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Rush Limbaugh May 18th 2018


Amazon has stopped expansion plans in Seattle after the city council announced the huge tax on businesses to solve Seattle's housing crisis.

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A few weeks ago, I told you about the huge attacks that Seattle City Council plan for its businesses, Amazon, the city's largest employer, would be hardest. It now Amazon, but on additional five dollars per employee on top of the taxes they pay already. The new tax would supposedly solves the apples housing crisis, but it wouldn't now, as in other liberal, run cities homeless, camps, their everywhere and thanks to Seattle, massive overregulation, available housing cannot keep up with the man. Rents are astronomical. Now, whenever liberals create problems, do they fix their policies? No, they punish the productive and this new tax targeted, successful businesses which Seattle, liberals, assume or just rolling an extra dough and will roll over in pay any new tax. But Amazon didn't follow the script and bend over and gravity ankles. Instead, they immediately halted. There see idle expansion plans for once officials back down a little.
Instead of five hundred dollars for employee, the City Council voted to only tax, big companies, two hundred and seventy five dollars per employee, but here's a warning for Jeff Beezus, the liberals who run your town or going to be back for the rest of it. Taxes are all they know. Your success made you a target and you're going to stay at target guaranteed, no matter how big a liberal, you are no matter how proud they are of you, owning the Washington post they're, going to get you Jeff.
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