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#1057 - IT Developer Creates Tech Blogging Dynasty


 An experienced I.T developer becomes a blogging superstar and builds a sought after agency thanks to his narrow, specific focus.  

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friends listeners psychosocial community check out this advice. Vice this comes from today's hatred story. This person says when you start making extra money doing aside, or so it is an incredible feeling, but dont rest on feeling or assume it will always be. There run experiments and do research to improve what you're doing and always think about how you can deliver more value. My name is critical about now in the story here today and experienced. I t developer turns to blogging.
The sought after agency, thanks to his narrow, specific focus. He now runs out agency with his wife and no longer trades time for money, which was one of his goals when he began a series of entrepreneurial ventures. Now, don't rest on your success, just like he says, use it to move forward and keep improve it. There is a pattern of stories of how one initiative can lead to another, but of course, for us to have to take that first initiative. It's my greatest hoping you'll do that that these stories will help you with a foundation, give you some ideas, and perhaps not you a lot, but this one is called. I t developer, create tech, blogging, dynasty, Catherine Tech blogging. Dynasty story is coming up right after this message from our sponsor. Eric Dietrich professional evolution began like many other software developers to work an entry level engineer, while taking graduate level computer science classes there,
The transition to a senior role in a new company significantly increased his knowledge and experience. However, without the extra pressure grad school, he suddenly found himself with extra time on his hands. That's when I started doing some consulting on the site as he built a client base. You began blogging to market his services to a broader audience, since his work was focused on training in management and that audience was fellow programmers He was able to create content that was specific and technical a few years and he was actually making more with, is consulting the everyday with his full time job, so he quit, alongside the consulting it kept up with his block. Also guess posting on software and programming sites. You built a substantial following a subscribers with an additional stream of people arriving organically through search engines. This success garnered interest from tech companies. They started reaching out to Eric ask if he would write content for their blocks. He agreed
but ass for byline credit and the right to cross post on his own blog for his audience. So in essence, he was now writing on his own blog and getting paid for it, which, as you know, nice work. If you can get it, but he wasn't done next. He began to diversify. He created course four developers on an online learning platform and began running epochs fact. One of his epochs continues to earn around a thousand dollars a month, which is quite a feat. Many years after publication, this mixed bag of incomes horses continued for a while, but Eric kept coming up against a ceiling of trading his time for money, which is something you didn't want to do. Also he and his wife editor in graphic designer wanted to start travelling more for them to be able to do that. She would. I d, have to quit her job, so we need to find a way to replace her income together. They had a set of unique talents
with her background it editing and design his background. Incontinent marketing, plus the connections they had to protect community. They didn't need to limit themselves to only publishing the articles that Eric was writing. That's kind of when the whole big idea came about Eric and knew that companies were eager for engaging technical blog posts, but they didn't always have capacity time, expertise, personnel to write them. He thought he might be able to feel that while there are lots of content editors out they're having a blog, written or overseen by someone who really understands the market was unusual. He decided call this new business hit subscribe like hit subscribe. He offered bare bones pricing to get clients on board and test their systems running just couple of posts a week brought in four hundred to seven hundred dollars a month, but soon things started to grow in both he and and it began investing more time and energy into it. A few months later they were making about Plus the connections they had to protect community, they didn't need to limit themselves to only publishing the articles that Eric was writing. That's kind of when the whole big idea came about Eric.
Body pieces, they weren't even doing any major marketing. It was just word of mouth, knowing they were onto something Eric decide to raise his rate substantially to see of Newcastle We pay more. It turned out. They were more than willing, especially since Eric was able to apply his wept skills to track and measure how the work they did could bring in potential clients. Now, that's great. So now the bad news, bad news is the money was rapidly coming in, but arrogant, Amanda were exhausted and you they couldn't maintain this pace what themselves so they began to build on a team. First, hiring a content writer take on a few of the articles and to see how other systems could work with some else in the mix as they landed new clients, they brought on more contractors to ride in the post, while Amanda shifted to manage their workflow and Eric began to focus on bringing it more business. Within the first year, they were making well into the six figures, although there staff also meant they had some high monthly expenses, sometimes as much as twenty five thousand dollars a month, depending on what kind of assignments clients requested
but of course the only have high cost when they have. I income so song bad problem to have once they were sure that new team members were settled and comfortable and confirming that their systems were told that they began to look at other tasks that someone else could handle like payroll, tax, prep and software systems. These days, Eric no longer does any consulting at all, nor is he creating content for clients or online platforms that aren't his own whenever he blogs or records a video it's more for himself and something he does for fun, bringing together his expertise and software development combined with a passion for riding in marketing and a man ability to see the bigger picture hit subscribe has been. I hit don't rest on that success
son of a national experience. It really is an incredible feeling, just like Eric said and beginning to. I always want to help people get to that. First level of success, even if it's just a few hundred dollars a month that feels really great but don't assume it will always be their use- that to go to something else, keep iterating understand what you're strengths and weaknesses are and focus on what you're good at That's my incursion into you in this story, Erika Mann, who were able to level up when they put their skills together when they had in applied this corny among tech companies for high quality on line contents and those companies didn't always have the capacity of personnel to make that happen, then they were fine. Those systems to the point thirteen members could come in and operate the business and other travelling in doing other stuff, so it subscribe has been a real hit and I hope that you're gonna have a hit as well. I M excited for all this to come. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better. Today is shown Horizontal score, dotcom, slash one zero, five, seven episode, one thousand and fifty seven ok,
are here at the end of November. I hope you're having a good holiday season or a good beginning to the holiday season. At least gotta weekly recap coming up for you too. In a whole new set of stories all next week. Thank you so much for listening. My name is preschool about. This is side ass, a school from the onward projects.
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