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#107 - Snuggling for Dollars: It’s Not What You Think


A New England engineer earns a part-time income of more than $1,000 a month by helping people reconnect through personal touch.

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Hey, hey, welcome back. It is a new week you're on us all school. I am critical about. I have the privilege bringing you a new story every day of someone who starts in income generating project without quit, your day job. It's all about helping you create more freedom and opportunity for yourself without taking a ton of rest. I have fun story for today. It is a bit unusual if few been listening for a while, you know that there are kinds of creative ways. The people can make money and in fact, did you know that you can earn money through the act of Physical, touch. Now I know what you might be thinking you thinking Chris. I never talk about something like that on us or school. Not really what I have in mind for my income, generating project you don't need to worry, but you might be surprised. I'm not about, what's known as the world's oldest profession, I'm actually talking about a profession that is very new,
today story. You'll, learn how a new England engineer earns a part time. Income more than a thousand dollars a month by helping people reconnect through personal touch, Samantha, Varner personal website is called. My life has never boring dot com. Chosen domain name. She has a background auction project, engineer, fixing logistics problems, to hospitals, large visitor projects and retail stores. His I've been a writing Tudor for MBA students among other projects but it's her latest endeavour is perhaps most interesting. Samantha is a professional smuggler. Now before we go on less just clarify we're not talking about any kind of sexual service. This is all about play tunnel touch therapy or snuggling, as is popularly known, which is considered an alternative therapy that
specifically guide for coping with various mental, physical and emotional conditions. There is now a small but growing industry, a platonic touch providers or again professional smugglers, theirs the real science behind this knuckle researcher, and anyone who's ever cuddled knows that it can be good for you. Physical touch releases chemicals like oxytocin and serotonin These chemicals are associated with stability inducing effects, as well as keeping depression at bay. So that's what it's all about. How do you actually do it? I dont mean snuggling. I mean the site hustle part of it well cement read an article about this new industry and was entreat. She then started good and found an agency that works with smugglers across the country. Indeed, there are, in fact more cohesion agencies that work of people to provide the service and Samantha chose on a described themselves as a professional cuddling service working with masters of platonic touch, who offer a personalized experience after she applied and was approved. She then made a profile
agencies website and hear. Samantha has some tips for us. She says if you the professional smuggler. Don't you say your kind, gentle and soothing. Does everyone says that think about what makes you interesting to her found, mentions or full time job as a construction project engineer her person, type, some of her hobbies. Dancing WAR Games anime and whose gets along with the best which she less as creative types, as well as people, with a background in sight its technology or engineering and by the way, this actually really good advice for all kinds of profound making, not just your snuggling pitch, so whether you it's updating your linked in profile or you're, dating profile or anything else. We have to stand out somehow, it really helps to be specific Samantha with the agency. She was nervous at first, but then Now she actually enjoy the work she felt like is really helping. People with his platonic touch. Therapy, for eventually left the agency to strike out on her own. She created a website What's knuckle with sam dot com,
charges. Eighty dollars an hour inclined can also for over night sessions, which caused it. Five hundred dollars, depending on a total time, commitment when she first rate agency. She made about six hundred dollars a month and once you, to go out on her own that income quickly, is to somewhere around fifteen hundred dollars to two thousand dollars a month and that's not all her friends were fascinated with her new site hustle, while the mentioned over drinks, but she's really gonna teaching people, maybe she we consider cuddle coaching. So then he The training, smugglers and creating her own agency came about on that website you can now book a session. If you live in New England, you can request a referral live elsewhere, or you can apply yourself to go through joint training and perhaps become one, people that Samantha sends referrals to cement. The biggest challenge is: not everyone understands that the platonic touch is not in fact, euphemism, for something else her website most others in this industry. Try to make that very clear, but someone she still gets unwelcome inquiries. She has also set up few different measures to make sure she always remain safe
firstly, when meeting new clients, her ultimate was to position herself in a way that prevents me from associating about stigma with his profession, she that some agencies don't do the best job of marketing themselves. So she's trying change that herself all you need, is love, and maybe It's not session hope you learn something new today, even if you dont want to become a private most likely yourself. You find it interesting, and perhaps it will help you think of an idea for your own hustle as always inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better. If you want to an for today's episode learn more about her smuggling come over to satisfy school dotcom, slash one zero! Seven! I proceed. On social media or nowhere else right here like us tomorrow. Thank you for listening I am critical about recital school.
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