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The Sun Controls Our Climate


 RUSH: We had a call and the caller chickened out, the caller hung up, the caller did not have the guts to ask the question directly. I get a one-line advisory about whatever the caller wants to talk about, and this guy wanted to know how can you square pollution with global warming or something. Snerdley said he said, ‘Well look, big fan of yours, listens to you all the time –‘ of course; who doesn’t? ‘– he’s got a problem with your stand on global warming. He lives in Boston. Since the 1900s –‘ how many cars did he say? Okay, 400% increase in what period of time? Not that it matters, but okay, ‘400% increase in the number of cars since the early 1900s,’ I think it would be more than that, but regardless. His point was, ‘Look, I live in Boston and you can see the pollution. You can see the haze.’


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