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#1,002 - WEEKLY RECAP: Episode 1,000 And Beyond!


In our thirty-ninth recap of Season III, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: an audio update from a previous case study! 

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  

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No one likes to feel stack, especially by your cloud. But the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your absent data anywhere. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM dot com flexible hello, hello. What's up listeners community, this is critical about your host of scientists in school. We have just finished weak number, thirty, nine season. Three this week feature the wildlife biologist who shoots and scores with gloves were outdoor hockey players a student who gets a perfect score on the S. Eighty and then built twenty million dollar business on the side while going to med school has one does among other highlights what can I say, We had to level up this week because we crossed over the Rubicon to episode. One thousand that's correct: this is episode, one thousand and two. You feel totally different to look at my screen and see while there's
budgets. There used to be three enough for nine hundred ninety nine days. There were three and now there are four. So just some brief comments on this before we keep rolling along, I dont have a super self referential. I know that your time is limited and valuable. I just want to say I feel really great about this. One thousand episode and counting- and I dont mean, while I feel great, that I recorded one thousand episodes because, as I say pretty much every week, if not more often, it really is a team effort, but I do feel great because of this community because of a community that sustains this. Great and grateful I'm. So thank you to all nine hundred stories on at these. One thousand episodes drawn everyone who has submitted a story of room has been featured on the program. Anyone who has referred us to someone or to dine thanks to everyone who has left a review we got. Thousands of use now enough about gas and elsewhere that helps a ton and thanks. Anyone who pass this on told their friends about it. Thanks to everybody in the sight of civil society, have more to say about that soon
anyone whose come out to any of my tour events or read my books, or you know just otherwise, if you ve been listening, programme. I am grateful for you, one thousand episodes and counting. I really do believe the best is yet to come. We will be continuing through the end of twenty nineteen. To that. I can't tell you yet exactly what will happen so kind of in the works, but I will say that we don't plan to stop waste, not completely. We might modify little bit, but, You'll be the first to know. Whatever happens, we do plan to continue in some fashion. Hearing about the projects are listers have started is extremely motivating to me, so I'm just great offer this virtuous cycle. I think that I have to say among other things of the next two months, I'll be making updates to satisfy school site. I know that some of those are greatly overdue. It's wonderful that we ve got a thousand episodes, but I've got some things in the website
when you took an updated like a year ago. So I'm sorry about that need, updates and stuff about events, but I'll be doing more about the sort of society, more resources, free and low cost that our listeners have been asking for so that in the works as well on the next couple of months. So let's go onto the audio update each week. On the weekly recap, I like to hear from one of the people who we featured on the programming asked this update comes to us from Arkansas. I believe- and I have some comments on it as well about first, let's hear directly from her believe this is Stacy, this is Stacy with thing at Betty. You might remember my handmade jewelry jewelry site hustle from episode, one twenty four a lot has happened since then. On a personal note, and thanks to my being a very side, hustle income, I purchased my first home with a big room, the service, my office for the business
Married and I put my day job yet I'm now kind being a bearing my full time gag and my side. Hustle now is putting my marketing editorial experience to work rang for local publications and helping small businesses with their social media thing, a burial, ground, stuff just about doubling. When I made before I released a lot of new jewelry collections and expanded my wholesale reach island in my first national trade shown twenty nineteen that was probably my biggest challenge of the year. If you ever do a trade shall be prepared for everything to be difficult. I've got my own displays and fluid them inside a guitar case. The loss. And carried them on my back till it in you, I owe my chiropractor was listening to them anyway. My new, as news, is that I parted with one of my favorite local, give shops and Laura Park. He saw called stiffed station gifts and I'm calling at home now I've never had a physical location, which is something I think is important in a place like floor off as a small town, vine and I'm thrown to get to live that experience.
I just set up shop there first of September and am already having so much by what a great report congratulation Stacy. I must say: congratulations, Betty S, name of her business bang up Betty Dotcom, Stacy Bowers, is indeed be feature taught us. She purchased her first home, got married and quit her day job. All since we heard from her last night is fantastic. Good too knows well about trade shows being a challenge. I've heard that from a number of people can be amazing in terms of connecting you with lots of different distributors, retailers around the country, but there are a lot of work, so maybe there's someone other needs to hear that I dont go into a trade show environment until you feel ready, because it can't be a lot of expense and effort. Alright, everybody can follow along with Stacy at Bang, up Betty COM or if it's at the stiff station gift shop in Little Rock Arkansas
to come, and I always welcome your comments and questions as well. Call up eight for foreign, nine hustle, that's eight for four nine, four, eight, seventy five three or you can email podcast outside a school tat com. You can send an actual email. You can use your phone and make a voice memo. Whatever is good for you, but you know what's going on what you're working on which a building and what you're challenges are not afraid to talk about challenges, Yonder programme, nothing is perfect, except. I guess that perfect essay t score that. Didn't had an episode, not any sex, but otherwise nothing is perfect and were all on a journey. I write in addition to our awesome listeners and our fantastic team. One more group that I really appreciate, and that would be our sponsors. Thank you so much sponsors for providing valuable offers to our community.
The whole programme, all one thousand episodes in coming to be completely free, so speaking, sponsors it might never guess what's coming next, that's right! It is a message from our sponsor. Indeed, and I'll be back again at the end to wrap us all up well as long as I said at the beginning, I really appreciate you so much a belabour the points or our extend or dwell upon any other expression for you, I'm just going on too much saw just say quickly If your listening you're the reason we make the show one thousand and two episode and counting I'm very grateful to our team as well producer Chuck, Reed Community law is unjust. Chang cat hurt her content manager whose working with our team of writers, Tina heart. Then, of course the official show CAT Libby Gill about actually
mighty member who's been with the programme. All one thousand episodes besides me, but she thinks he's a princess, would only to give her any more appreciation of all of us. A team sawdust in school are part of the onward project that is led by best selling author and a good friend of mine, Gretchen ribbon shooting out her show happier Gretchen Reuben, as well as happier in Hollywood and the programme from a lesser urban known, as do the thing you don't say sometimes inspiration is go, but action is better. It's my hope. You'll take action, not heard about your story or what you working on in the past. What, in almost three years now, I would love to hear about it soon. I really would love to feature your story, or at least know that it's making a difference to you do come back tomorrow in each day next week. I consider it a short daily investment in yourself or episodes go online. Six are one
and eastern time. My name is critical about. This is cider school From the onward project.
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