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Rush Limbaugh Nov 07, 2019


Last week a couple of High School football teams in Long Island, New York met for the big game with a 4th quarter touchdown the Plane Edge Red Devils cemented their victories over the South side Cyclops.

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at lifelike not come. Last week, a couple of undefeated high school football teams and Long Island New York met for the big game with a fourth quarter touched on the plane edge red Devils submitted their victory over the south side. Cyclones final score: sixty one to thirteen, the red Devils experienced a thrill of victory. The thank lawns, tasted, the agony, humiliating defeat. That's not the end of the story Nassau County they York doesn't approve of lopsided victories in has screw football games. They have a policy to prevent that if a team Ariel wins. By over forty two points. The women college is hauled before eight a committee to justify why players were allowed to run up the score. Well, the red Devils, one by forty eight points of the coach Robert Shaver, was
forced to explain his victory to the committee. The committee was not impressed by his explanation. They suspended him from the final game of the seas and they said. That he should have pulled his starters in the fourth quarter. Sensitive was already a head by a lot. I hope the Red Devils learned a lesson. If you want to play football in today's liberal Amerika, you can take it You can disrespect the national anthem, you become a hero, but you better not win by too much. The committee will not tolerate humiliating the losers, like that
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