits high. Now our trusted friends in Kaden. Would the leaders in C b d have a way to help level Select CBS complete line of products. They start with a penetrating formula add enough c b d to be really effective level select c b d is independently tested, zero percent th see, and it's made in the USA visit level, Select c b d, dot com order, any of their products right now and get fifteen percent off use the promo code C, B, D, fifty or so. Scribe and save even more Washington State one of the first? U S areas hit by the corona virus, still dealing with the fall out over the weekend. Fifty
hundred people gathered at the state capital in Olympia to protest stay at home orders which remain in place. A bunch of these protesters apparently picked up some tactics on the left on Facebook. They posted the names, emails and phone numbers of snatches who had contacted the state to tag along businesses that opened, in spite of the stay at home. Orders to groups behind the social media effort to out this, not just one group is reopened Washington state. The other group is the Washington state three per centres named after the three percent of colonists who supposedly resisted british rule during the revolutionary war. They posted a spreadsheet, identifying those who tabled the government with this message. You want a snitch on your neighbor. Don't expect to hide behind your computer screen leftist activists of use this tactic for years on people they publish a name
of conservative political donors. They even been threatened the jobs of people who contribute to babbled initiatives at alike, but now, all of a sudden political outing has liberals outraged how dare of these right wing protesters snitch on their snatches just deplorable. It's beyond the pale, so amazing how things can change on a dime
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