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Chapter II

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“Has anybody called you?”

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Chapter. Two, the one of my first phone conversations with John before we'd map. Ask him if he thought it was possible that may be caper hadn't killed. Anybody who is possible that the murder he contacted me about was actually just a rumour affliction. No John said there was little down his mind that it was true and then, by way of explanation, he launched into this parable wearing a shop last saw one. I should admit that at the time this story was completely lost on me. Man, Roger Price, and work with a shrug stop together to get a little data. We came back by it was passed and by the South forty trailer park, so Rogers all these days, a darn transmission he's, not really talkative he's a good too, but he's just the only has one tooth, that's really amusing, to see how I can balance a cigarette on that one tooth. The whole time he's Talkin cigarettes,
I also realise that one too, and he never loses its servile beach, so we're coming, but welcome the self. Forty seven there's a girl, I'll player, walking around and probably inferred holding a cell phone and she's got a pink top and nothing ales, no parking parries, no God, damn socks by our thought. Our mark that to procure a home for what I say about probably said, my god look your horse and Roger Sage advice was useful when you see jokers that look like that, they don't certainly get lucky that that's that's a lesson. That won't just strike, throw like so many things having to do it It took me a long time to understand the meaning of this story years, but I think I finally get it now
from cereal and this american life? I'm brain reed because the shit yeah My second my second night in Alabama I finally get to talk to Jake Godson Jake's, the guy Who'd originally told John, the caper had bragged him outside the little Caesar's about beating a guy to death, I sit with Jacon Johns Kitchen, asking him to rack his brain for any extra details that can help you solve this. It was a while ago. He says his memories are fuzzy, but it makes a suggestion that I don't now seems crazy to me. How could I could get human ask human heavy, a bigger, sell me if he probably come up here and talk to you about it, who came from gave him lives right near by one, not just get it from the horses mouth. No rightly so
No sense, I would stick a microphone in his face and he would tell me about a guy killed. Four Hubley is based I knew it no better by just laugh about it with the Tajik, no thanks at least not now I do not feel like I'm arm with enough information to confront Kabir. Yet aside from seeming far fetched, the idea also just sounded potentially dangerous for John for Jake and for me, but then the next night, a bunch of other people proposal, exact, same thing, I'll talk to you do out there. Do you give a fuck you would talk to me about now we would unfurnished. Sherry would probably tell you the truth. I'm chatting with a few guys and attach to parlor, all of whom have heard about the murder, some pretty sure they heard from Cape him himself com and ask him now don't do that here, not opposed, apparently I'm the purse because I do not want the dude, I'm talking to
I'll keep him right now already. This tattoo shop does not feel like the safest place to walk into alone at night, trying to dig up info about a covered, a murder by a guy. Everyone seems to know all of which are things I've just done Last thing I want right now is for the alleged murderer show up. I was invited here by Tyler, good sense, Jake's brother whom I met Johns workshop. While he was feeling that chainsaw, he's one of the owners. Toddler knows cave run their both in the early twenties, and I thought maybe some of tat Friends who hang out here might have more information about the possible murder. John D feel it coming with me because you didn't like driving at night when I walk in at first, it seems like a pretty small place. Just a couple: tattooing stations and awaiting area. But if you push the back wall of the shop, it swings open. It's a secret door which leads into a hidden clubhouse in the back there's a bar with them
around it a pool table small stayed with motorcycles park there and a brass stripper pull that's currently vacant. The shop is called black sheep. And I learned that the guys who hang out here take the name to heart. They see themselves as a collection of misfits of self Quaint criminals and runaways and hillbillies and Tyler has built this place as a haven for them a place to swap their tails of getting jerked around by cops and judges and clear and bosses and to cultivate a sense of pride in their status as the outcasts of their world, whose this gentleman, whose name I never do catch, who tells me quote, I'm so fucking fat and care no more. And lives up his shirt. To show me the giant words he has tattooed on his stomach feed me tell him tell him, give him a pitcher, I'm a six, three hundred fifty pounds, bearded man John Dear with feed me. Oh, my Bailey Jesse argued a clear picture here. There's a has been wearing the same: trucker have for seven years, seven same hat than theirs,
sky people com Razor blade was back into our partners that road, but does it serve the real Rex up Walter, go bombers in my report. I was but I don't got my best lantern. The organ output leaves I've six beers it issued place. Believe, is telling a story about his front Willard, who is impervious to death, regional ones like now returned they were not the best Wanda and then there's Tyler husband. Sleeping at the tattoo barley, we because it can afford anywhere else to spend the night was twenty. Three is old and has three daughters with three different women and has been haunted. His whole life by people assuming he's just like his father, his father, who abused him any siblings and his mother and was a convicted sex offender for having sex with minor one day. Tyler will tell me that he often wakes up in the morning in a puddle of sweat. Having dreamt during the night of killing his dad. Toddlers friendly to me when I arrive, welcoming
I'm getting my recording equipment, I hear murmurs from other people. Wondering who I am wondering if I might be a cop people are asking me questions. Feeling me out of you guys. Ask of us a bowl with them. Out of some, I antlers I to be stone, but I also want to seem like an arc, so I pretend to take a puff. I pretend to do a number of things that make me feel very uncomfortable in order to keep a low profile possible, such as ACT like not shocked or upset or scared. When someone says this to me, a radio producer with a microphone in the first few minutes that we're talking, at the risk of ruining any surprise. The statement is racist and nonsensical, replete with multiple uses of obtain A word know we had a tax free labour demand, not nothing to do with a taking caught, and we worked
Often we go. We aren't every time we got. This is a tattoo artist who goes by Bubba Homeless amount. We em you gotta tax by and yet I care so niggers wife, this in jail, because she's drawn a child support check on each one later bubble will display a rather fluent knowledge of the differences between various Wait, supremacy groups, mind you weren't a majority black sea right now, Bessemer, but twenty minutes from Big county heading towards Birmingham but everyone in here is white, including me. Someone mentions off hand that the small tattoo area in front is about as much as you want here in Bessemer. Otherwise, the place will be filled with black people who piss you off and will pay anything, hence the secret door. Before I left for Alabama my girlfriend salons now my wife, whose blackened, whose fan from the south had insisted on. My facebook and Instagram accounts private, because their filled with pictures of us together, I told her. She was being silly, overly paranoid,
now ungrateful. I decided at the last minute to follow her advice when someone, me what the women look like up in New York. I tell him they're all shapes sizes and colors. When someone ass were my ethnicity, is, I tell them, about the italian part without mentioning the Russian do part, but there no hiding the fact that I'm a yankee? What's the obvious raises its go? Quieter, lived in an effort to change the subject. I turned the conference to one of the few things I know I have in common with these guys. You guys know John our mutual acquaintance. Johnny macro more visible I never met nobody else, loss no way This idea was that we were going to Paris. Are you are not there yet, but it's it's exhausting to hang out with a long day,
the vast majority of trying to slowed about nails. What you wanna tell slowdown format. They tell me John, comes around the tattoo parlor, pretty often and likes to lecture them, and given our time body to argue with them about their views on the south on politics on race, Bobby, says, he'll submit them to tirades about the coming climate and energy a collapse, we're running out of fossil fuels in the world was gone. Counter. Look at me and John tells off their customers for talking about what he sees as a main shit. Tells these guys said their lives or amounting to nothing that their examples in the flesh of what's wrong with this place, sizing hey things are about is a failure. Erudite has doling out as a failure. This is another tattoo artist job. He calls you guess. Failures year, he girls as failures in only joking Leir. No everybody's a failure lie in his brain everybody's, a failure for all. I know you could be a failure
what other wishing these guys dish it out to the tease John for his many peculiarities like how he'll device or whatever left over food is around no matter how old a rock hard it is. Isn't it led by new shoes to alleviate is athletes foot which is allegedly had for three years, his ex temper any solving a math problems, his utter aversion being in a room with more than two or three people at a time. His living his mom. Is whole life is being a loner. Its friendly, though they like John after John is the Grandaddy of all black sheep. So the screw gets him. They truly seem to accept them, though that doesn't stop them from wondering what is worth I'd love to know. It is worth the feed me guy says just not because I gave a thought we'd just to know. Why does he live like then poor, stirred that's Tyler, saying he lives like its poorest church mouse and how they would now
Jones Maize, he's done all sorts of different jobs for him he's over there all the time and as far as the church mouse I did notice. The Johns refrigerators pretty bear his mom invited me to stay for dinner one night so long as that in mining, like Paul it's pretty bear his mom invited me to stay for dinner, one night so long as that in mining. Unlike PO folk, she told me in a way where I can tell she was joking. They live without air conditioning without tv, its mysterious to me too, because at the same time John has all these dogs you feed, It brings to the vat this elaborate yard. That requires constant upkeep. He mentioned to me that he's. More than sixty thousand dollars on the maize alone. Feed me guy says to Tyler I understand why, if he's, if he's is low Have you say, done millions. Have you not done a research agenda? Everything you tell her explains the Johns family comes from money. He says the one of his grandpa's was a judge in the jungle in here.
Other says John made good bank restoring all clocks. All of that sounds like it could be true enough, but then tolerance friend start listing off Johns assets, and I can tell if any of that is real or if they're, just letting their imaginations fill in the blank can tell if any of that is real or if they're, just letting their imaginations fill in the blanks about their local do rapidly. They claim John, is forty thousand dollars in cash, a hundred some one thousand worth tools and the workshop all the antiques around his house, get a hundred. Fifty thousand bucks. We saw that old, ass ship Bubba says where books in the basement a single clockwork, ten thousand dollars. That's just sitting on the floor in a plastic storage, been not to mention since Tyler Gold that his gray and eighty is Grandaddy go two days ago, the launch of money tellers up on the counter. The bar crouching he's a brown brief. Casey carries around with them. He calls it his ministers
if it has a sticker. This, as minister slept on the outside and its filled with his tattoo machines and a gun and his welders cap and some nipple jewellery and his black shipping business cards and also his ministers licence. Would you got on line? he wanted to founded, not denominational, church people of all back could come together and talk it out. This clubhouse is meant to be a version of that. He says it's his church other stairs down at us from the corner of the bar. Like he's about to divulge secretly, when it comes to John, he says: there's no telling he's gap because there's a lot of shit that I'm sure I don't know about, because I've been fans devout slowly over the years in there's little diligence and shit under his down house man, I lay in a bill gates for a bill gates, I've bill gates for the dungeons Tyler's telling me dungeons and Johns basement
he soon clarifies directly across basis, but the way John had ridden them up. Teller says with tiny doors and these locking gates inside dividing them into sections. What was the purpose of all that? It was creepy but other discreetly stuff, so he also thought it was cool, that Guy Bubba, the one is especially outspoken about his racist views, as an eye goes on. I put together that he's the one John, all his tattoos, the tattoos. The John showed me up wait his workshop. The cover his whole chest, but he explains that being a tattoo artist is a lot like being a therapist,
people sit in this chair for hours on end and nice person who works on is getting that tattoo for some specific reason it's his job, as he sees it to uncover that reason. Maybe the meditations a milestone, an excuse to get out of the house a new girlfriend. Death, ass. What Johns motivation was especially bewildering Bubba because John him in a clear almost every time he came in the shop, how deeply he despised tattoos you gotta tat alone. You hated you, wouldn't shit, you're low love. You shouldn't have alone shocking as it was to me when John lifted up his shirt to show me all tattoos. It was far more shocking to Bubba when John strolled, in one day at the age of forty seven and asked him to start putting them their bodies will commit suicide. That's what I thought: oh Mamma, why is a software complete against you think back in five years ahead to you, no one on land. Why would you do
or tattoo, in your o upper body like the enormously in and around you may pistons Datum pistons. Only you know. Redneck, has had to you know, burst out. I thought he was going to kill us in the fuck, get added a vulgar blows, brains out or something I don't know. The more I got to doing it, you know I realize you know we're annulled and in you know, it's a money any help to sail. Why but and Tyler Coal, black shipping together and Bob started noticing it have a bill about to come, do for them business they'd be wondering how they're going to pay it and then conveniently on would come in and hand over three hundred or four hundred dollars and asked for another tattoo on his chest, but was people around here, don't thrown on money like that, but John would just in the nick of time
and then schedule another appointment for soon after a might not assert helping you I'll wear one sit down and by May two thousand dollars three thousand dollars and a couple weeks plan you just Let me out, you know you just got mob. Automobiles called you just got everything back. Where needed to be, you think, that's. Why did it neo? I do so both by any rights down everything, so knows when we're having a bad time, certain planes lie, was the ran a wish. Your power bill wins. It though, and I already knows this shit- cause a rock shit, bail and ages planned tattoo out. The were pretty much. Might everything and Erika Mann's weight. It was like that exact, almost
one for John, would be sure to follow their wasn't for John if it were region better turn in my kitchen table revenue. Thank you sacrificed. The scandal helpless out purposes. On as an emotional guy and sure a lot of that emotion is discussed, but there's also sympathy in particular for Tyler. If he's helping the tattoo parlor he's only doing it because of Tyler and How did Jake Hayes just watch them boys Manning knows how his daddy was. I mean the kid was laying block at five years old Tyler. That is, you know, on a job site working not going to school work go to school two days a week work five days a week. You know what I mean, so he
just saying it, and he knows it wouldn't right sees what outsiders been programmed to be the way he is by his raisin in his upbringing. You know, feel sorry for my guess. I don't know or knows that he's smarter than what he's letting on I mean. I don't know that Tyler is when John hires Tyler to chop down trees in this yard or build iron gates in this crawl spaces. He doesn't really need that stuff done. Bubba says he's just trying to find an excuse to put money in Tyler's pocket when toddler gets caught, driving with a suspended, license and ends up in jail, something that happens now and again John's the one to call cuz he'll bail him out. Tyler's is boy on man, this boy Tyler's brother. He cares about Tyler's, lower brother Jake. You know
I can say that you want to everybody, loves Tyler privileges as much as you would. Your own song, you own flesh and blood, I figured it out. We're standing in the back yard is we're talking behind the tattoo shop. A train whistle starts to blows of distance. Eventually someone comes out and tells me I might be interested to know that came from sister cash and burr is here like right inside fifteen ft away from me. Why we just go. Ask her about the murder, this town, I go to the bar at least six bucks for my beer and careful would keep him sister had out the secret door, not knowing what I eventually will know once a month from now the cabin Bert did murder. Anybody.
But also that before this is all over, someone will end up dead more in a minute. Payment and primary done do not radio story. I'm a reporter from New York is your summer quiet. We could sit it's a year. Later and I'm pulling K three lumber on a Friday morning, nervously asking Kay EM, allegedly got into a fight and beaten to death, although it did in fact go down almost exactly as John and Jacon Schuyler and others told me was wrong in one relatively important detail: go down. Almost exactly is John and Jake, and, and others told me
for while that's what I eventually gathered from talking to people more once I heard that I started contacting law enforcement to find out what did exactly happened. It turns out the incident in question actually took place in a Jason Tuscaloosa County, a chief at the sheriffs Department, their read to me from a detailed case file showing that the police had investigated the fight thoroughly, that no one had been killed and that they had closed the case, not because they were paid offer anything, but because none of the guys involve wanted to press charges that no one had been killed and that they had closed the case, not because they were paid offer anything, but because one of the guys involve wanted to press charges, and so here I am k three lumber to ask Avram He would go around bragging to people that he'd kill the guy he had not killed. Listen, co workers in the lumberyard in applied sure, green, trucker, hat and dark sunglasses. Eva am primary. There's a particular philosophy have encountered down here and will continue to encounter. That is,
the fuck, it philosophy a belief that there's no sense in worrying or thinking too much about any given decision, because life is gonna, be difficult and unfair. Regardless of what you do, it's more than a belief. Really it's a way of moving moment to moment through the world and from the gecko came from, seems to be a subscriber I shall put the microphone and ask if I can talk to him on the record about a matter I have yet to name and he's me, it will gain it and we walk over behind some stacks of lumber. The alone was you won't? Let were so basically like we're? U at one point going around telling people eat someone know a boy cut. My buddies, Nate right here with a knife but not like. I beat the piss out of him. What happened was what happened was Kate from says they were at a party and he doesn't The fight started because he and almost every one else resolved out of their minds. Drinkin
and everything else under the sun, like substance, why is like taking xanax and doing mixing speed with it and stuff? According to the police report, it was a clear moonlit night about four or four hundred and thirty in the morning on August, fourth, two thousand and twelve, just a few days outside the time No John had discern from his records. Cavan says all he remembers as they were in the middle, the woods chilling around a fire, a fight broke out, and then suddenly the Stewed Dylan, not Dylan Nicholls is John had told me he was not involved, but another dealing with a different last name came out from behind with a knife and cook Abrams Buddy TIM in the neck, so keep him when after- held Dylan's head down punched him with a beer bottle. Tim got involved might have been gained. The cheek dealing kept swinging his knife, the whole time he stabbed came home to brought up fear up in your site either you're like almost cut my good.
And then it was over, came thinks the whole thing lasted. Maybe fifteen seconds it wasn't some beautiful drano movie fight. He says it was a real life fight, which means it was scrappy, awkward and quick and left his friend TIM clutching a foreigner gash on his neck. There was gushing blood. Did you think like TIM might be like it might be life threatening. Yes, that is the crazier shit. I've ever seen him. How came and looked around its almost everyone at the party, maybe thirty, forty people scattering TIM, was in a bad way, so someone called nine one. One and people were driving away or hiding in the woods before the police got there. The ambulance came carded Caveman TIM to the hospital, and after getting a few stitches near the meat of his Gooch caper went up.
I d smoke a cigarette and bumped into a group of random girls from the party telling me all kind of crazy. She at last somebody at dad back up at boy got to fight with dad. What did you think like that? But we don't you thanks. I held fought at last that long, but still you had like part of your brain that was like, maybe or yeah. I started coming down off of Xanax, as you know, when you get five hundred God, I hope I didn't do something stupid. I don't think stop, but if I did, I ain't going to hang around to find out Kevin says he was kind of working out wondering if you killed someone. He called a buddy of his to come pick him up at the hospital, That buddy was in a motel room, full of methods and Bessemer came says and judging from police records and other sources, it seems PA while the rumour that Dylan had been killed, started in that motel room and then spread from their Kamer says by the time get to work on Monday. It have already taken hold people were coming, to let the lumberyard and other places around town asking if he killed a guy
and so you never. I just want to ask you this again, you never. Maybe you were drunk one time and saying yeah I'd be that guy to death to anyone cuz. I heard that you were bragging about it from multiple p number one. I wouldn't even they sought to brag about. Like a deer somethin, you know I'm glad to hear that glad to hear you say that I got so. Where would people get that from just. Them small town man she gets broken twisted but saying that you told them directly to their face. I don't know, but I don't know either. I can tell her for Kabir missing to my face. Right now is true or not its vote to keep his father to Kindle Bert and told him. The John said: he'd overheard him on the phone. Here, a k three one day saying something about how his son was guilty. Is how and he knew it and can
Tell me he doesn't know what John heard him say or if he heard him say anything, but that he's a tough love kind of guy and that if his son had done something like killed a person, he would never cover that up. It is, but he TIM rather than pressing charges against a man and almost killed him with a knife Is it with me after? I wonder, allowed to him about something. One of the police officers told me what it is, but he TIM rather than pressing charges against a man at almost killed him with a knife, decide instead to shove his middle finger in the face of the copse when they came to talk to him in a hospital bed where nobody host, but tat of tail, I mean, did almost dive get stabbed in the neck, Cameron takes a drag of a cigarette shrugging his shoulders and if you go, live like white trash and she had been hail. Now. You might as well not tell him nobody. If you cuz, if you know, if that's the life you trying to live, if you can't be mad, when you know down dirty shit. Lockout happens when you hang out with low down dirty play for.
That's quite a plate of all you have time to talk about some stuff talk to you about here. Are you busy? Large plants like for target is iceberg over there, he was called a lower. The boy were sometimes title yet my turn to talk a lot. I have a lot to catch up on. Actually, I'm excited to tell John when I figured out. Finally, after all this time, I now married the story of the real crime back to him almost a year and a half after a first told me about it with details coloured in and facts. Illuminated including the rather domain one. The cavern did not kill anybody after I'm done John summarizes. My findings about your fascinated fat, Stag, olpae, stolen trucks, may apply.
A stab in the hope of HOLLAND going to jail. I can't believe how much you ve worked on the son of a bitch and, at the same time,. My God, what was inside you're looking up a window, the clouds going, I just load and discussed at the time, but I live there and the fact that impact by banks and get the hell out of here decades ago. Like us, the part about having in the woods the database you so classic. They'll kill me, How many times I heard that expression in my love, hiding in the woods but having in the woods into Kelly, is like having your afternoon tea in London You know there is another way: Junker have responded, told us this news. I dare call it the normal way that sigh he let out rather than being one of despair. Could it be
A relief relief for the young man is nothing killed that local officials have not been bought off by a powerful, rich family and then in fact, law enforcement has done what appears to be a competent job. Responding to this incident should town, at least in this case. Doesn't look so so terrible to me. I don't know progress right but now I've learned that sometimes you catch down into spelled depression symmetric catch him. Bout of mania and sometimes like today. I think you catch him in an of the two. I'm trying to think of a become back to their cause? What is it if not progress? A cup. Oh Lord, it is just a work of sorrow with cluster focus.
Progress was it. I was making progress. You know with what is that what I up, Damn man over your buskin, my ass off, when you contact me wanted to know what actually happened so its progress in that sense, right, if brought, I am not even the world over here. Climate does not allow me to outline the changes, not annulling. I am not in jobs and sustainable employment, Alabama and lifting people out of poverty, but you asked me to try
What happened here and on that front I may progress like you, ve got pretty God. Damn good will. Thank you, I guess about so all of this interest as values. First, because I'm tired war I sail, and secondly, because you know I just come- not the most cheerful you know, I've been most spare time. They are either studying energy, climate change and its not look good for what we have. Sometimes it's hard for me to get focused back on certain when the whole goddamned Artic summer Sea ice is gonna, be gone by twenty seven pay your fixing to have heat waves in Siberia this year and Sometimes I feel like a poem lady, a cause, I'm worried about goddamn crackhead out here, fuckin shit, town Alabama, so you're back just perceptibly
sort of mine. You know, sometimes, when you call me I'm carbon ugly mood, sometimes like today, you caught me and while these tired somber, you know reflective moods Robin you sit there. You know mulling over climate change about past hand, damned hours oh I mean look when John says he's been mulling over climate change for the past ten hours, when I think he means is that he's been mulling over climate change for the past ten hours. I don't think he's exaggerating it's like work for him, but he's made. It is job with now been talking to each other for a year and a half, and while some of that time we discuss the murderer, there's so much other stuff. John, wants a chat about it's interesting stuff, but it's all over the place. Even if I haven't talked him in a while. Nearly every day. He sends me emails about all sorts of global calamities that he continues to keep up with, even though they fall out of the news. How many people are still concerned today about the Philippine he's referring to typhoon hay and from two thousand thirteen
rabbit, this anomaly in Sri Lanka to doesn't for John says, or the terrible floods in Pakistan, your before last, not hearing a lot about flowery how but the fall out from the bull outbreak or the nuclear disaster in Fukushima or a deeper cut Chernobyl. The list goes on and on and is not just catastrophe. John also gives me lectures and sends reports on the systemic problems he sees leading to complete breakdown of the social contract. Problems in our food production chain are healthcare industry, our monetary policy, while the fuckin hedonic regression geometric why'd. You also shares a variety of disturbing stories. They he manages to dig up from all corners of the country, but the son of a: U s: Senator suffocating twenty one dogs or k, K, K Branch, giving up bags of candy two children as a recruitment effort in South Carolina or guy down the street from John trying to kill his wife.
I running or over with a bad cap. I was at home facts last night, the city of West blocked as outdone science as being the child molesters per capita capitals Alabama. This is another data point on likes to send me now and again. The number of sex offenders per KM In his area, vans and West blocked enable towns and bid county. I have no one job forever hundred ninety two citizens, west blackness, for about ever sixty two reform when he checked that statistics. So often, why do I check crude all police condensate production? So why do I go pour over the tables from the IPCC, so often the IPCC, being United Nations intergovernmental panel on climate change? For the longest time,
I thought the only connection between all of Johns Random interests was that it was all shitty, but the connection is deeper than that he's distressed by the lack of outrage compared to the amount of shooting us in the world to him. That ratio is totally out of whack. That's why he was still upset about can remember even after I told him, it wasn't true, even though the murder and the cover of want real everyone. Shirted believe they were, and still they did nothing that part the inaction, that's more disturbing to John them. The other murder itself Dana early hiked. These kids know all the things that I know and they just accept them as normal. I know that seems to really bother you who has as excepted is suddenly came. Do nothing about the city misfortunes, John fixate son they're, not a bunch of disparate things? They're all the same thing. His shit town is part of the county, which is part of Alabama, which is part of the United States, which is part of earth which is experiencing climate.
Change, which no one is doing anything about it. Man's John, the whole world is giving a collective shrug of the shoulders and thankful Brad Mire about John some throbbing way he's crusading against one of the most powerful insidious forces. We face resignation, the gnome acceptance that we can change things he's trying to shake people out of their stupor, trying to convince them that it is possible to make the world a better place. Yes, that lady, over there, she's barefoot and she's Paneless
but we can lend her shoes. We can give her some pants instead of just putting our heads down and speeding, pastor and muttering that she must have done something to get like that. We can ask her if she is in trouble and we can offer help. There is a different way. That's why John Ransom raves at the tattoo parlor! That's, why John adopts dozens of stray dogs that's what he devotes night after night to studying and writing about climate change? That's why he contacted national radio show asked me to come investigate and that's why I now see John is devoting so much energy to what is arguably his most ambitious project of all radically altering the, life of Tyler goods, how our almost embodies everything
shit. I all in one convenient package. Have you ever thought of it that way, but you haven't tired, as the months have gone by since my tripped Alabama, I've heard more more about Tyler. I've learned all about his tough childhood. The petty legal troubles that continued a dog him his persistent financial problems has struggled to support is three daughters whom he had by the age of twenty one and whom he loves. Dearly John is devoted his life to restoring or clocks methodically and thoroughly. He sorts through the busted parts of these time pieces trying to revive a sense of beauty in order and in a way that's what is attempting to do with Tyler every time John picks up the fallen and ask what he's up to tatters either there or he was just there or he's waiting for him to get there. It seems like he's giving him consistent work. Jungles have been accompanying Tyler to cork and hiring
lawyer tell them clear up some misdemeanor charges and get a driver's license back and others recently moved the trailer park across the street from John. So now he can easily walked Johns Place, Johns even talking about writing Tyler and his brother Jake into his will know what these two bastards to know this. But when I fall over day at each one, I was gonna get twenty out with gold h I'll I'll. Keep that secret. At the same in the guardian, Comstock coming you it, but Johns relationship with Tyler is not just as a benefactor. I can tell it they get something more from one another gentleman in a walkie and tell her took through the woods or an expedition they made to the junk yard, to search for treasures or Homer Council, but other conversation they like to spend time together when they John, was on the phone with me and he looked at his window and started listing off the flowers that were in bloom in his yard and the ones
were dying. He sighed and said. If eightieth and worry Sundown motto, tedious embroidery before we had clocks, we had Sunday and I never thought about this until I started talking John but watching a sun dial, which could be a simple as a stick in the ground, The shadow crept along. You were asked we are witnessing the rotation of the earth, it so much less abstracted than a clock, a level closer to time itself away. John told me, Sundays often mottoes engraved on them Johnson, tedious and brief is one. What do you mean hideous your lie? Eightieth, all funds
our models or say their hundreds of these mottoes life passes like the shadow make haste, but slowly use the hours, don't count them even as you watch I'm flee, soon comes night, isn't all minors are out there hidden and crannies around the world? Are you we haven't upon a sun dial in the cemetery of an old catholic mission. Next to a grave because of John, I knew to look for the motto it read: Neil Bony, Hoodie egg, the emperor Dini. I did nothing good today. I have lost today how I used to like Sundown, the might of the mathematical exercise heel. I would pick difficult dialogue to do ass, a building of geology, trigonometry major fine, fellows tower and shape could experience. There's a real, exciting.
Geometry and trigonometry that, just when we was built in the swine built a flying for towers, this is one of the ways done in Tyler have been passing the hours together. Lately they been constructing an adult swing, set a giant rectangular frame to the side of genes. How not far from the apple trees, with a single John Dear tractor see hanging from it. It has a twenty four hour of action. John says, which I understand. I mean it's a pretty gnarly swing. When John First told me about it, he said he was building it for himself, but now amends that, like a built or actually found out that oh man, safety, swaying swine for about twenty minutes,
back her from his me hurts. I didn't build for me. After all, done by a bad I'll, have a built in four tower fuck it out. I built him a poet Bork, as he wants to be strong, pulled him. Well, it's masturbate physically strong, which need to be struck between the ears. Physical strength goes away. She made a strong euro. I tell him you need to have all been a general answer, but you should always have trigonometry geometry. What is it I never remember this conversation sitting ever saw. Had any thing? You could do much earlier like imagining this unpair, a polymathic middle aged clock, restore and a tatted up kid in his twenties, with a Harley in a revolver in his briefcase, Elton John's yard of Summer's day staking swings that pulls into the ground the dogs circling around them. Maybe a fly fluttering by Alec, imagining John interrupting their work for a minute to give Tyler Math lesson feeling
ratified that he is someone who give a mass lesson to and Tyler, perhaps taking something from it, but at the very least, humoring John, because he's grateful the Johns helping him get his life together like knowing that this is how to people have chosen to spend an afternoon together and bid County Alabama. Take the gifts of this. Our points on dial says another: its lead, Then you think poured out a diagonal showing that was going to shore up the abroad. Of the things that you are told. The squire of our partners is equal to the farmer, the squire, the two sides hidden, he hadn't. If the facts as they are going to calculate the length of China, but our climbing up on the guy on top of the po and pull away, I'm dying tight measure. That was my LISA. I felt like I love it.
Daddy's mannerism evolve and heard her stop significant ahead? Sir huddled only hollow among piercing the site, I hope that's politically incorrect. Lips collar. I guess I'll just passed in the kitchen psych, because up, I feel I can't, if held up single out his weapon prisoner while the gordian, usually aside yours, the committee over the great world. We can only look at, but I found him a signal so still await a prayer for galloped flush, the commode. Wait here in the kitchen sink and used about one cupful award for society, and I got off shore dig, but I got a good I'm slackened. Usually I ran for the centre. Let them fine without splashing everyone, men, but any of tat. What was the question I forgot
I forgot to how I hate Jake grounds the scout. It's been a couple weeks since I last spoke to John and I just got a text from Jake tellers Other ask me to call him when I get a chance. He added the scholar I was away called you Jake, take any woman who has any Has anybody call keys? No, not that I know I have a few minutes I don't think that from anybody down there Y all, we have some bad news to tell you. Ok, John. They killed herself Monday
The sky and news She keeps now. That's
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