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#1053 - Attorney Sells Cork Sunglasses With Grape Expectations


When two fashion loving friends go in search of a business opportunity, they discover a bright future selling cork sunglasses to wine aficionados. 

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No one likes to feel stack, especially by your cloud, but the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your absent data anywhere. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM dot com flexible any hobby that has a large following typing. A lot of people that are interested in participating likely has a lot of options for it by products or opportunities to sell something associated with the heart. Is criminal, different things. I talk about some options of the episode today, we're looking Secular at the haughty of wine of wine, or could guess you could say the passion, the industry, you you to call it in today's story when, to fashion loving friends, go in search of a business opportunity. They discover a bright future so in cork sunglasses to why
Aficionados tell you where the idea comes from and how they made it happened and will look at the question of by products additional opportunities and so on right after the story, I'm glad you hear my name is critical about that story is coming up in just thirty seconds. Joseph O belt and data You can let in Austin Texas. Both are young professionals with Joseph working as a construction, litigation attorney and David and finance as friends they bond over fashion and why, in fact, for them enjoying a class of cabernet can turn a regular day into a cause for celebration.
Joseph has been a working attorney for several years, the hours along in the work demanding, but at the same time so well paid field that comes with its own job. Security. David personifies the site s spirit, a bit more outside of his day. Job he's had several different moneymaking projects, the most successful of which was taco sweets, a food truck that put a sugary spin on a traditionally savory dish. One thing they shares that they're, both always on the lookout for opportunities, discussing ideas together over a glass of red. Most of these conversations don't amount to much, but every now and then something fruitful arises. It's not unlike growing grapes, where the vine growers for years before it yields fruit, one particular idea they got their attention was something specific in the fashion space sunglasses company, but to avoid having to compete with them.
Companies they decide to make them specifically targeted to wine lovers, a pair of glasses. They could wearing a vineyard while enjoying a cab saw as the sun goes down. There are regional idea was to make them out of cork to stick with the winding who had make the glass is unique. Allow them market directly to why lovers and beyond that, they hoped it would be a great conversation started. They put a corkscrew into this idea, diving and further. The first thing you need it was a supply, someone to actually produce the glasses to find one. It seems obvious to turn to China. David, had some experience working with suppliers, there was able to provide Joseph with a couple of promising leaks. Joseph then made a few calls and selected a maid.
Extra, but dealing with suppliers and China can be difficult. There's a language barrier, long shipping times and quality control can be a real problem. In hindsight, Joseph says, you're probably been worth building the manufacturers in person to get the lay of the land and sort out any issues. It might be a hassle at first, but in the long term it would make for a better relationship, still Joseph worker, the issues quickly and soon had his first batch of cork sunglasses. The initial cost was only two hundred and fifty dollars for fifty pair now over to David, who had some experience in web design from his previous ventures built their website, and what that it was time to celebrate Vineyard son, their new side. Hustle was officially open for business.
They committed to investing the profits into buying more sunglasses in trying to grow things further, since they are very happy with equality, the cork product which actually floated water by the way they thought about cold, calling a batch of wineries to try to sell them directly. Now most people hate that approach, but Joseph was committed. He figured why not with a list of wineries from all over the country he got to work. The plan was to sell those wineries sunglasses wholesale from Vineyard son when they would then sell them. Suggested bittrex with my chopper engine, Joseph Dial, the first number, a winery in Washington and another cork popped after a quick pitch that wonder actually bought ten pairs of sunglasses. Joseph and David were both a little groggy with excitement. I saw those four hundred and thirty five
wholesale, which the winery within resell them for seventy dollars. Retail. What flowed over the next year was a series of marketing experiments, more cold, calling snail mail and he Malta wineries. They tried pitching to boutique stores and Gift Box subscription services. What work the best was building up a following on their instagram and Facebook accounts, its help, get the word out and produce direct sales, also having a brain with an online presence makes things seem more legitimate when their cold calling there are also featured in a few publications around Austin. These efforts led to sales increasing steadily in the two and a half years since launch, I've already launched a new style. Now they have survived in Cabernet, something on MRS for sunglasses, Why not wine? But if things continue to go well, perhaps will see more low in Shiraz in the future. That brings us to today, where, like a fine wine vineyard sign is only gotten better with age. Beside us all is now at the point where it consistently bringing in five nor is profit per month. Well, that's nowhere near enough for a full time living that is their eventual goal to sell enough pairs of Sunday
as to why Lubbers all over the world, the vineyard sign can become Joseph and David's primary pursuit. Our congratulations to Joseph and David guys mentioned markets with byproducts, offshoot and additional opportunities there. Just so many so many markets like that and in so many by products and offshoots vacuum, of wine. There are an estimated eighty four million regular wine drinkers. Just in the. U S, sword obvious: that selling wine to them is a good way to make money there also interested and other stuff, perhaps even sunglasses. No one else. Could you sell to wine lovers? Maybe there are other fashion items? Maybe it's something. Educational directories guides wine hacks, probably more, and you can apply this thinking. You plenty of other markets as well any kind of support any hobby and game any popular activity
just about what that may thing is, but everything that surrounds it before I go. I wanna get a shot out to a new book that just came out from Cathy Heller and it's called don't keep your day job of happiness is all about fighting our purpose. We do want to just go to work and build someone else's dream. We want to do our life's work. What are those key ingredients? That's what her book is all about, don't keep your data asked boarded a bookstore knew you were, of course you can check it out from your favorite online. Retailers are inspiration, is governance. Breaks with action is better today. Show notes, are a sign of school dotcom, slash one zero, five, three episode, and one thousand and fifty three thanks so much for listening I'll, be back again tomorrow, so be sure your subscribed. My name is critical about recital fiscal
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