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Rush Limbaugh Sep 23, 2019


Canadians zoologist Susan Crockford, is a University professor in British Columbia and she's just written a book that is causing turmoil in the world wide left wing environmentalist wacko community.

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Susan Crack, for it as a university professor in British Columbia and she's, just written a book that is causing turmoil in the worldwide left wing environmentalist wacko. Community doktor crockford dared to report the truth about polar bears, which are a beloved liberal symbol of these supposedly terrible consequences of man made global warming. Hucksters, like Al Gore predicted the animals imminent demise. Making people believe that starving polar bears are all floating off to their miserable doom, on noting little slabs of ice all because of climate change, but it isn't true. According to professor crack for its book, the polar bear catastrophe that never happened. The polar bears are thriving in the nineteen sixty three about ten thousand of these babies. Now there are forty thousand
Now course, professor Crockford is being attacked not with facts, but with names you see. Her opponents are labeling her a climate change denier. They are smearing her in every way possible. Doktor Crockford says that her critics have failed because the facts are against them, but liberals don't care about facts or evidence or logic or truth. It is their liberal ideology and the stories they tell that's all that matters to them. Facts are irrelevant. They couldn't thrive. If facts were required.
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