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Rush Limbaugh October 4th 2017


Top legal executive from CBS stated on social media that she was not sympathetic for the Las Vegas shooting victims because country music fans are often republicans.

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Would you s aid and get a free pair of both sound link wireless headphones? When you book your first trip, it's called USA for a free pair of bows sound link, wireless headphones upside. You deserve a better business trip. Minimum purchase required see site for complete details as the death toll continued amount, LAS Vegas, atop legal executive receiving S took to Facebook to voice our the nation of the victims, Hayley Gift to been bold, wrote that she was actually not even sympathetic to the shooting victims, because country music fans are often republican gun tutors. She said if they wouldn't do anything when children were murdered. I have no hope that repugnance will ever do the right thing. Probably talking about sandy hook, shooting and twenty twelve repugnance is short for repugnant, so she slurs Republicans. In her view,
people died in LAS Vegas deserve to die folks because of their politics. Now less than five hours after her Facebook Post was made public. Another new story broke relationship or CBS come away. Screeching halt CBS said this individual who was with us for approximately one year, which means Davilow. She is violated the standards of our company. and she's no longer an employee of CBS. Her views as expressed on social media, are deeply unacceptable to all of us. Cbs our hearts go out to the victims in LAS Vegas and Your families, not liberals, usually only get suspended for this, but folks the thing is she's, not alone. The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of extreme liberalism that thinks exactly like this woman. Does. The hate in this country is primarily focused on the left. Never forget them
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