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Why I Haven’t Mentioned Jussie Smollett Until Now


RUSH: Okay. The Jussie Smollett (or Smollett, however he pronounces it) case. When this whole thing happened, you’ll notice (if you are a regular, careful listener) that I didn’t go to there. To me, there was something that didn’t look right or smell right. And when I saw all of these Hollywood people immediately jump on this thing and start claiming that it was a bunch of deranged Trump people attacking a poor black guy in Chicago, I said, “Waaaaaait a minute. It’s just too pat.”

So, I waited, and it turns out now that ABC 7 WLS TV Chicago is reporting it’s a hoax, that two guys pretended to beat up Smollett and that they’re bit players, actors, on the show Empire. They’re Nigerian. They left town the day after the attack. They’ve come back. The cops have identified them. The cops have raided their apartment. The cops have their cell phones and their computers. But, remember, Jussie Smollett…


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