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RUSH"U.S. Constitution limits the role of government in everyday life. The founders of this country realized that the natural tendency of human beings with power is tyranny. They knew it. They realized it. They built in checks and balances to assure that we didn’t go tyranny, and that if we did, it was gonna take a long time to pull it off. They knew what human nature was. They had studied it from the beginning of time. And it is truthful to say that the natural tendency of people with political power is tyranny."

That is what is so miraculous about our country. We’ve been around 200-plus years. And we have had a piece of paper, essentially, the Constitution, that everybody has sworn allegiance and fealty to, amazingly. It would have been not difficult at all to rip it up at any time in the past 200 years. There have been people that tried. There been people that wanted to. But in the end, we somehow — and I believe it’s because we are a nation blessed by God — we have survived where other people on this planet have not. 

Something about the sheer, raw decency, goodness of power as defined and expressed in our Constitution has intimidated even the worst of bad actors into leaving it alone, until now. Now we have arrived at the moment where the Constitution no longer frightens the people behind Joe Biden. The Constitution no longer threatens them. The Constitution no longer intimidates ’em. You know why? Because they believe that a significant portion of the American people have no idea what the Constitution says. 

They believe that a majority of the American people have no idea what the Constitution’s about. They believe a majority of Americans have no idea what the Bill of Rights is. If you don’t know what the Bill of Rights is, then how can you be upset over losing it. And to a point, they are right. 

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