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Rush Limbaugh Sep 09, 2020


You're about to hear what's been a shocking today it's routine the story starts July 12th, twenty year old Alejandro Maldonado-Hernandez, was arrested after a street race crash that killed an Oregon woman and severely injured her husband.

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to get fifty percent off your first month, not very long ago. The story about to hear what have been shocking today, its routine story starts July, twelve, twenty year old out, a hundred Mulder, not all her Mendez, was arrested after a street race crash that killed in Oregon woman and severely injured her husband, Mr Mulder, now her members was jailed on charges of felony manslaughter in the second degree, femininely assault in a third degree. Misdemeanor reckless driving added on hunger or Malta, Nano Hernandez is an illegal immigrant. On July, sixteenth, United States immigration, customs Enforcement issued a detain her at the Washington County jail in Oregon, so that if Maldonado Hernandez was granted bail, he would immediately be taken indefatigable custody. On August Eighth, Mr Hernandez was granted mail, but the detained or
Should by ice was ignored, the Washington County Sheriff Department says that federal ice dictators are not lawful or enforceable in Oregon. So this past Tuesday ICE announced that investigators have learned about a hundred molded, not Ahern Anders fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution, meaning The fellow me manslaughter assault and reckless driving charges lodged against him are now on enforceable. Liberals. Washington County Oregon. I've gotta be very pleased. They have raised the middle finger at their enemies. The american people who want immigration, law, enforced and injury of american citizens basically meaningless. Liberals worlds.
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