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#1067 - Stripping Down Yoga To The Bare Essentials


This yoga teacher offers classes just the way nature intended. No need to pack any exercise clothes for the workout! 

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Have you ever found yourself going to a yoga class and realising, while I forgot to wear any clothes, Finally, one how I got my keys, my other habits, but that's it. It's really embarrassing happens to me all the time listen if you're a near Washington DC? That is no longer a problem, because the yoga teacher you're about today, formally and employers. Every channel offers classes as the way nature intended leaping down you'll get to the bare essentials. That's right! We are too about naked yoga. I can't believe we have not embarked upon this topic so far enough. Two thousand and sixty six episodes hearing our episode. One sixty. Heaven, but obviously we have arrived so get comfortable, that remove any unnecessary clothing items settle in and the story is coming up in just thirty seconds. After the shot out to respond
Dan Garter, moved to Washington DC after college and started working for the discovery tat job assign, we quickly found himself in a backroom, little sleep work, long hours and relax over an adult beverage or two at the bar of his friends over the next four years. He found himself less confident, less energetic and less
healthy, and he wanted to take control of his life in body for him. The answer was obvious: yoga he'd been practicing since high school, though it certainly been far from consistent since starting the new job. They'll go a meditative refreshing and brought him to a healthy sweat. He knew we could reconnect to his balance self by returning to his practice, and it worked within a few months. Dance are to feel alive again. He woke up early found friends who go on runs together instead of just to the bar and his beer belly stock. Expanding. This was it. This was what you want to do at least part time. He started teaching yoga classes under the name. Dynamo yoga like his name, get it Danny Animal animal. He would rent from a local studio for an hour leafy and all the day was fine, paying class dacres Dan was quickly making a name for himself Medici Yoga community, and before long he was able to leave his job at the discovery channel Hustle became
four times yet, but little did you know he was about to stumble upon another hustle when they would make more in tune with his body than ever before, a friend and by down to a men's only class. He agreed find out until an hour before the class that it would be completely nude and was nervous. He knew that getting out of his comfort zone was usually a healthy thing to do. The class turned out to be inspiring. There was something special about the non sexual vulnerability of doing yoga naked. He felt a new found appreciation for body and didn't feel uncomfortable, since he wasn't the only what the group. However, it was struggling to keep a steady pace and needed a consistent leader with yours experience Dan with the clear choice. So, within a month of that first class, he had a new hustle DC and naked,
he was already familiar with the concept of managing a yoga group running space, providing gear marketing to keep attendance up. That was his Jim and Dc Naked yoga wasn't so good at it. Everything needed was pen papering cash attendance was inconsistent payments frequently late and He limited in person gatherings Dan knew he had to turn it around. He built a website made an online calendar for classes and began accepting credit cards. This settled two issues, confusion about class times and late payments. Next, he had to find a way to keep in touch with the community outside of class, so he started passing around sheet for an email newsletter that monthly newsletter turned into a violent that you now then he started sending a check in e mail each week at first. He was concerned with too much, but his class members told him otherwise they loved hearing about local yoga news. Viral yoga stories are always huge and, of course, more frequent updates for the group
during the first few months, dank relying only a few die hard fans to show up each week. Everyone else in the group came and went from month to month, seemingly without a pattern, but once he gave the grip of digital presence, he started experiencing more regular attendance do you see naked yoga was becoming less of an event to go to and more of a community to be part of that. Connected the group in a new way, but he wanted to get people a tangible incentive to show up more often waited a new payment option on the site. A class pass instead of paying twenty dollars per class, like normal students, could buy. One of these class passes ballot for five sessions for eighty dogs at twenty percent discount ensure not attendants went up again since that first year, Dan is hired instructors. Contractors to lead new classes, hand planned naked yoga retreats in the woods between decibels. Indeed, Naked yoga he's earning just over four thousand dollars per month, although his digital skills,
big impact on attendance for both sides of his business early on. It was something else that really made teaching yoga sustainable and that was building a community dances himself as morbid Advocate that guides, rather than a leader who manages this, is transformed his students, both naked and clothed, into friends that respect and trust him ass. Their teacher, he still ups all types of yoga but believes that naked yoga in particular, has a lot of room to grow. There are a lot of people out there who could benefit from a non sexual nude space where they would surely embraced themselves in a vulnerable when they just don't know that one exists so he's gonna start testing paid adds to expand his reach, he's also looking to expand it and new class types in payment options, because most of his classes are booked weeks in advance
but though the thrill of growing up business has been quite an adventure, it's a small price compared to the reward of creating a highly unique experience, I enjoyed working on set aside. It really is interesting because I think maybe outside of perspective, you might think of something like naked yogurt as a novelty like, even if you don't think it's a sexual experience, if it, if you really like it's it's just another way of doing yoga. You might think it's a little bit of a gimmick or, as I said, a novelty in working on this episode made me realize, like I can see how this would become a community, and in fact this is the key part. Dc naked yoga was coming less of an event to go to and more of a community to be part of some of those business skills that damned brought to the group are actually quite helpful in fostering real community, a real sense of belonging to a real sense of affirmation, and so
so very cool definite check it out. If you are in Washington DC, we're happened to be visiting, it's been we talked about yoga on the programme, but I did find a couple of episodes way back in the archives episode. One eighteen law, Angeles designer, runs mobile, yoga studio and one. Ninety six, London The mattress seller changes lives while earning three thousand lb a month, alright lots of good stuff out there. I want to acknowledge you for taking time for yourself working on something that's important to you. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better to find a show. Not to today's episode go to solder, cisco dot com, one thousand and sixty seven we're going to link up Danimal Yoga et naked yoga. Anything else I talked about and, of course, I'll be back tomorrow. My name is christian about.
School, Namaste,. From the onward projects.
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