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Rush Limbaugh Nov 25, 2020


Thanksgiving weekend Democrats rulers across the country are issuing decrees in Nevada Governor Sisolak, became the latest to announce the ban on private gatherings he declared his Nevada subjects cannot have more than 10 people in their home.

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outcome used a promo code, CD, fifty levels, the like c b d, dot com, promo code, C, B D. Fifty as we go into the Thanksgiving weekend, Democrat rulers across the country are issuing decrees in the vat and governor Sis. Aleck became the latest to announce a ban on private gatherings. He declared his Nevada subjects cannot have more than ten people in their homes. They should consider themselves lucky Minnesota, Governor TIM Walter's, not as generous. He has instructed his subjects that for the next month they aren't allowed to socialize with anybody outside their household in New York. The emperor will Cuomo is furious because some subjects are disappear.
His orders, a number of local sheriffs say they will not enforce lockdown mandates. Como says they don't have a right to pick and choose which laws to follow. Even though democrats do that all the time in California people have taken to the streets to protest, Governor Newsom's latest lockdown edic, the ones his upscaled friends and family violate whenever they feel like it, Orange County, sheriffs and others in law enforcement say they will not enforce his ten p m curfew. Restaurant on who survive the initial lockdowns are petrified. They won't last through this one, but businesses in the economy. Don't matter to these Democrats, folks, neither do religious liberties, freedom of association or any of our other rights as american citizens wielding power is all that apparently matters to them. It didn't you, you don't matter
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