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“The Gorilla Man” Pt. 2: Earle Leonard Nelson


From 1926-1928, Earle Nelson would roam across North America strangling unsuspecting land ladies. By the end of his rampage, he will kill at least 22 people, a record that would not be broken for another 50 years.

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The nineteen twenties, had it all glitzy glamour and yes, murder. If you enjoy this clash back to the nineteen twenties the american serial Killer, Earl, lettered Nelson then be short check out Parkhurst presents for Centennial retrospective on the roaring twenties you'll, find episodes, unclaimed, boss, Al Capone, scandalous, Governor Huey, long and so much more. Follow. Parkhurst presents free on Spotify, or were every listened upon, casts dude graphic nature of this killers crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussion, of murder and assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen.
May of nineteen twenty one. The San Francisco police Department received a friend, to call from a young man named Charles Summers, Junior his little sister Mary, had been attacked. He tried to fight off the assailant, but the man was too strong now the crazed maniac ran loose on the streets and unpredictable blood, thirsty beast who threatened all who crossed his path. The police moved quickly and efficiently throughout the streets of San Francisco, they ve gotten corruption, a large white man with a dark complexion, long arms and sizeable hands. He had fled on foot. He had to be near by they scoured the roads looking everywhere they could. Two hours into the hunt and officers spotted the attacker sitting. Calmly on a trolley. The officer rush to stop the vehicle when he claimed on board he saw the monsters face, was
attached and bleeding little Mary had done a good job. Defending herself she'd marked this man as guilty. The officers were determined to lock him up for good but they would fail. Earl Leonard Nelson's reign of violence had only just begun hi I'm Gregg pulsing. This is serial killers. A park has to regional every man, day. We dive into the minds of madness of serial killers. This is our second epoch. Old unfurl lettered Nelson man mislead, known as the gorilla killer or guerrilla man. I'm here with my co host Vanessa Richardson high everyone. You can find
the episodes of serial killers and all other Parkhurst originals for free on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcast to stream. Serial killers for free on Spotify, just open the Epp and type serial killers in the search bar Parkhurst were grateful. For you are listeners you will. I was to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at park asked and Twitter at Parker. Network and if you enjoy today's episode, the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help last week We covered the early life and first attack of the gorilla killer, Earl Nelson reputed abnormally long arms and unusually large hands Earl row, The United States and Canada strangling unsuspecting land Ladys in their own homes. This week will cover the series
killings that made him one of the most prolific murderers of the early twentieth century. During his seventeen months, spree managed to slaughter at least twenty one, women and one infant child. Out by nineteen twenty one. Twenty four years Earl lettered Nelson had lived a short but troubled life. He'd been orphaned, he'd suffered to traumatic brain injuries, and he had spent multiple years hi bars. He had committed many petty crimes, but in May of nineteen twenty one, his behaviour s did from minor served to make violence after walking past a home and peering into its basement windows. Earl.
Bought it a twelve year old girl named Mary Summers, Earl entered the house and attempted to strangle Mary Buddy chased off by her older brother, Charles junior two hours later Earl was captured by the police and taken to jail. Some sources claim that early spend his first night in jail, plucking out his eyebrow hair, and screaming about faces in the walls, but judicial TIM soon realised that rural wasn't escaped inmate of nap estate. Psychiatric hospital given is clearly impaired: mental state courts. I cry trysts evaluated him a second time declaring him restless, violent, dangerous, excited and depressed. The court's deemed him a danger to the pump
and recommitted him to Napa State Hospital, even though he had escaped that same hospital three times before upon readmission, the hospital psychiatrists declared Ursula constitutional psychopath without delay of psychosis. His visions and delusions had greatly worsened since his last hospital stay. He also presented it you wander lost that the hospital psychiatrists called nomadic dementia Vanessa is going to take over the psychology here and throughout the episode. Please note that this is not a licence psychologist her psychiatry list, but she has done research for this show thanks Gregg, while the term nomadic dementia is not commonly used today in nineteen twenty one, it referred to a lack
inhibition in the nomadic instinct that was believed to be common in mankind and nineteen fifteen paper titled the feebly inhibited, Nomad ISM or the wandering impulse with special friends to heredity, declared that the wandering instinct is in man, fundamental and basic within the average person. This instinct is wrong. Asked where there is good reason why it should be among concept two tional mental inferiors. On the other hand, the inhibitions may be under developed, and such persons show a constant roving tendency. In other words, doctors at the time believed that early tendency to wander was impulsive and uncontrolled Much like every other pattern of behaviour Earl had exhibited, he seemed completely unable to resist the urging of his subconscious. Hence his perpetual wanderlust was likened to a form of dementia
earls. Nomadic tendencies were on display early in his return to Napa Hospital, as some sources report that he tried to escape from the mental Hospital twice within his first two weeks, However, he was prevented from leaving the building on both occasions after his initial failed attempts, Earl decide that escape was now impossible. Instead, he cooperated with the hospital staff and much of his day passed uneventfully, but, as the months went by, a hospital staff loosened their restrictions on her Eventually, they became as lacks with Earl as they had been during his first commitment. He was quick to take advantage. On November, second, nineteen twenty three Earl broke out of the hospital fleeing to freedom once more nowhere to go Earl returned to his aunt Lillian's home. His mental state had clearly deteriorated since she had last seen him and when he appeared at her
The look in his eyes scared his aunt half to death being opened the door and welcomed him in, but to protect her children. She told Earl, he couldn't stay the night. She insisted that the police would assume he had fled to her home and, if you want to remain free. He needed to find another less obvious place to stay. Surprisingly early listened to his aunt. She gave him some of her husbands. Clothes then sent him back, scout to wander once more as soon as he left, Lillian called the police and reported Earls escape. She knew he was too dangerous to be left out streets. After a two day, Man Hunt Earl was captured again, the guards it up a hospital made sure to keep a closer eye on him, but their re inspired. Vigilance didn't have to last long, even after Earls Escape
oh extra time was added to his sentence. Earl was officially released from the hospital sometime in the spring of nineteen twenty five, his record merely stating that he had been discharged as improved altogether. He had been imprisoned for nearly four years. It seems hard to believe that Earl Nelson's mental health had actually improved in that time with this in mind, is entirely possible that early release was handled similarly to his previous term at Napa Hospital that we covered last week. They simply gotten so tight of dealing with Earl. They discharged him in absentia. They had even purposes He lifted him as non dangerous. Even They knew he was unstable and unpredictable. It is entirely possible that the doctors merely repeated his three by releasing Earl when they did. However,
no evidence has been found to prove that this is what occurred. Whatever the case may have been, Earl was released and free to wander the street once more, unfortunately, Earls blood lost only grown during his time in Napa State Hospital. His release would be the death of women all across the country. When we return will learn about the dark reality of Earl Nelson's twisted fantasies. They ve been around for thousands of years orchestrating sum of histories. Most controversial events and, if not for their radical actions, you may never have been known, existed, take a journey through hidden passageways and become. A member of park casts newest series secret societies, everything
they joined Vanessa, and I, as we take you inside the world of assassin groups, powerful balls and debaucheries high society, clubs from Yale Skull and bones fraternity and their possible involvement in the creation of the CIA to the black hand, military society and their dealings and extortion, kidnapping and murder. In the early twentieth century learn the secret handshake memorize. The special password and renew your membership to the most diabolical club in town follows secret societies, free Spotify or wherever you get your podcast now back to the story after consulting a twelve year old girl in nineteen twenty one. Twenty Four year old, Earl Nelson was declared criminally insane and was committed to nap estate hospital. He was released from the house
little four years later listed as improved, but his violent tendencies only escalated some source. Claim Earl began his murder spree mere weeks after being set free. He was a prime suspect in at least three murders that took place in nineteen twenty five. However, in the interest of time we will limit our discussion to the murders we know. Earl is responsible for nine nineteen. Twenty six twenty eight year old, Earls blood lost had become all consuming while looking through the classifieds. He spotted and add that caught his attention Sixty two year old woman named Clara New men, was renting out a room in her home. Her add specifically stated: drinking men and sailors were not allowed to apply to whirl. This add read like the perfect opportunity to satiate his need for violence. He knew if he presented himself well
The woman would willingly invite him inside he picked up his Bible and acquired a nice suit then made his way to Clara's home when Clara answered the door. Earl introduced himself using fake name, he spoke cleanly using religious language to give Clara the impression that he was an upstanding guy fearing man, he to be allowed inside and clearer, assented As Clara led Earl to the bedroom for rent his mouth And ran wild, he thought of all the things he was.
Bout two due to her, none of them good as they walk down the hallway they came across the bathroom door. She asked Earl if you wanted to see the restroom and he readily agree. She stepped into the bathroom he stepped in after her and closed the door behind them. Once the door latch shot, Rural felt free to do as he pleased he brought his massive hands forward and wrap them around her neck Clare was eyes must have been filled with shock and fear as Earl squeezed and squeezed until Clara could breathe no longer
Earl. Nelson had just claimed his first known victim, yet even after taking Clare was life, he was far from satisfied, Earl, hiked up, Clara Skirts and violated her body. The fact that Earl violated Clara's corpse after she was dead rather than assault her while she was alive, indicates that Earl was a true necrophilia back. A negro file is a person who feels sexual attraction towards human corpses. According to a study, tat, old sexual attraction, the corpses psychiatric review of necrophilia performed by doctors, Jonathan P, Rossman and Philip J Resnick. The most common motive for necrophilia possession of an unresisting and on rejecting partner, Earls Behaviour, specific,
golly categorizes him as a genuine macro file whose necrophilia fantasies were so powerful. He began committing necrophilia, homicide or murder, with the express purpose of obtaining a corpse to be used as a sexual partner. As we discussed in part, one Earl had had a hyperactive sex drive from the moment he uttered puberty. He frequented the
light district of San Francisco, even at the age of fifteen. After he fell off a ladder at age, twenty two and hit his head. His sex drive only grew more uncontrollable after facing resistance from his Ex wife, who simply could not keep up with his sexual demands. Earl likely felt that corpses were the only things that could truly satisfy his sexual desires. Hence he followed up his first murder, with the violation of his victims, corpse once he had his fill. He stepped out of the bathroom and walked to the front door of the home. He puffed his collar up and pulled his head down to help conceal is, is he reached for the door only to hear footsteps coming from the staircase behind him, clearest, nephew, Merton Newman, who lived in the upstairs apartment called out. Can I help you Earl turned slightly towards him still keeping most of his face concealed think
quick on his feet. He answered tell the landlady. I will return in an hour. I wished to read the bedroom and, with that Earl stepped out of the house and sped down the sidewalk Martin looked out the door to get a better glimpse of Earl, but by the time he got outside Earl had already left his sight. Martin was perplexed. Earls behaviors struck him as odd and he didn't get a clear look at her heels face. He decided to tell us that what the man had said and walked to the kitchen to find her. Instead, he found a cold pan with a half cooked sausage on the stove Merton continued moving through the house. Eventually, he picked into the bathroom to find the horrific site This and strangle, and finally, Merton immediately called the police, but he could hardly described the man he had seen
He only knew that the man skin had an all live Tom. There was little, the police could do and no evidence was available that could help them find their killer. Earl Nelson's rampage had only just begun. Whether driven by wanderlust or by fear of Capture Earl left San Francisco and made his way south to San Jose, it didn't take long for him to strike again after the success of his first attack. He felt he had found. The perfect system for murder, he began scouring the classified ads for female landlords looking to rent a room. He knew that if he presented himself well, she would invite him into an empty apartment once inside he could easily overpower her and do whatever he wanted. With his very first murder, Earl had already established his Emma,
on March Second, nineteen, twenty six Twenty eight year old, Earl spotted the perfect listing sixty old, Laura Beale was in search of a tenant. He made his way to her home and much as he had with Clara. He pretended be an upstanding god, fearing man, Laura welcomed him in and showed him to the vacant department. As soon as Laura. Let her guard Joe guerrilla tat using his strength. He tore the silk belt from her dressing. Gown then tied the sash around her neck. He pulled the belt so tight. Pressure broke, Laura's skin. She died terrified and bleeding unable to get a single breath of air. One. Earl had finished, strangling Laura. He hiked upper skirt and violated her body much ass. He had with his first victim
he left her body in the vacant apartment and exited the building, work, king away, nonchalantly one neighbour caught a glimpse I'm leaving, but could only describe him as a sallow faced man, Laura's body was discovered by her husband. Several hours later, he immediately called the police. Unfortunately much like Earls First killing. There was a little evidence available to tie any suspect to the crime on earth. String of strangling were front page news. The papers declared a maniac was loose, killing unsuspecting land Ladys, they dubbed the killer, the dark strangler. It is highly likely that early had seen the stories about his murderers papered throughout the region. While this is
really speculation, Earls FEAR of capture may about wages itch for violence. He kept a low profile for the time being, waiting and watching. For his time to strike weeks, passed and eventually stories about the dark, strangler drifted off of the front page, into the fog of the collective memory. Once the heat around Earls crimes died down, he felt he could finally attack again. And on June tenth, nineteen. Twenty six, a real found, an ad placed by a sixty three year old widow named Lillian, Saint Mary. She had a home and say Francisco with several borders and one room available for rent, just as he had before early arrived at Saint marries home in the middle of the day, suit pressed Bible in hand, Saint Mary, welcomed him into her home and led him up the stairs to the vacant room
as soon as they entered Earl locked the door behind them. Earl attacked Lillian faster than she could react. He grabbed her by the throat through her on the bed, then left on top of her his knees, pressing it to her chest ass. He squeezed the breath from her neck. Once she was dead. He pulled back her clothing and desecrated, her corpse just ass. He had done twice before Earl left the house silently he had been so quiet. In fact, the renter who was in the bedroom, directly beneath the murder scene, hadn't heard any noise prior to during or after the attack he didn't notice. Anything was wrong until hours later searching for his life, lady, he ascended the stairs to find the way rooms, door. Hanging, open and Lillian. Saint marries violated, corpse left on the bed,
the third landlady murder. Officially on the books, police became convinced us go roving maniac was responsible for all three slayings, the chief of police, worn every citizen of the Bay area that a killer was on the prowl. He advised all landlady, to avoid inviting potential renters indoors. Without a second person present, the police searched the streets for Earl once again of successfully shortly after murdering Lillian Saint Mary Earl fled San Jose heading south along the coast, by MID June. He had arrived in Santa Barbara California, where the public was unaware of the threat on June twenty. Fourth, two weeks after his last killing Earl called up the home of fifty three year old landlady, MRS Russell. He arranged and appointment to see the vacant room. During midday,
knew her husband would be out of the hole when the time arrived, Earl knocked on MRS Rustles door and she led him inside once they were alone in the room. Earl assaulted, tying a rope so tightly around your neck. It tore through her skin when she was dead he pushed up her dress and violated her corpse. Yet this time he was not unnoticed. Earls motion brought the bed repeatedly crashing against the wall while he had assumed he was alone. William frailty one of MRS Rustles renters was sleeping in the adjacent room framework, the night shaft and when he heard the ruckus, he awoke angry that his sleep had been interrupted. Franny crept across the hall knelt.
Down and peeped into the keyhole to see what exactly was going on rainy peered inside spying, a large man having sex with his landlady for any new, MRS Russell would never willingly cheat on her husband when he looked more closely. He realized that MRS Russell was practically motionless and a bed sheets were stained with blood stunned and confused Franny watched as Earl finished with his awful act. When Earl approached the door frames snuck back into his own room and waited for Earl to leave, need then left the building himself and rush Define MRS Rustles husband, George at his workplace, Franny told George, what he had seen and the two men returned to the house to find MRS Russell. Dead and defiled.
They immediately reported the murdered to the police and for the first time law enforcement received clear description of the dark strangler LOS Angeles paper described him as probably greek about thirty five years old, five, seven or five eight high cheek bones then face and possessing long wavy. Sandy hair Earl was actually said b of english and spanish descent, and he was only twenty nine years old at the time of the crime, but framing statement was still the closest. The police had come to identifying the dark strangler unfair Thirdly, it would do little to help bring Earl in his tendency to wander and carried him out of Santa Barbara long before the police were able to find him while Finally, had a witness: wanderings would allow him to kill all across North America, his reign of terror had only just begun: eventual
claiming the lives of nearly two dozen other women up now will learn how Earl became the most prolific american serial killer of the early twentieth century. Now back to the story by late June, of nineteen, twenty six ninety nine year old Earl Nelson had already killed for land Ladys throughout California. An eye witness had seen him to filing his fourth victims body and given a description to the police but was of little help to them by walking hitchhiking and train Hopping Earl travelled from city to city to quickly for the police to care due to the technological limitations of the nineteen twenties police departments had little to no communication with each other limitations and earls penchant for wandering made him nearly untouchable
after murdering his latest victim in Santa Barbara Earth, headed North to Oakland California, in Oakland Earl repeated his now familiar pattern. He found his fifth victim two year old, Mary Nesbitt in the classified section on August, sixteen nineteen, twenty six talked his way into marries home once inside. He slammed her head into the bathroom floor then strangled her with a dish towel. She was carrying when they met. When her husband returned home. He found her teeth and blood scattered across the floor and her body violated and stuffed in the bathroom corner. As police, began. Their search for marries killer Earl fled north to Portland Oregon, while there He claimed three more victims in rapid succession. October nineteenth strangled and raped. Thirty five year old
Otto Withers, he dragged her body to the attic of her home and stuffed her trunk by hiding Beata Earl, manage to delay her discovery until the next day, when her fifteen year old son found her mangled corpse, and by the time they yadda had been located. Earl had already struck again on October, twenty Earl strangled and violated a thirty seven year. The widow named Mabel Fluke. He also hit her body in her attic. The next day Earl claimed his third victim important fifty nine year old, Virginia grant. Earl hid her corpse behind the furnace in her basement. Earls Portland victims marked a significant shift in it.
M O according to cereal violence, analysis of modus operandi and signature characteristics of killers written by doctors, Robert Decouple and William J burns. The M o of any one perpetrator is only valid for three to four months before it begins to change or evolve. This change results from the offenders experience gained through having committed a series of crimes. Education obtained drew incarceration, media coverage of similar crimes, publications or other public means of discussion.
Maturation of the offender and his ability to adapt to a particular crime. Earl saw the media exposure, his first four murders had received and the speed with which the press and police could respond to his actions. In response Earl started, hiding the bodies most likely to provide himself slightly more time to flee the town. However, he did not leave Portland away. Instead, he continued to seek out landlady throughout the city rather than strangle all of them. He charmed them with his use of scripture and looked a room. He would then place a down payment with stolen goods stay a few days and leave before paying the full bill. Earls bill skipping would prove to be his downfall. The landlady scammed reported his name and his appearance to the Portland p D by cross referencing. Their descriptions of Earl with the previous descriptions of the dark strangler
least began to suspect that they had found their man. They looked into Earl Nelson's background and discovered that he was a known psychotic and previously escaped inmate, who had once attempted to murder a twelve year old girl. The police made earls name known to the public and the press reported it far and wide eager to take the story further. Somebody or does interviewed earls at Lillian Lillian told the reporters that He used to walk around on his hands, carried heavy object in his teeth and lurked within dark sellers. Is odd behaviour along with Earls large hands and long arms reminded the press of an EDGAR Allan, POE Story, titled the murders in the rue morgue in the story to women have been torn apart by blood, thirsty and maniacal orangutan
They decided to give Earl and name in reference to this story, but the ER tat man didn't quite roll off the tongue. Instead, they dubbed Earl, Nelson, the gorilla man and the gorilla killer, the name that stuck with Earl to this day Yet even with Earls named known to the public, he still prove difficult to capture Earls Pence. Four wandering and his tendency to use fake aliases made him nearly impossible to track. As such, he continued to roam the countryside, killing ass, he
pleased everyone of Earl's murders could be described at length, however, in the interest of time, will only cover each one. Briefly, after Portland Earl made his way back to San Francisco on November 18th, one thousand nine hundred and twenty six he killed landlady MRS William Edmonds, and hit her body underneath her bed. Her husband, her later that same night, Earl spent the next five days travelling due North to Seattle, Washington, on no vote. Bert twenty third, he killed. Florence monks stole her jewelry then fled Seattle just as quickly as he had arrived. He returned to Portland. On November twenty nine Roma and strangled forty eight year old, landlady Blanche Myers. He stole cash from her purse as well as some of her jewelry, then used is extra funds to flee Portland and run eastward across the United States,
by late December. Earl had reached Council Bluffs Iowa when the largest train hubs and the nation at the time but rather than admire the infrastructure of the city, Earl preyed upon the people who lived there by December, twenty third Earl strangled. Forty nine year old Elisabeth Beard and hid her corpse beneath her bed. She was found by her husband later that same day Earl hopped aboard the rails once again and fled Iowa in a matter. Days. He reached Kansas City Missouri. On December, twenty seventh Earl killed one of his youngest victims, twenty three year old Bonnie Pace and the next day Earl killed again. Earl strangled twenty eight year old, Germania hearken. To make me There's worse Earl also strangled. Germania is eight month old. Infant with the child's own diaper
nobody knows why Earl went out of his way to kill a baby, but some speculate. He may have done it purely because The baby was in the room when he had killed the child's mother. Whatever the case, crime made the already infamous guerrilla man even more nefarious in the eyes of the public, the name- grew even more desperate to put Earl behind bars or left Kansas City. Continue to wander the? U S, however, his movements over the next four months of his life are relatively unknown there is reason to believe he's responsible for at least three more murders during this time. But again, we'll stick with the murders he's confirmed to have committed. Early next murder occurred on April twenty seventh nineteen, twenty seven in Philadelphia Pennsylvania there he strangled and violated sixty year old, Mary Mcconnell. He hid her body stole her jewelry
and continued onto the next city, Earl turned thirty on May twelfth. He celebrated birthday on May twenty. Seventh, when he strangled thirty five year old, Jenny Randolph in Buffalo New York by June he had already made his way to Detroit Michigan, where he committed is second double murder. On June first, he strangled the three year old landlady named many may, with electrical wire, then violated her corpse later that same day, He strangled one of maize residents. Sixty four year old, Maureen at worthy and violated her corpse as well always outrunning the local police. Earl ditch Detroit and made his way
the Chicago Illinois Anjou. Third, he used in electrical cord to strangle twenty seven year old, Mary seats and her husband found her later that same day over the coup. Seventeen months, the gorilla man, Earl Nelson, had travelled across the end higher United States and murder Nineteen women and one infant child nation was locked in a state of perpetual fear as striking women were being found at an alarming rate. All throughout the country to the public Earl seemed almost unstoppable. He could kill at any time and evade the these in any city leaving no leads behind. He was a buggy man to the average American, a terror in the night. Yet, even though the people thought Earl was uncomfortable
Earl felt differently everywhere. He went. He read constant newspaper stories about his killings, while the people thought they could not escape from him. Earl felt like he could not escape from their gaze and kill and peace to Earl. It felt like the entire to be american police force was after him it was simply too much pressure as he believed he could be caught at any moment. As result Earl decided to flee the states entirely, he headed north to Canada, After crossing the border, he made his way to win a peg Manitoba arriving on June Eighth nineteen, twenty seven looking for a place to stay. Armed his way into a boarding house run by a woman named Catherine Hill. He gave her a fake name, Pater a dollar as a deposit and problem,
to get her three more dollars by the end of the week, unfortunately, he gave Catherine Hills something much worse. Instead, on that same day, A fourteen year old girl named low look cool. When was walking down the street selling paper flowers door to door. Perhaps she knocked on threatens door and Earl answered or perhaps met her on the street and asked her to return to his room with him, whatever the case. Oh God, Lola into his room alone and in typical guerrilla man fashion. He strangled her with His bare hands Earl hid. Lomas howdy. Underneath his bed then went to sleep
the morning he left the boarding house locking his bedroom door behind him. He began to wander the streets of Winnipeg looking for his next victim. He found her that very same afternoon, Emily Patterson was inside her home cleaning. When Earl Nelson spotted her through the window alike. Most girls victims. Emily was not a landlady. Nobody knows how Earl got inside the Patterson home, but once he did, he strangled Emily he then violated her body and stuffed her corpse beneath her bed. Girls. One of Emily's husband suits seventy dollars in cash and Emily's golden wedding ring. He left the house shortly. After and began wandering when a peg once more, when Emily's husband, William returned home that evening he was wrought with worry his
wife was nowhere to be found after several hours of searching William finally decided to turn in for the night he knelt down beside his bed at eleven thirty p m and pray to God, asking that he help him find his wife. Once he finished praying, he stood his leg caught the sheets that covered the sign of the bad as the sheets lifted. He caught a glimpse of his wife's sweater, underneath he knelt down once more just the horrific sight of his wife, brutalized violated and dead, William contacted the when a peg police, as he described the crime to the police, they immediately knew, who had committed at tales of Earls horrific crimes had travelled all the way to Canada long before he himself had actually arrived. The stories of a roving killer were the first of their kind and the spooky nature of a murderous drifter fast.
Maybe the public, even internationally, using a description of Earl from american newspapers. The police set out to find him. My speaking to shop, keepers and passer by in the area. They traced Earls movements back to Catherine Hills, boarding house, when they told her about the man they were after. She initially didn't believe that the charming Chris Man she allowed into her home, was a killer. Yet when they checked Earls Room they found for in your old Lola Cohen's corpse Roddy underneath his bed with the gorilla man's identity, confirmed and Alias discovered the Winnipeg police acted fast. They sent word out to the public, warning them about a dangerous american loose in their province. People sent in Tipp after Tipp, effectively tracking earls movements for the police, the police recover
five miles north of Canada. U S border Earl surrender to the mounties using a fake name and complied with their every request, the initially doubted that they had captured the right man as Earl was so cooperative. However, his first night in jail, he picked the door to a cell and escaped into the darkness. The police found him the next day and his escape had proved True identity to the police, beyond all reasonable doubt they had finally captured the gorilla himself, As the canadian police began to question Earl, they allowed officers from all over the Eu S to interrogate him as well. Officers from California, Oregon Washington state Iowa Missouri, Pennsylvania and so on.
Acted Earl to their various unsolved murder cases through eye witnesses and objects. Earl had stolen from crime scenes, the police suspected Earls involvement in twenty Nine murders but Earl denied his involvement in each and every one. In the end, the evidence against him was enough to declare him guilty of twenty two killing However, the canadian courts only prosecuted him for the murders of Lola Cohen and Emily Patterson as they were the only two murders that had occurred within Canada's borders. They declared him guilty of first degree, murder in both cases and sentenced him to death. By hang the? U S, law enforcement was satisfied with early canadian trials and left him to the justice of the north. After all, a criminal could not be killed twice and he had already received the deficit.
On Friday January thirteenth nineteen, twenty eight thirty year old Earl Nelson was led to the gallows. They allowed him to speak his last words. He cried. I am innocent. I stand innocent before God and man, I forgive those who have wronged me and ask forgiveness of those. I ventured. God have mercy, they placed the rope around his neck, led him to the platform and at seven thirty a m. They pull the lever. Earls neck broke, rendering him uncle
as he hung from the rope it squeezed the air from his lungs than a poetic twist of fate. The gorilla man died in much the same way as this victims. Over the course of seventeen months, Earl, Nelson murdered at least twenty one women, and why eight month old child. He was the most prolific cereal sex killer in american history until the crimes of Coral were discovered in nineteen seventy three. Nearly fifty years later, Earl Nelson was also the first american serial killer to get widespread public and press attention. His crimes and the terror they struck in the hearts of the american people were only the first of a dark
an awful patter to come as such Earl Nelson is credited with igniting the american fascination with the cereal sex murderer, Earls Killing spree even inspired and Alfred Hitchcock Film, titled shadow of a doubt, Hitchcock personal favor, of all of his films Earls Mark on american pop culture was deep and profound, and while the gorilla man may be dead and gone, his dark and awful legacy lives on thanks again for tuning into serial killers, we'll be back Monday with a new episode. You can find all suits of serial killers and all other park originals for free on Spotify, or
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