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#1,001 - RV Nomads Help Fellow Travelers Get Online


When a couple turns its back on the big city in favor of a nomadic lifestyle, they stumble across an intriguing business idea.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  

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What's up and welcome to school. I'm your school on your about episode, one thousand and one we have turned that'll domino, how you have a car and where are you pass? You know certain milestone, policing the thousand miles it's more like a hundred thousand miles, but you always like a well ok well, here we are episode, one thousand one when a couple turns its back on the big city In favour of a nomadic lifestyle, they stumble across an intriguing business. You ve heard of people who work remotely and set out to try or maybe even some of them doing it in an army. But this couple has been doing it. For thirteen years and counting during this time. They completely transform their business start in all new business and they continue to evolve, also remind me of me in some ways, except I don't have an rv, but just in the sense that they didn't set to do anything at all in the how to work from anywhere space
They worked from anywhere, they had remote jobs, but it was overtime and encountering the same questions over and over. They began to think whom. Maybe we should do something about this, so if the universe, or at least the people around you are asking you the same questions over and over, maybe you think about providing answers. Story is called army nomads help. Fellow travellers get online. It's coming right up after this shot out to our sponsor Christians are usually they are packed up it already two thousand six trade, their homebound lifestyle. The open wrote it both worked remotely without ties for traditional office. They figured it could be a fun way to live at least for a while
turned out that they were embarking on what would become at least a thirteen year adventure to be clear. They won't take it easy. This whole time three was a self employed software developer running a business alongside her father Chris was a mobile tech expert, helping customers with technical issues from afar. The best part about their jobs was that as long as they had a laptop, connection, they could literally work from anywhere. They touch the lifestyle right away. Without the constraints of a daily commuter office politics, they found themselves with extra time and head space, so they use that to start a travel block. They call it.
Had no matter. They wrote about their road trip in ways across the country while working full time much of the content centred around our these specific items like solar power batteries and accessing the internet while ago that blog built up some solid traffic and with it an audience the audience loved, to ask questions, especially about that last topic: mobile Internet, how to access it, which plans were best. What are they doing? Something went wrong. The questions came in so rapidly that responding to them all was a part time, unpaid job. This went on for quite a while until in twenty thirteen they receive some terrible news. Sharif, father and business partner had passed away. It was a trying time for the couple and Sri found at the best recovery was to keep herself busy. So she took on a side project. She went through their existing blog posts as well as.
The questions they receive from their visitors and compile them into a guide entitled the Mobile Internet handbook either Chris. Nor should we expect much from it. They listed for sale on their site and continued life is army. Nomads on the open wrote a few sales rolled in, but then there are the start rolling shortly thereafter. Courtesy of an engine breakdown whenever were up and running again. They decide it's time to reassess, perhaps take a sabbatical and make some tough decisions about what to do next in their careers trying to run their business as well as travel, while working on to sigh projects had them on a collision course. Exhaustion. Interestingly, during that time, their book began to take on a life of its own and sales revved up simultaneously, the core since they receive from readers, only increased many. Those questions where the same sometimes felt like driving around in circles. In response They opened a facebook group targeting army nomads who are interested in mobile internet. The idea was
community. Behind things it might take the pressure off Christians. You re to answer all the questions. The community as a whole could help each other out, but this plan turned out to be a dead end. The questions kept coming even faster than before, and people wanted answers from christened shriek. Expressing this dismay with members of the group led one of them to make a suggestion. Their idea was for Christmas. You re to consider a premium membership members could pay in exchange for more content and personal advice. At least then they'd be getting paid for all their efforts. It seem ridiculous to them, but they decided to give it a try, By now the handbook needed updating. So they made a crowd funding campaign to find the right one of reward, tears included this premium membership. To their surprise, one hundred people signed up and pre paid for the mobile internet resource center. They built an extensive work.
Running about options to keep on line while being, in our view, no Matt. It covered industry, news new gear, swells extensive reviews of all the available mobile plants. They figure they could make money from premium membership for additional content, as well as a failure to come from the products and services they referred users to at. First, they had a modest goal. To make a hundred dollars per day. Three thousand per month would be plenty of cash for them to stay afloat, especially with their frugal lifestyle, but they drove past that goal in two months flat I checked out content and memberships kept increasing after another couple of years had passed. They'd surpass the money they were making their previous jobs and businesses. On top of that, they also hired for part time assistance to help keep the site updated, which isn't They now have a valuable resource lover thousand unique pages of content and medical membership. That pays the support it. That resource now pays the couple and equivalent salary to working in a major texts like San Francisco or New York.
But instead of living in those high costs cities there are able to earn. It are travelling the country and their army You know that there are an estimated one million Americans how living in Arby's. It really is a movement. So it's good that you are increased, began, paying attention to all those questions and asking themselves. Well. How can we not just answer the same questions over another but actually create a sustainable resource, actually do something that allows us to get paid for our expertise. As you heard, they have transform their entire business, even as they have continued in the lifestyle of any rv and traveling around. As I worked on this episode, I also want to give a shout out to Heath and Alyssa Padgett good friends of mine, for I don't know five or six years now, at least, if not longer than that.
They live in an army and travel quite a bit running your business. They also put together a conference for other army. Entrepreneurs called well wait for it: the army, entrepreneurs, doc go and check it out. If you are one of those one million Americans living in Arby's our just You shouldn't how all this kind of stuff works, of course, also check out. Take no matter which we will link up on a show notes, page that notes page is sort of school dot, com, slash, one thousand and one one- zero zero one, your daughter has turned, but the show continues just like christen cherry in their army. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you do something to get closer to one of your calls today. My name is critical about this is side a school from the onward project.
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