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The Fertility Gap: Democrats Aborting Their Kids


RUSH: I’ve gotta do this. I’ve gotta tell you about this. It’s in USA Today. It’s a USA Today story, and it is the most incredible attempt to advance the failure of liberal Democrat ideas on social welfare. Here’s the headline: “Fertility Gap Helps Explain Political Divide — House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, a Catholic mother of five from San Francisco, has fewer children in her district than any other member of Congress: 87,727. Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah, a Mormon father of eight, represents the most children: 278,398. These two extremes reflect a stark demographic divide between the congressional districts controlled by the major political parties. Republican House members overwhelmingly come from districts that have high percentages of married people and lots of children, according to a USA Today analysis of 2005 Census Bureau data released last month. GOP Congress members represent 39.2 million children younger than 18, about 7 million more than Democrats. Republicans average 7,000 more children per district.”


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