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“South Side Strangler” Timothy Wilson Spencer Pt. 1


Growing up in Arlington, Virginia in the 1960s, Timothy Wilson Spencer displayed an alarming interest in torturing animals and burglarizing homes. With practiced cruelty and stealth, he eventually became known as “The Masked Rapist” for his attacks on women.  

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Due to the graphic nature of this killers crimes listener discretion is advised this episode, clues discussions of murder, assault, sexual assault, rape and animal cruelty and death that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen on the night of September eighteenth nineteen. Eighty seven twenty five year old Timothy Wills Spencer sat calmly can chair relishing the fee hell of a late summer breeze on his skin. However, Timothy, wasn't relaxing on a front porch with a glass of ice t he was highly behind an apartment, building rocking back and forth in a chair, he stolen weight. For a woman named Debbie to come home from work there in the shadows, his face was covered in a mask at his hands were gloved in the unlikely
and that someone saw him there. They wouldn't be able to identify him later. He smiled he thought of everything, but the cocked his head ass. He heard the front door open and shut. His heart beat started to race. Debbie was back It was almost show time. I am grateful for this is serial killers, Spotify original, Poor cast every episode dive into the minds and madness of serial killers. Today we're taking a look at timidly, Wilson, Spencer Gillian murderer, also known as the south side strangler I'm here with cohorts, cabinets, Richardson high everyone, you can find
episodes of serial killers and all other Spotify originals from park asked for free on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcast today, will discuss Timothy's disturbing childhood antics, which included burglary and animal cruelty, willow to explore the year he spent terrorizing, the women of Arlington Virginia as the masked rapist, Next time will examine timid. These short could horrifying legacy as a serial killer will also cover, how he got caught and how his conviction became one of the most famous in all of cereal killing history. We ve got all that and more coming up stay with us. This episode is brought here the real cost and the FDA wanna hear the shortest Every story ever they being can put talks Metals like nickel, lead and chromium in your lungs, that's metal in your lungs. The end
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the covert nineteen crisis by working on solutions for some of today's biggest challenges as a leading provider of personal protective equipment, three m is producing critical products for healthcare workers and first responders and donating to local and humanitarian aid partners around the globe, there also making more respirators than ever before. With plants working around the clock. reducing more than ninety five million respirators per month. In the? U S, helping those in the front line. to continue the fight three m science applied to life, more about how three M is helping the world respond to the covert nineteen pandemic at three m dot com, slash covered. We often think of serial killers, as instinct driven monsters, people who live there, age get the better of them over and over, but the truth is some of them
prepare for murder as thoroughly as a lawyer. Prepares for trial, cultivate their cruelty, the way artist nurtures idea through careful practice and research, these killers home their craft with every crime they commit. They study, forensics techniques look into police tactics to ensure they stay one step ahead of investigators. These murderers refuse to get caught for something as silly as a preventable mistake, but contrary to what they might think these killer, dont know everything Behind the scenes, technology races along it easier for investigators to track them down and if you too, busy killing people important developments might slip by unnoticed. You know that planning at attention to detail. The one thing no one ever seems prepared for is hubris. Then, again, every day, someone's born who believes themselves special the exception.
Every rule Timothy, Wilson, Spencer, came into the world and March of nineteen sixty two in Arlington Virginia, he grew up in Green Valley, section of town which known as an historically black neighbourhood is younger. Their Travis, was born about nine years after Timothy and Father was absent throughout his childhood, so timid, and Travis were raised by their mother Thelma. With help from grandmother as well. She loved of her sons very much and worked hard to keep them supported, comfortable and cared for just his mother's devotion. Timothy was troubled child. He was obviously intelligent, but still receive. terrible grades in school. However, his poor academic performer wasn't the most distressing thing about him. For a start, is, he was often caught, urinating and devastating the schoolyard. He also exe our amended with petty Sefton animal cruelty, distress Stories about young Timothy's behaviour with pets were often
asked around amongst Delmas friends and extended family members. One such tail involved Timothy killing Parakeet Thelma was baby sitting for a friend another one by the time, Timothy murdered a durable with push pins. One day, Timothy's prices, little brother. By allowing him to come, hang around with him and his friends. There are nine year age. Difference meant that Travis didn't often get to spend time socializing with Timothy, so he thrilled to tag along as Travis remembers it Timothy, friends wandered around town lazily. Looking for something to do at some point in the afternoon the boy said well upon a straight cat, Travis crouched down hoping the fairy a friend, would come over to him, but before the cat moved one of Timothy's friends, scooped it up and tossed it. In a pillow case, Travis watched in horror as Timothy and his friends tied the pillow case tight tossed it the ground and started throwing rocks at it.
teens laughed gleefully as it yelled in pain, Travis, Tonga these sleeve indicates that he wanted to leave now, but amid the ignored is little brother, he was having too much fun torturing the cat so Travis slowly backed away and found his way home by himself two days later at school, Travis learned that after he'd fled to The and the other boys had lit the pillow case on fire. When Travis got home TAT Day, he confronted Timothy denied setting the cat on fire still Travis deeply unsettled, so he tried not to them. about it again, travel this decision to keep silent is understandable. The What's in his life had always behaved as though Timothy's cruelty towards animals was unfortunate, but not a problem. In fact, it was a huge issue and a potential predictor of Timothy's violent future Vanessa was going to die
Gopher the psychology here and throughout the rest of the episode. Please note That is not a licence psychologist your psychiatrist, but she done a lot of research furthest show thanks, Gregg the section between early cruelty to animals and later aggressive crimes have been documented by psychologists for decades into them and two psychologists Mark Dad's, Cynthia Turner and John Macklewain research. This link comprehensively and came to fascinating conclusions. Firstly, they confer and what many other studies have already demonstrated that animal cruelty. This within a broad spectrum of deviant and anti social behaviour, then determined that the cause of this kind of aggression is quote clearly associated with a family context characterized by violence and abusive behaviour. To subordinates, however, They also noted that the biology of the child can't be discounted. Some children are
born with abnormalities in their brain chemistry that may increase their propensity for aggression in the These cases, the home environment, can either hinder or exacerbate that tendency depending the parents, these children, can grow up to be loving, carrying adults or cruel, violent ones, they were never any reports of abuse within Timothy Wilson, Spencer's family, however, because Tom Spencer was a single parent trying to support two children. She often work at least twelve hours a day, and so Times left Timothy and Travis to fend for themselves, even though it was born of necessity, TIM these seemingly grew up in a home environment where he was somewhat neglected, which may have worsened his predisposition to anger and violence with the benefit applying. Site. It's easy to see that Timothy's disturbing behaviour was a troubling side of things to come, it's possible that prefer
intervention would have kept him from becoming more hostile in the future, but unfortunately these aggression was already intensifying one day Travis and a friend were playing at the park when some older boys, friends of with these started, throwing rocks at them, one of them chug a that, hit him right below the eye Travis and ran home crying when he arrived. Timothy took one look at his brothers, bloody I and demanded to know what had happened when Travis told him a dark shadow. Asked over Timothy space. He promised is little brother that he would handle the situation. The next stage, This was waiting at the bus stop when Timothy's friend walked up to him sporting, a huge black eye and apologized for throwing rocks winter this got home later that day, his elder brother grin then said. I told you I'd handle that for you we don't know.
This was the first time Timothy turned this aggression on other people. Buddy clearly got a thrill from causing pain and fear, and others, though it and his only outlet he's made a good sure of his youth breaking into local homes, to steal, jewelry and other valuables that he could easily pawn later. He was generally able to get in and out of these places undetected, and he started to feel pretty cocky about his abilities as a thief because of that he decided to steal from the one place. He really should have left alone, his own house, while fell Travis Anthem, as boyfriend were out getting something to eat. One night Timothy made a be mine for Thelma called her money drawer. This was a secret spot where Thelma put away extra cash for her children's futures at the time. Her hard work to a total of fifteen hundred dollars and savings only for people. Knew about the money drawer, Thelma her boyfriend and her two sons. So what
three of those four returned from dinner to find the drawer empty? There was only one possible culprit. Shortly yours, family, arrived home, Timothy sauntered through the front door. Seemingly care free is my confronted him about stealing her money, but he unequivocally denied it. You pointed out A window in the back of the house was shattered and suggest that someone else had broken in and robbed them found. My believe him for a second. No one did they all figured timid had smashed the window himself to make it seem like a robbery, so Thelma offered her son the evening to come clean, but he continued to prick His innocence, Travis Watchdog, as his elder brother disrespected their mother, it was clear to him Timothy had zero empathy for Thelma. He didn't care that she'd worked incredibly hard to save up that money or that she'd been doing it for them. In the first place he was cold, he was mean and had no respect for authority. Though my had no choice. She called
the police and had her own son arrested for robbery. He spent months in juvenile detention and when, was released. His family expected Timothy to be reformed. They hoped he'd learned his lesson and use the time to reflect on the poor choices he'd made. Instead, Timothy immediately got back the burglar rising. He robbed countless. Arlington HOMES and was sent back to juvenile correctional centres multiple times, and he seemed more hostile. Each time he got out of lock up eventually, Travis was tariff I'd of his elder brother. He had good reason. to be Timothy aggression increased with each passing year and before long he thought but stealing wasn't giving him the thrill it use to. As he entered his twenties, he felt the to do something different, something physical. He needed heard somebody any wanted. Do it soon, coming up Timothy begins:
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he decided to attack a woman for was thought to be the first time in the early hours of June, twenty seventh Timothy's in a grocery store parking lot clutching what appeared to be a white t, shirt from the shadows. He watched a twenty three year old woman, make a call that a pay phone. We don't know this woman's name several call her Gabby. when Gabby finish your call, Timothy pulled a t shirt over his head, peering the holes he had crudely cut out for his eyes. He watched Abby walk across the parking lot to her car. Then he followed her just ass Gabby got to the driver side, door, Timothy LAW, just out of the darkness, the long knife out of his pocket and ordered her to get into her car Gabby. Did as commanded once inside. He told her to drive and threatened dab her if she tried any funny business. After about fifteen minutes, Timothy told her to park in a cul de sac that backed up to a afford,
best holding the knife to her Ribs Timothy Force Gabby into the woods. Were he shoved around to the cold, wet ground and raped her twice after he was done? He told her stay put while he went to get something from her car. Instead, he ran off leaving her naked on the forest floor when she made it home. Gabby reported her attack, but because she haven't seen Timothy's face. There, wasn't much for the police to go on as the days crept by with no sign of police closing in Timothy Room axed, then he said good planning. His next attack two weeks later in early July, Timothy broke into the abyss, men of another twenty three year old woman. Once again, here, shrouded his face in a makeshift mask and threatened a woman with a long serrated knife. This time he grabbed your purse and robbed her for before he raped.
Two more women had close calls with amassed rapist that month, he can them outside their cars and attempted to abduct them the same way he had Gabby. Fortunately, both These women got away, but his now target wasn't so lucky. On August six, nineteen, eighty three Timothy ventured into the neighboring city of Alexandria and forced to twenty two year old, one, into a car at knifepoint, again Dont know this woman, Spain Sobol, call her Celeste Timothy made Celeste drive to a wooded area where he dragged her out of the car and into the forest once they were come lately out of sight. He covered her eyes with duct tape, then raped for over two hours, afterwards, heat hinged up his usual m o bound Celeste hands behind her back then forced her. The trunk of her own car and shut the
door after a few minutes, Celeste smelled smoke she started, kicking and screaming desperate to escape. Miraculously the trunk partner and she climbed out onto the street when she peered into the back seat of the car. She saw that Timothy admitted on fire. It was alive he escape not that these Spirit, a second thought for the victims. He left in its wake over the course of, next, several months, Timothy, it numerous women some got away from the masked rapist, but most weren't so lucky he continued. Approaching women at their cars or breaking into their homes, always seeming to add a new element or improvement to his crime. His face, of course, was always covered His hands were too ass. He knew that is your prince would betray him to the cops just like had with Celeste Timothy used, duct tape, to restrain or disorient many of his victims. He bound
her hands and sometimes their legs and usually robbed them to it, seem like but he was on a quest to continually improve his m o and is terrified. Younger brother was the perfect guinea pig for any test run. Timothy like to wait until Travis around twelve years old at the time was certain he was home alone, then Papa the closet or bathroom to scare him. It started is harmless. Pranks and Travis could laugh off the frights, but eventually he was too scared to enter his own home, hiding out of sight. Timothy listen. Does his brother wandered around checking behind every door and inside every room he been led Travis, be for worse until he relaxed, and then Timothy would strike on one occasion, Timothy popped out of the bathroom wearing a stocking over his head. He drew Travis onto the bed and used the stocking mask to tie his hands together then he
ass. His little brother with a sock and locked him in a closet, it took the poor boy for hours to get free when he escaped Travis screamed at his big brother telling him that he could have been killed. But Timothy just said he was being a cry baby, but he was just playing around. even at his young age. Travis knew that Timothy's behaviour was anything but playful, anxious He started clocking his brothers movements and noticed the Timothy sometimes stayed out all night, then came home. And hit out in the bathroom for hours, One night Travis peaked in and was confused to see Timothy hunched over the sink scrubbing issues until they were pristine the next year times Travis Bite on Timothy. He was doing the same exact thing. Events play Travis gathered up the courage to ask his brother why he always cleaned is shoes. After he went out at night, Timothy brushed off the question.
Explaining that he was just trying to stay fresh to make sure But no one judged him by his dirty shoes. He lied really Timothy was more than likely getting rid of potential evidence that could link him to his crimes and it's a chilling indicator of his psyche. During the nineteen Seventys, the behavioral science unit of the F B, I did extensive research on serial killers and found that they could be kept rise into two groups, organised and disorganized based on his preparation for each crime as well as his clean up afterward to, these seems to fall firmly within the classification of an organised offender according to Albert Ressler, one of the FBI profiles organised criminal, was put in a fair amount of time and effort into their attacks, the organised killer. Does everything possible to ensure he won't be caught in Timor
he's case, he made sure to conceal his face and fingerprints during the crime, and always cleaned up afterwards. That way here left no evidence behind some of methods, Timothy used to select his victims also help identify him as an organised killer, rustlers It's that most organised offenders choose to attack strangers, often after one seeing them for a while to ensure that they won't pose any risk to the killer. But the usually abducted women from deserted parking, lots or hidden their homes to trap them when they were alone, Some also points out that organised criminals are extremely adaptable. They update and improve upon their I'm learning as they go doing everything May and to satisfy themselves while staying under the radar. This combination, preparation and malleability allows organised offenders too easily move from one form of crime to another, usually
increasing the level of violence as they do so Timothy fit this disturbing per. And almost to a t after raping topless women throughout the latter half of nineteen eighty three he realized wasn't giving him the same thrill that it use to you wanted more violence, so when one nineteen, eighty four he says lights on a young lawyer named Carolyn HAM and started plotting, next attack thirty. Two year old Carolyn spent the evening of January twenty third nineteen. Eighty four at the Capitol Hill Split, club in Washington DC after sweating it out on the court. She drove a little more than five miles to her home in Arlington Virginia ass. She drew Carolyn made plans in her head for the rest of her weak. She had plenty of work to get done before she left for vacation in Peru. That weekend, it's likely she had several things that are mind when she walked through her front door. That night no warning Timothy appeared out of nowhere and grabbed her. She
tried to run back outside, but Timothy dragged her into the house, leaving the front door ajar just to crack, even though she was quite fit Carolyn was no match for the twenty one year old. Timothy we got her from the front hall into the garage where he forced her to his robe. Once careless, Naked Timothy bound her hands with a car from her own window blinds. Then he raped her usual Timothy left soon after he raped his victims, sometimes pausing pockets and valuables, but this time He wanted to add a new twist that night heat a rope around Carolines Throat and strain old her to death, Timothy. I'm in the crime scene before leaving making sure There were no mistakes, he hadn't left any fingerprints, blood or hair at the scene, so we felt certain he was safe, He didn't worry about the seamen. He'd left behind by this time D,
they testing had been utilised only a handful of times in criminal cases. So understandably Timothy didn't know about it. He believed that his seamen would tell the cops that the killer was a man, but he guessed a figure that out anyway, he looked a Roma ass one more time. Satisfying this clean up. Then he asked not of an open window and faded into the night a couple of days later, Carolyn Secretary, was worried about her boss Carolyn. Haven't shown up to work in two days, which was out of character. So the secretary old, Carolines, best friend Darla and asked if she would check on Carolyn to make sure everything was all right, Darla arrived at careless house. She noticed that are friends. Car was parked in the driveway. She hoped that meant care when was inside packing for her trip, but when Darlin noticed at the front door was open, She knew something was wrong it. Chilling to notice that snow had blown into the front hallway suggest
The door had been opened for days after asking for neighbours, help investigating dark walked around the house calling out to Carolyn growing increasingly concerned final. She entered the garage with Carolines neighbour by her side and let out a scream there Carolyn Nude Body Bay down on the cold cement floor. Darla called the police in detail, gives arrived on the scene as quickly as possible when the eggs but the garage, the rest of the house, an Carolyn herself. They were doing to discover that there were almost no clues to work with timid Organization had paid off without any evidence to analyze from the crime scene, detectives turned to Carolines, family and friends to see if they knew anyone who might have wanted to hurt her and
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Now, back to the story: after murdering Carolyn HAM on the night of January, twenty third nineteen, eighty four times One year old, Timothy, Wilson Spencer, waited to see if he'd get hot for his heinous crime, he had run women before, but this was his first murder and he couldn't be positive that get away with this. The way he had with his other crimes. Meanwhile detective Joe Horrors the rest of the Arlington County homicide Squad scrambled declined to suspect for the heinous homicide they felt sure they'd caught a break when the sister of the neighbor who helped discover careless by revealed that there was someone who might have had a motive and who had allegedly made Carolyn uncomfortable several times before she was referred De Carolines, former neighbour thirty. Seven year old, David Vasquez Carolyn had reportedly complained several times about David peeping in her while she was sunbathing in her back yard and other neighbours
confirmed that the man was more than a little off the same way. Even said that they might have seen David outside Carolines House on the night of January. Twenty third at last detail poor guests had a suspect. he wasn't sure how reliable the Tipp was David. Ask has had moved away from Arlington seven months earlier and was living twenty six miles away and Manassas Virginia. David also couldn't drive. A car he's been described as borderline mentally impaired and reportedly up, rated at a level of a ten year old in certain situations, so in order you get from analysis to Arlington David would have had take either several forms of public transportation or find someone else to drive him. These scenarios seemed likely to detective Borges who felt that arranging plants like that would have left an obvious trail that would be discoverable ESA.
this and yet David Vasquez was brought into the Arlington Police Department for questioning. Anyway, it was the fur, First, in a series of critical mistakes made by investigators when it got into the interview room, the detectives didn't read David his rights and instead launched immediately into their interrogation hours long interview, detectives yelled at David, twisted his words and lied to him repeatedly. They told him that they had found his fingerprints at the scene. They revealed us of the murder specifics only the culprit would know and got David De Parent, was details back to them. They emphasise the The David didn't have an alibi and said that a neighbor had seen him outside Carolines how's. That night it took three separate interview sessions, but eventually David told investigators that he might have had a nightmare that resembled the crime overwhelmed conferred. Who's dad upset David. Finally,
fast to a murder. He didn't commit events. His lawyers negotiated a plea barking and he was sentenced to thirty five years behind bars. Meanwhile, Timothy remained off the police radar in connection with the ham murder. He spent the. Last year raping women without getting caught in now, He knew he could kill them too. He felt invincible but he also knew he needed to be careful. The police, on high alert and he couldn't risk getting locked up for the rest of his life. However, he didn't want to give up the thrill he felt when committing crimes, so shortly after killing Carolyn HAM, the mask rapist, welcome into the home of another woman and attempted to rape her before being forced to flee, whether it was because he got cocky or because he was rusty? Twenty one year old Timothy wasn't as careful when he committed a number of other crimes days after killing. Carolyn details about the
incidents. They got him. Cod are scarce, but we know he was apprehended and arrested. On January, twenty, ninth nineteen, eighty four and ultimate he spent more than three years in prison for burglary in June of nineteen eighty seven twenty I beheld Timothy applied for parole, however, due to its previous record, but the law it was I did that he posed in unacceptable pearl brisk despite fact that he had only recently been denied parole. Timothy was somehow approved a hospitality House Pre Release programme in September of nineteen. Eighty seven, it seems shows thought the Timothy would be fine and halfway house, where authorities be far less capable of supervising his movements. So, Timothy moved into a halfway house in Richmond, where he used is free time to stop potential victims. He like spending time at the nearby, Cloverleaf Mall or he could Roma
alone and overlooked. After a few trips, he took notice woman who worked occasional night shifts the malls bookstore thirty five year old, Debbie Davis, myths started stalking, Debbie learning her routine and he liked what he saw in addition to making some extra cash at the bookstore Debbie worked. Full time is accounts manager for Style Weekly magazine when Derby, what that work. She was usually home alone in her first floor apartment, watching movies or reading mystery novels during the fibers days. Timothy watched her she didn't socialize much. This was like Lee, because she was about to undergo surgery to have her gallbladder removed, most nights, likely saw her curled up on the couch taking painkillers for her abdominal pain, eventually Timothy felt confident enough to strike on of timber, one nineteen, eighty seven Timothy
stole a rocking chair from a neighbours porch and carried it over to Debbie's apartment. He placed it underneath the kitchen window which faced away from the street, then he's sat down and waited for her to get home from work shrouded in Shadow Timothy, Listen does Debbie entered her house, they began to put around engaging in her usual routine once he was ass if she was alone, he stood up poised for the perfect time to through the kitchen window eventually not came at Debbie's front door and she rushed to see who it was. It was dead, he's cousins, husband and their kids, who had stopped by to say hello, Debbie and feeling well that night, but wasn't sure of her gallbladder was causing her discomfort again or if she was sick. So she, your family, to stay on the front porch, just in case she was contagious. Perhaps it was Debbie stood at her front door chatting with their relatives that Timothy quietly climbed it
to her back window. Then he rushed into her whole closet and quietly close the door. He would did patiently, as Debbie said, goodbye to her cousin and ass. She spent over an hour chatting with her parents on the phone. Finally, around nine thirty Debbie hung up, and started to get ready for. Bed crossed from the bed room to the bathroom Timothy. sprang out of the closet and grabbed her. She dragged Debbie back into her bedroom, forced her to undress then shoved her face down onto the bed. He bound your arms with thick boot ices and rapped a blue woollen sock around her neck, then he took gender, the sock and tied them around a metal tube attachment, he'd taken from a vacuum cleaner. Once the girl What was said he pleasure him health and raped Debbie, while steadily tightening at around her throat. He tortured Debbie in this manner for hours, he would bring her to the brink of death,
then wake her up again only to contain You throttling her this perverse behaviour decades. That Timothy can be further specified as an organised sexual murderer. In eighteen. Ninety nine forensic psychologist, J Red Malloy, expanded upon the FBI, behavioral science units serial killer profiles, using data from several external studies, as well as his own research doctor Mccoy compiled a dossier describing the characteristics of organised and disorganized sexual murderers, organised sexual killers like Timothy Plan, their attacks well in advance and tar. strangers. Often use restraints and all of their aggression is performed prior to death and, crucially, denies sexual murderers usually leave a virtually spotless crime scene, eventually, Timothy, finish playing his game and strangled Debbie to death with a garage
and he took a look around the apartment to ensure that he couldn't see any hairs are blood anywhere. He was wearing gloves, sir, new he hadn't left fingerprints. There was a fair one of seamen around. But like always, he wasn't concerned about that. All he had to do now was leave when writing about his classification of killers, Doktor Malloy points out that every sexual murderer falls somewhere on spectrum from organized to disorganized, a criminal, represent most of the characteristics of a particular subset, but rare we will they take off every single box in Timor, he's case. His habit of leaving his victims at the crime scene falls closer to the disorganized. End of the spectrum usually Organised sexual killers move the body somewhere else, making it more difficult for the police to track down the culprit. Pops Timothy, would have done this. Had he owned a car, but he didn't so. He left
Abby where she was. However, he did steal Debbie's car on his way out. It's possible plan to use it in future crimes, or perhaps he took it for the pure thrill. Whatever his plans, They were seemingly foiled by his inability to drive the stick shift. As he does we tried to shift gears Timothy Panic about the noise. He was making he a band the car. Only a few blocks from Debbie's apartment, naughty bothering to turn it off he just hopped out and why the three miles back to the halfway house, morning, someone reported the abandoned car to the police. The registration quickly lead two Debbie's apartment where they found the brutal murder scene. Once there are they com the crime scene for three days, hoping to find a shit of evidence to lead them to the culprit? However, Timothy had left them little to work with. None of them these friends or relatives knew who would want to hurt her meaning police.
had no one to include on their suspect list prostrated. They were forced brainstorm all possibilities. We wondered if perhaps the murderer had mistaken Debbie for someone else. They also the possibility that Debbie had a secret enemy. She hadn't told anyone about what they didn't consider was that they were dealing with a serial killer, Timothy was counting on this. He took a couple weeks to cool if, after Debbie's murder to ensure that he flew under the radar, he typically made his few at the halfway house and worked hard to stay out of trouble. Of course, Timothy wasn't done yet. He was Joe biting his time. Spending nights weekends watching a new woman. He was already getting ready for his next,
thanks again, for tuning into serial killers will be back soon with part two of Timothy Wilson Spencer. Will tell his legacy as the fearsome south side strangler and why his conviction is one of the most famous in history from information on Timothy Wilson Spencer. Amongst the many sources we used, we found southern nightmare. The hunt for the south side strangler by Richard Posture, extremely helpful to our research. You can find we're. Episodes of serial killers and all other Spotify originals from part cast for free on Spotify will see. next time have a killer, weak soon. He'll killers is Spotify original from Parkhurst executive producers include MAX and wrong. Cutler sound designed by Russell NASH, with production assistance by IRAN, Shapiro Carly, Madden and Bruce Guiteau rich deception, Mode of serial killers was written by Elly Red with writing. Assist thence by Joel Callin backtracking bye, bye
Logan and research by Brian Petrus and Chelsea would soon he'll killers, Stars Gregg, Paulson and Vanessa Richardson.
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