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Rush's Timeless Wisdom - Beto Campaigns Where the Democrat Base Is — In Mexico!


RUSH: Here’s Beto O’Rourke. I mentioned this. I just want you to hear it. He’s in Juarez, Mexico. Juarez is right across the river from El Paso, and he’s campaigning for the presidency — the Democrat nomination — in Juarez, Mexico. Now, you may think this is crazy. But it isn’t! Democrat Party base lives in Mexico now. They were asked, “Show of hands. How many of you think illegals should get free health care?” Every hand went up. They don’t think illegals should be stopped from coming into the country. So the population of Mexico is a Democrat base now. So Beto goes down there to tell them that America caused their suffering, that America is to blame for Mexicans dying crossing into the country. This is what he said.


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