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“The Golden State Killer” Pt. 1: Joseph DeAngelo


His crimes earned him the moniker of the “Visalia Ransacker” and the “East Area Rapist.” But Joseph James DeAngelo would become most notorious for his final nickname, the “Golden State Killer.” Between 1974 and 1986, DeAngelo committed untold atrocities, all while leading a seemingly average life as a husband and small town cop.

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Due to the graphic nature of this killers crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes, grew the discussions of rape, murder and assault that some people may find offensive. We by extreme caution for children under thirteen as It fell on December tenth, nineteen. Seventy five detect bill. Mc Gowan crept between the houses of a small neighborhood in by Visalia California, the quiet unnerved. And his muscles tensed before he turned each corner. All of a sudden something broke the silence behind him. Mcgowan spun around to see a masked figure. Lurking by the side of a home. Without hesitation, Mc Gowan fired a warning shot in the air. The prowler stopped then step. Out of the shadows with his hands up realized the detective had him cornered, he
Mc Gowan not to shoot to prove he'd surrendered. He started to remove his mask the detective pointed a flashlight. I am trying to get a good look at the elusive by failure. Ransack her, however, the burglar trained cop in war veteran was no and criminal he'd been waiting for Mc Gowan to let his guard down as the detective strained to see the man's face in the dark. The rents hackers saw his chance with warning. The shaggy, haired figure drew a gun and shot back had Mcgowan the bullet hit. The detectives flashlight setting shards of glass into his eyes then the prowler disappeared into the night ass, he ran adrenaline pumped through the burglars body. The rush was like no other and his appetite, for it only grew soon
he would start being known as the vice failure ransacked and instead become California's own golden state killer, by I'm great pulses. This these serial killers, a original every episode we into the minds and madness of serial killers today will incur. The alleged identity of the golden state killer, I'm here with my co host Vanessa Richardson by everyone you can find episodes of serial killers and all other Parkhurst originals for free on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcast, to stream serial killers for free on Spotify, just open the app and type serial killers in the search bar at forecast were grateful for You are listeners, you will. I was to do it. We love, let us know how we're doing reach out on paper.
Again Instagram at par, cast and twitter at PAR, cast network today will build into the early life of Joseph James De Angelo, whose charged with me The golden state killer will follow is gradual descend from petty theft to cereal murder, its believe that his reign of terror in the nineteen seventies and eighties De Angelo murdered at least twelve people and raped forty five women on Thursday will cover the to the golden state. Killers. Spree will also follow the unorthodox castigation that finally revealed that the vice failure ransack her the east area, rapist the array, No night stalker and the golden state killer were all the same. Sadistic man Joseph James De Angelo- was born into a decorated military family in bath. New York
the annual senior was a world war, two sergeant with several metals to his name, his brother also a world war, two veteran received the purple heart and was laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery because of two years LE seniors career in the air force, the family of six moved off in during the late nineteenth fortys and early fiftys, the actual nephew, Jesse Rhineland told Buzzfeed NEWS at its Point, while the actual junior was young, his father ran into trouble with the police for physically abusing his mother authorities threatened to oust the elderly Angelo from the air force. If he continued to beat his wife. Real also suggested that the anglo Junior and his siblings were likely. Also victims of their fathers, physical abuse, not one afterward when he was around nine or ten years old De Angelo experienced another traumatic event that for ever changed him. It happen the family was stationed at a german AIR force base. One day,
Young De Angelo and his sister Constance went to an abandoned warehouse on the base to play. They were approached by two when they didn't know De Angelo watched the men snatched up seven year old Constance and actually abused her the tragic, he was made worse. When the two children told their parents about the rape, there were no consequences and the children were ordered to never speak a bit again De Angelos childhood trauma fits the pattern of many criminals were often exposed to violent injustice as children, but this was going to. Over on the psychology here and throughout the episode. Please note Vanessa is not a licence psychologist or a psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for this show thanks Gregg Professor and Wolbert Burgess. A psychiatric nurse who studied the personalities of thirty six convicted serial killers said that witness
sing. The rape could have created a vile fantasy. That D Angelo sought to recreate it's likely They D, Angelos, abusive household, also added to his disturbed psyche. A queens you Mercedes study. Titled. The origins of sexual offending suggested that Sexual deviance lies in the fenders experience of poor quality childhood relationships with their parents De Angelos disillusionment with his parents, toxic relationship. The abuse the children likely endured and their failure to protect Constance may have armed him for violence later in life those family only got more dysfunctional as he matured while he was his teens his parents divorce ten, both remarried soon after the angel moved with his mother and stepfather to Rural Auburn. California. Meanwhile, his father move to Korea where he started a new family there
he fired another set of children and apparently gave them exact, same names as those he had with Kathleen Nettle did the Angelo Senior leave his kids behind he flat out, replace them afterward De Angelo Junior was forced to grapple with feelings of abandonment and in a quasi. The sir for power and control led him to the military himself. After I graduated from high school in nineteen sixty four, he served in Vietnam WAR with the Navy on the: U S: S Canberra his fun was decorated veteran, so his service would have been an attempt to gain his estranged fathers approval. According to hometown newspaper twenty one year old De Angelo returned home in nineteen sixty seven after Vietnam, he enrolled at sea or a college, and then cows State Sacramento, where he studied crimp
justice, Doktor Stanton Salmon, an expert in criminal behaviour and author of inside the criminal mind conducted a study with rear criminals and found that man, of them aspired to be cops when they were children Salmon wrote that it was the extent meant and the ability to wield absolute power over other human beings that attracted them, as well as the process of being cited as heroes for doing so is unclear. The answer always wanted to be a police officer, but by the time was in college. He had his heart set on law enforcement. It would offer him a position of authority and control, something he lacked growing up with a possessive father, at some Why, during his studies, the Angelo met Fellow student Bonnie, Jean call well to hit it off and were engaged in nineteen. Seventy two, their wedding announcement printed in the Auburn Journal, detail
The body was a lobbyist and Andy Angelo was affiliated with the Vets Club and the President's honor role. They appear to be an ideal couple. In reality, they were far from perfect Funny later recalled the Angelos bizarre behaviour during sex. According to her, his appetite was insatiable. He wanted it to go on for hours when interviewed, Bonnie told police that, although she was never forced to do anything, he was oblivious to her exhaustion and discomfort during their encounters. He also had a and in sea to break away from her ass? He was about to climax, then turn minutes later and continue. Having sex. She claimed he would do this several times over the course of a night Bonnie admits. The De Angelo was her first sexual experience, and so she had little point of reference for what normal was. However, in early indicator of his sexual perversions, a study can
did by the University of New South Wales and published in the journal. Aggressive behaviour found that the aggression displayed by the participants of the study can be partially and by men's entitlement to sex if men think entitled to a sexual relationship with a woman there less. Likely to exhibit self control more light, to endorse traditional gender roles and more likely to be hostile towards women. After our rejection, naturally really generals. Behaviour became too much for body. She broke off their relationship before the wedding. Less than a year later she married another man, the break up late, the Angelo to feel the familiar pangs of abandonment and insecurity that plagued him. As a team, after his parents divorce this age. A romantic disappointment seems to have contributed to its negative feelings toward women for years. He would
call Bonnie in moments of rage and claim he hated her despite or maybe because of bodies, swift marriage to another man De Angelo, also married soon after he met twenty old law student Sharon Huddle at Sacramento State and by November of nineteen. Seventy three they were when that same year. Twenty eight year old De Angelo was hired by the Exeter Police Department, small city, about fifty miles South EAST of Fresno alma. As soon as he became a cop, the end, began to dabble in crime. Its If you started as a lawyer in MID nineteen, seventy three several run and so the nearby town of my sailor reported seeing a strange man at their window. His first confirmed crime was report in March of nineteen, seventy four began a string of burglaries and break ins. This crimes,
we urge twenty nine year old De Angelo, the first of as many enigmatic monitors the a ransack her. He proud, local neighborhoods, often staking out home four hours before breaking in. He develop the pattern to his home invasions. If I say earlier, ransacked m o was to sneak inside through an been window or unlocked door and go through the owners, possessions, evangelize, their property scattered women's underwear and stole personal items rather than those of monetary value. It didn't take long for to become a prolific thief, multiple same day break ins were common. On Saturday November twentieth. Nineteen, seventy four twelve sup, incidents were reported ironic. As the ran psycho took hold of I sail you, D Angelo was assigned to burglary detail in nearby exit her after one hundred twenty reported break ins,
and sacking of empty homes no longer gave them the thrill that he yearned, for he was ready for something more need for excitement, brought him to the smelling home one night in September of nineteen. Seventy five Claude Snow being a journalism professor, suddenly awoke to a commotion De Angelo had broken into his home and attempted to drag. Is sixteen year old, daughter, out of the house, Claude, rushed in to find him in the act, but the Angelo panicked perhaps feeling the situation slid from his control De Angelo shot, Claude, whose staggered back into his home and later died Then De Angelo kicked best in the face and fled before or authorities arrived on the scene escalation of the ransacked crimes forced the vices The police took up their efforts in catching him. Given is and see to strike within the same neighborhood the police an overnight sting operation in December nineteen, seventy five near
smelling home they station to detect on the streets and waited for the ransack or to appear that night. Detective Mc Gowan spotted a mask man prowling between two homes. He knew it be the man they were searching for go and rushed over and pulled his gun attempting to place the masked men under arrest De Angelos training, as a police officer gave him an advantage. He tricked Mcgowan into thinking. He would surrender I taking his mask off. No one had ever seen the ransacking face, so Mcgowan's curiosity got the best of him. Rather than keeping his trained on this aspect, the detective pulled out a flashlight to get a clearer look at the criminal in the blink of an eye. The Angelo pulled a gun and shot at Mc Gowan. The bullet miss the detective but hid his flashlight shards from a broken light temporarily. Blinded Mcgowan
commotion. The Angelo was able to escape. It was a frighteningly close call one the Angelo made sure would never happen again. That night marked the end of that. I sell your ransacked crime spree, but the worst was yet to come. Will explore the rise of the east area rapist after this forecast listeners. If you enjoy stories about murder, mystery and the unexplained you'll, absolutely love the new park, hast original series, supernatural with Ashley flowers, its hosted by climbed junkies, Ashley flowers, and you can hear new episodes. Free Wednesday. We all know that most mysteries can be solved by looking at the facts, but sometimes the facts don't led to a logical explanation. Member truth lies somewhere in the unknown, in supernatural with actually flowers actually takes a deep die.
To the strange and surreal to explain some of the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences. Each week, she'll dig into a different crime or mystery, where the most fitting theory isn't always the most conventional, from exorcisms to unsolved murders to alien abductions. Ashley will take on the tails challenge the unexplained and dissected. With a heavy helping of skepticism and rationale. Now, so are you ready to get to the bottom of histories? Most peculiar events follow suit natural with actually flowers free on Spotify or wherever you get your pot casts now back to the story. Thirty year old, small town, cop and cereal criminal, Joseph James T Angelo, barely evade capture in December of nineteen. Seventy five, though he still had his freedom. His face had been seen by police detective during an attempted burglary, an official compound.
Drawing soon followed Mcgowan described the prowler is having an athletic build in his early twenties possibly left handed and sporting shaggy brown hair Joseph empty Angelo? Now thirty grew you bet, as colleagues at the police Department would recognize him. He probably decided it was, who risky to remain in the area he applied for a job with the Auburn Police Department. His previous home, in May nineteen. Seventy six. He got the position and move to Auburn with his wife Sharon. A fellow Auburn PD officer, Nicholas willing, recall De Angelo as just an average person an average Joe. However, another former colleague did notice something off about the young com retired officer, feral Ward said I think he had a bachelor decree all kinds of training he didn't fit in with the other guys we like to Joe can screw around and take the stress off of what we were doing. He was always serious.
While De Angelo maintained this professional facade by day once night fell. Heal thirdly became the monster dubbed the EAST area rapist. June 17th, nineteen, seventy six, the EAST area rapist set out to Rancho Cordova Sacramento suburb, this time His intentions were more sinister than ever before. It's likely, he had stopped his victim, a telephone company employ in preparation, for his attack. She reported a dark car drove passed her house on multiple occasions. The driver would his head away from her when she tried to get a look at his face for weeks she received various hang up phone calls, part of the tactic to make sure she was home alone. On the net of the seventeenth De Angelo apparently parked his car by the near by train tracks and snug through
neighborhoods backyards until he reached the victims house once there, he cut the phone line before picking the backdoor lock making his way inside in the earliest hours of June eighteenth, he appeared at the victims dream doorway he wore ski masks, a dark t, shirt gloves and nuts? nothing else? Stereo rapist, tapped on the door frame and mockingly called out her name. The woman woke up to see the visible aroused intruder at the foot of her bed. She squirm. Does he held a knife to her temple and threatened to kill her. If she moved a muscle, he then hide her hands behind her back and raped her after the assault he tied. Her ankles together picked up or slipped from the floor. And disappeared, the woman was left bound and terrified. She said he'd still and silent, fearing her attack
would come back through her bedroom door and resume the assault after a while well, she gave up waiting. She wasn't sure of them, and was still inside, but she had to call for help despite his tempts. The phone line had not been completely severed. The victim is able to call the police, but her right, best had vanished long before the authorities arrived. Dozens of similar attacks, soon followed all across the greater Sacramento area authorities dubbed the new threat, the EAST area rapist the community, fell into a state of terror. People began sleep being was shot guns by their side, shelters, sullen, uptake indulged adoptions, Locksmith couldn't keep up with demand as everyone wanted, their locks changed, but none of their precautions could stop the east area. Rape His m o remained mostly consistent for the next few months he broke into the homes of women. He knew
either to be home alone or with their young children in at least one case. He tied up the children before attacking their mother. Sometimes he would briefly stop as assaults to ransacked the house and then returned to his victim. Sometimes this would go on four hours, some of his victims, claimed he repeatedly yelled out. I hate you Bonnie. I hate you during the assault He obviously had an ongoing fixation with his ex fiance one that likely contributed to an overall hatred of women. Other victims reported that the hello, wept and hyper ventilated after raping them, they said that while he cried Daniel called out to his mother, saying I'm sorry, I don't want to do this. Mommy De Angelo apparently reverted to a child. Like stay what's. He committed is violent assaults Doktor James Garber, Reno, an expert in violence, related issues and child development worked with violent in May
it's who had suffered childhood trauma, he called them untreated traumatized children. Marino wrote that they have unkind, business about that wounded, child and the anger of that child and the fear of that child and now, in big body there doing things on behalf of that child, without even an awareness of it. It's possible better The aftermath of this attacks, the essential about momentary, shame for giving into his depraved churches, which likely rooted in the unresolved trauma of witnessing is younger sister assault. After being unable to TAT his sister from such vile man. He became one himself thought alone might have been enough to make him weep and beg for his mother's forgiveness, but whatever feeling of shame or regret. He might have felt were not enough to keep her from acting out. His twisted fantasies doctor
Nicholas Grass, a psychologist who worked with hundreds of convicted rapists and authored the clinical textbook men who rape the psychology of the offender offered some insight into what drives a serial rapists attacks. Growth said that they often bilbil the attack in their mind and await the assault with a quote Mixture of excitement, anxiety, anticipated pleasure and fear. Most rapists of this type find little sexual satisfaction in the rape because it now lives up to the fantasy that why he must find another victim for three years. As the east area rapist, continue to chase the high he got from his crimes, but like any attic the thrill more elusive, as his assaults became routine. He planned out and executed break ins and rape so well that the sense of danger excited him was eventually gone entirely, so
He began to search for victims further into the EAST Bay West of Sacramento. He hoped unfamiliar territory would heighten the risk and the euphoria he felt after committing his crimes in nineteen. Seventy seven. His crime spree intensified again on single women was no longer enough. He began to target couples. In May, he spotted a waitress living in citrus heights. He began call her repeatedly and hang up quietly. This tactic to find out when his potential victims were alone, but the Angelo also believed to have done something he had never dared to do before he directly approached his victim before the attack one day he showed to the waitresses front door in broad daylight, claiming to be registering pets with the American PET Association,
it was a rican visit part of his carefully devised plan to break in later that night. He wanted to be come familiar with the house and look for easy points of entry woman immediately knew something was off. She noticed The Angela linger by the garage and fiddle with the lock after she sent him away from her door. The waitress approached her. Neighbor and asked if the PET Association guy had knocked at her door as well. The neighbor who serve De Angelo from her own yard. Replied that he hadn't stew did any other home on the street. This left the waitress within uneasy feeling, if this guy supposed to be going door to door. Why did he only stop at her She immediately made a call to the better Business Bureau. They confirm that no organization named the American PET Association operated in the area. After this, the woman became fearful she,
woke up several times that night, certain that heard noises coming from the side of the house. She tried to your husband, but he dismissed this says straight cats outside, but the woman's fears were justified, coming up its believed De Angelo graduates to double murder. Now back to the story eighteen. Seventy seven thirty one year old, police officer, jokes of James T Angelo, had allegedly an operating as the east area rapist for almost a year. He kept his thirst for violence secret from everyone around him, including his wife sharing, but it was getting harder to hide his urges intent defying the east area, rapist, moved away from targeting single women. He started going after young middle Class, Sacramento area couples. In May, nineteen. Seventy seven he broke into the
citrus heights home of a waitress and her restaurant manager husband. The waitress was the First, to notice the mast figure looming over her bed, the man man told the woman. If she made a noise, he would kill her. He then through shoelaces on the bed and ordered the woman to tie her husband's hands and feet she tied them. Loosely rubbing her husband would be able to free himself. To her dismay, the EAST area rapist noticed angered he barked at her to retie the not but tighter once her husband was bound. The man believe b d Angelo aggressively pulled the waitresses hands behind her back and tied them together The couple tied up. He searched the room. He smiled the bottle of pennies, with his gun and rummage through their closet, likely in search of a trophy to take home,
soon he returned to the room undid the slip not from the woman's ankles and pulled her off the bed. He dug his gun into her back and told her to walk and not look at him again. He threatened to shoot both of them if she didn't do as he told they moved into the living room where he threw her onto the floor. He then disappeared into the kitchen and pumped back into the bedroom to reiterate his threats to the husband, the man hold him. It was going to take a break and have a beer, then left, the room. Again he returned waitress and used a rip towel to blindfold her. She heard him remove his pants and she cried even louder. He threatened to slit her throat if she didn't quiet down after raping her. He rolled her over and placed a cup and saucer on her back. This was of his M o as a falling cup would allow
him to any movement the victim made. Even when he was out of the room ass, he got ready to leave. He noticed the rings on her hand, despite her, please he pulled them off her fingers and left the home for good. There are many reasons: killers take trophies from their victims, sometimes it's an a device to help them real, live their crimes. Peter Bronze, the author of serial killers, the method and madness of monsters says that without he's trophies some sir, killers may not even be sure that they had acted upon their fantasy. The east area rapist frequently took one of a kind or personalized items like photos rings or idea cards, but types of things that were trivial to any one, but the owner. None of the additives he took wherever recovered, through the assault on the young waitress De Angelo continued. A steady stream of attacks on unsuspecting couples, then, on federal,
Three second, nineteen, seventy eight he was staking a house in the Rancho Cordova Neighbourhood, when he found himself interrupted Brian, Katy Majority were walking their dog as they came across him on the prowl, with his mask off putting to enter. Together about his identity. The couple fled the Angela couldn't afford to let them escape He chased the majorities to the backyard of a near by house and shot them. Both He then made his escape through the channels and back alleys of suburban Sacramento. The apple later died from their wounds at the hospital. After the Missouri killings, northern California communities were gripped by fear. Their prowler seemed unquenchable between one thousand. Seventy four and February nineteen. Seventy eight d Angelo had allegedly committed, countless ransacking, twenty seven rapes and three murders
the unknown assailant, was a constant fixture in the news to me. Matters worse. Authorities even had reason to believe that the EAST area rapist, followed the media coverage and took pleasure in the a key caused. Karel De we wanted. The original investigators on the case recalled one of many community meetings held at the peak of the east area, rapists crimes breeze during meeting a local man, be raided, the police's inability to catch the cereal rapists and criticise the victims, husbands for not fighting back shortly after the Angelo allegedly broke into the man's home and actually assaulted his wife. They were third deliberate choices in his attacks. For instance, it seems that Certain dates are life. Events were triggers for his vicious crimes. He is tat, a woman on the night of his wedding anniversary at least two years in a row, perhaps
There are three brought up feelings of resentment ass. It seemed as marriage was not a happy one. Neighbours call constant screaming matches between the D'Angelo's one of former colleagues mentioned. The couple had separate. Firms soon enough. Another major event triggered an increase in De Angelos violence. After four years on the job he was fired from Auburn Police Department on July Second, nineteen. Seventy nine, the thirty three year old, was stealing a hammer and dog repellent from a Sacramento drugstore called pants save, although he claimed he didn't to steal the items, a court hearing found him guilty of misdemeanor shoplifting, imposed a one hundred dollar fine and sentenced him to six months probe Russian Auburn pities Chief Nicholas willing, who had previously been patrolman, with De Angelo, was now in charge of the small department you
De Angelo, never being particularly good at his job always doing the bare minimum and resisting orders. When will it heard about drugstore incident? He immediately fired officer De Angelo and meaningful by the man whom likely resented for rising above him must have enraged. The Angelo some time after the firing chief, we licks daughter spotted a man at their window. When will it went out to choose there were signs of a possible prowler footprints left in the dirt, but after that night it never happened again. Will it didn't suspect, Angelo of being the prowler until decades later, it's possible that D Angelo stocked, his former bosses, home with the tension of getting retribution for his firing. After all, docking was his usual first step to an eventual attack. However, the risk of attacking a trained cop and someone with a personal connection to him
might have discouraged the Angelo from going through with it. A stir titled violence and hostility at work conducted by Rob Folder and Robert, a barren for the American Psychological Association, suggests that the poorest Seed injustice at disgruntled employs firing, plays a major role in workplace violence. The engine I believe that his boss, harboured ill will towards them, must have made is firing feel personal and therefore unjust, unable to one she's embarrassment and anger on the man who fired him. He channeled it into his other crimes. The end of the nineteenth seventies marked a turn for the east area. Best after the nineteen seventy eight murders of a majority couple, he must have felt Sacramento authorities closing in on him he began conducting, is attacked further and further away from home as his reach expanded. So did his violence
late, nineteen, seventy nine, the Angelo priests did decided that he would know grew leave any victims alone. thanks again for tuning in two serial killers, we'll be back Thursday with part two of Joseph James De Angelo. Will Birdy Angelos rise as the golden state killer. Unusual investigation that cracked, the decades long cold case wide open, for more information on Joseph change. The Angelo many sources. We used. We found that creep among us, the golden state killer after the arrest by an pan, extremely helpful to research you can find more episodes of serial killers and all other Parkhurst originals for free on Spotify that only this If I already have all of your favorite music, but now Spotify is making
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