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In this first episode, you'll learn what side hustles are all about and what you can expect from this daily series. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Hey there. What's hello and welcome beside us all school. I'm your hosts, critical about and his episode number one. So you down This episode means that you and I in all new journey with a very specific goal. That goal is to. You start aside, hustle and create an all new source of income. Even if you love your job and especially if you dont have a lot of time so in his very first episode, when I tell you what it's about an every day for the next year, you'll hear a different story of how someone, like you has been able to see their hustle, what they ve learned, how they succeeded even how much money they may, as well as how they overcame challenges along the way I should tell you private. This show is different from a lot of other podcast. You may have heard a lot about. Podcasts have wide ranging interview, is all about like the universe and everything and those are greater since you wanna fourteen hour flight or, if you're, training for an altar marathon. But this
side us who school is gonna, be short and action packed, and my hope is that, interesting entertaining hope you like it, but even more so I The stories you here will inspire you to take action to, for example, in the days to come, you'll hear about a woman in Pennsylvania who made forty thousand dollars posting images on Pinterest you'll hear about a couple that goes on a crew, and when they get back, one of them creates a website answering commonly asked questions less. A year later, this very simple website is making three thousand dollars a month, you're here, but a Microsoft employee who teaches hullo hooping on the weekends, all kinds of fine, crazy, sometimes quirky little stories and fun fact. Corky topics often make for great site hustles, but this is important in these stories. We're looking for reputable lessons. You're not gonna, go out and do all these things, but my hope is that with each story, you'll think wow. That's interesting. I wonder what I could do so
That is great, but I've noticed that there are two common problems when people started hustle for the first time in the first issue, as they don't have an idea of what their hustle should be, they have about ideas, but they dont know how to turn. Ideas into offers, or they have a bunch of different skills, they will understand and how those hills can apply in a different world apart from their work. The second as they have an idea, but they dont know how to implement it. Cider school will help with both of these problems by the end of the year. You'll be experience and knowing what makes for a good hustle you'll have no short, ideas, and you also know how to make those projects come to life. Let us show as much more about you that it is about me if we haven't met before my aim is critical about the past. Years I've worked for myself, I'm basically unemployed. So that's why I'm an ideal guide to help you along the way I spent more than a deck.
Building a series of side hustles. Until I finally became an author and made my parents proud with a real career I've tried lived on a hospital ship that was deployed to West Africa. For about four years, I had a quest to visit every country in the world. I started a blog, the art of non conformity to chronicle my journey and connect with like minded people around them. I wrote a book called the art of non conformity. I write another book called the hundred. I start up and long before I had any public platform, Neither motivation was how can I start something? How can I have some form of work that Allow me to travel and violence abroad and do other things that I believe in and throughout that time I've worked with literally thousands of people. Been able to start successful hustles, so I know what works and what does it not going to waste your time? I also have an amazing level community of people who are all doing really interesting, remarkable things. So, if you're Who here, if you just kind of funding this world, welcome, I hope that you find it valuable and rewarding.
I've been thinking about side hustles inside of school, a lot for more than six months ago, repairing the show design this entire expiring. Threat or sixty five episodes for a very specific person. In this situation of wanting to start their hustle. So if you dont meet this profile, that's ok. Still less, and I hope you enjoy the show just remember that I'm thinking of this person throughout the entire series you're my ideal listener if, first and foremost you're busy things going on, you work a job. Maybe you have more than one job, maybe also go to school, We have some other responsibilities. If you have a family relationship a hobby. All these things you enjoy, but they also take a lot out of you and that's why this would be less than ten minutes every day and I can you every case studies, life story, I'll tell you what relevant and applicable. Favorite stories from a guy named Jake you're, his whole story later, but short version, Jake started his hustle while he was working a full time job with a nine month old it
and a wife who also worked and went to school full time so maybe you're not that busy, but you're pretty busy, and I figure of Jacon do it you can to. And second, even though your busy you're off like Jake, and that you're willing to spend a small amount of time every day. Investing in yourself, you understand, side. Hustle can help you in lots of ways. So you can't about forty a week to utter anything close. But if there is a process you could follow, you be willing to do it and, lastly, you're out there- and maybe you feel a little bit alone. You know you wanna hustle, you ve seen other people do it, but it's not just that you do, have a ton of free time, your os not sure how to best, invest that time, you're able to work on your own, but you also like a certain amount of support so that you you're the reason I'm making the show you want more options, more possibilities for your life How aside hustle can help you when you listen to the stories over the next year? I want you to see yourself in them. I encourage you to make list. A regular habit. He could subscribe.
I turn to automatically get new episodes downloaded. If you have a commute where you go to the germ cell, listen to your day. You can listen ever you want. Whenever coming for you, get a notebook and start running down a number one thing you learn from any particular episode, We are taking a tunnel notes, will actually have a page of shown us for you every day and then, as the shells out we'll, have a couple other options to participate. I'm gonna do workshops in twenty north american cities later in the year. I hope to do a much bigger international tour but first starting with episode. Number two. We're gonna die straight in one final key theme that are mentioned every single day. Inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is much better. I don't want you to listen to the show and just be inspired. I wanted to help you make real changes, Every day, I challenge you to do one thing: to get closer to creating more freedom for yourself this journey is just beginning. It's gonna be an incredible adventure every single day this year. I hope you'll join me for it once again I am critical about this site. Also school, I will see you tomorrow,
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