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Rush Limbaugh Sep 30, 2019


Folks, get this you won't believe this but it did happen Fremont California police department began a pilot program they wanted to see how electric cars would work in their fleet.

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Home break in spike every single year during the holidays. That's why this time here, especially you, need simply safe. Its comprehensive professional home security at a fair price and right now is the best time to get it for the holidays are offering a huge discount on home security systems and a free security camera. With your order go to simply say, USA dont come right now to take advantage of this offer. It ends soon. That's simply safe. U s a dot com! Folks get this! You won't believe this, but it did happen. Fremont California, police Department began a pilot programme. They wanted to see how elect. Cars would work in their fleet. The only electric car that met their requirements wasn't Tesla. Will. Last week, a cop driving the new Tesla, the environmentally friendly electric squad car, ran into a problem. There was a high speed chase, the cop radio despatched to ask for back up because his electric car was running out a charge running out of juice.
His Tesla only had six miles of battery life left. He was afraid the car would run out of power any moment. A police spokesman later said. The incident was a one off. It would not change their opinion about using electric patrol cars, this They said the cars not fully charged refer was taken out it wasn't there. Cars fall, so no harm no foul, even if there was no use now don't get me wrong. I've got nothing against teslas if you like, I have at it. If you incorrectly believe that you're gonna save the planet driving one have at it. If you think guess means old hat go for it, but here's why fossil fuel gonna be around for a very long time. It's cheap, efficient, reliable, You don't run out of it during a high speed chase, and you know what you can drive faster than the bad guy. There is no way this test nobody's gonna, keep up with the bad guy. The purple got away the cops abandoned.
But we save the planet.
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