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#1072 - WEEKLY RECAP: Take an “Active Pause” to Reset & Regroup


In our forty-ninth recap of Season III, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: an audio update from a previous case study! 

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. 


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What's up welcome dishonest or school? My name is Chris, About we have just finished weak number, forty nine season, the three that's right week, forty nine, count on begins end of year is approaching quite soon related to that over. Past week I've been undertaking my two thousand and nineteen annual review. This is where I go away for a few days, the better part of a week actually and kind of birth the year that his just coming to a close and makes him goals set plan determine a theme of this kind of stuff for the year ahead, so I'll share more lessons about that in my newsletter, which you can sign up for on my personal site crystal about dot com, but the short version is Ike. While this has been quite the year, all kind of stuff has happened: lots of stuff this year, lots of good things in particular in and of course, I've had some challenges as well, but I always like knowing when something good has happened. So
most excited to jump into next year, which will include a lot of other change and other new things for me. So I want to spend Oliver, you're talking about that. That's not why you listen so just to focus on one side, us all school. I hope you heard the announcement last week about our big twenty twenty plan. We are calling it the year of interaction will be featuring. Your questions not dates throughout the year, along with a brand new series called. Classroom or restart in January and go through the year each week, building an income project together. I am really sorry but this is one of the things I m most looking for a two hour when I think about the year to come so let's see, how do you make sure you're part of this was just a two. Pretty quick action. Steps in one of them is totally optional. First,. Is to make sure your listening starting on January one, because next year's can be much.
The American you'll notice some changes right away at the top of the year now. Second- and this is optional, but if you have a question you'd like to contribute in advance because, as mentioned, we're gonna be using your questions and updates throughout the year. If you like to be part of that in advance, go to satisfy school dotcom slots, questions your bottle, a form there and many of those will be used on a shout during the first months of the year. So can't wait to show that with you coming up in just a few weeks now, never so ten, sixty two, which was pretty recent. I think just about ten ago, we had the story of an engineer who stumbles into a custom cartographer business. He found this business after a few previous attempts at E commerce failed instead of trying right away, he began by tearing at a local maker space
Was there any larger new scale? I surrounded himself some queer people and then got the idea that became his new business. So is thinking about this in the context of taking an annual review or otherwise regrouping. Looking at something from a different perspective, when I thought of the phrase active pause member, if it came from him or for something I thought of myself, but regardless of where it came from the active paws off it helpful to step back and get another perspective on a challenge, I was working on a book manuscripts, awhile back and it wasn't going so well. She's gonna, put aside in hopes of of returning to it a few weeks or maybe even a month or two later, just kind of seeing it with fresh eyes, not with exercise if your honesty this training program. You need to plan for recovery days, and what I had to learn is that time, recovery much of the time doesn't just mean sitting around, doesn't just mean YO sitting around watching Netflix eating ice cream. It might mean stretching like active dynamic, stretching or cross training or walk.
Two or three miles and set up running or doing some totally different for exercise some other words. It's an active recovery, even though your body needs to recover just sitting, isn't always helpful. If we go back to your side, us all if you're like Curtis, which I believe was the guy that episode and you find yourself struggling to make headway. Perhaps you ve tried something. It has worked out. Consider what an active pause would look like for you. How can you change your routine or put yourself in new situations like Curtis? Did today's like taking a break of sorts, but it's not just a passive, It's an active breakin. Therefore an active pause. I speaking of change in putting yourself a new situations. Let us go to the audio update in just a moment this when features Andrew Taylor, who has probably one of the most creative businesses we have featured
in the entire archival history of a show of think he talks a lot about the specific project started this all his updates, or I will come back at the end of insured, but more about that. But first, a message more sponsor will pursue them, allowing us to bring this programme to you completely free by the way it can be free and twenty twenty as well so big. Thank you to our sponsor and then will hear from Andrew Taylor Driver on this is Andrew Tyler from Melvin, Australia. My side, hustled is spot fit and it was featured on Episode four for anyone, one since, and I've continued to grab business a ring. The corporal cookbook called spot a whole food plant based gods aiding and leaving, which is available. Where do you get your books the biggest change. My business is that I'm now doing individual food addiction coaching. I really reluctantly try this at the aging of a friend, and it has now become the main part of my business from a financial point of view and its also joy most. I love it because it's real
It's really rewarding to personally how someone, through a tough time rather than just hear from them after they followed a colossal, read a book or watch the video, since my absence, my eyes of increase for around fifteen hundred dollars per month to around seven and a half thousand dollars per month. Hopefully in the next few months, will be able to transition from this being sought hustle into hustle. Is that what you call it? so advice or other listeners. I think the main lesson to learn from this is to not be afraid to try something new, especially should get advice from a trusted source. Sometimes others can say things more clearly. From a dish since then you can, then you can personally when you're in the thick of it, so don't be afraid to get advice and just go within, say what happens even if you are afraid of it. Right now, I'm working on a new course called Mega foods, which is nearly ready to guy law. That's for people to follow when I finished with their spot to challenge it's more of a maintenance programme. Anything sustainable way evading to life rather than a short term intervention, so that
it, allows sailor Amadeo check it out thanks this new era, having enjoyed the update and thanks to criticise So just a quick notes on Andrews projects. If you didn't catch it, the name of it is spread pit came we first me this episode, forty one, the title was Aussi man, it's nothing but potatoes for three hundred and sixty five days. That is exactly what happened. This guy went on an all potato diet for an entire year, which is just incredible right by it sounds like a gimmick. You got a lot of viral attention, for it was all over all sorts of of news meat
actually got a chance to meet him at my Melbourne event, when I was there, we talked about it to more. So it sounds like a gimmick, but there's a deeper meaning behind it, because when he started it to him, he mentioned food addiction and update. When you started, he was dealing with anxiety and depression. He had been over wait even obese and wasn't able to kind of overcome that challenge of Europe through lots of different attempts and approaches. So this extreme experiment that he conducted led him to all sorts of personal deeper. Like changes so now, you're hurting the uptake he has transitioning to individual coaching, something he was sceptical about, but his turn into his main income source as he moves towards full hustle mode of that phrase, as you heard Peppino dollars to seventy five hundred dollars a month in income, so maybe this is waiting to take an active part or regroup or otherwise ask yourself, maybe the
answer to whatever problem I'm facing is found in some solution. I never before considered. So how can I put myself in a situation where I encountered different ideas? Ok, I'm follow out with Andrew at spied fit dot com, tremendous success. Thank you so much enter for sharing your story. Three more weeks to go in twenty nineteen got a bunch of great stories coming up in sing out, one that I really enjoyed working on this one coming out tomorrow. Actually I'll give you the title and I'll be like what is this about? Well, it's about what the title says, but you know still your like: how does it work product manager profits from carnivorous Okay, we've covered a lot of stuff on the show, but you know just kind of shows me all the time that we're still keeping it fresh because no episode, one thousand and seventy three one thousand and seventy three is about carnivorous plants and this guy, who is very passionate about them and has found a way to make us all in.
From them? So you never know what you gonna hear. I never know what I'm gonna find out as I work on a shelf from day to day week to week, and I am so grateful to be able to do this before I sign off with three weeks left in the year. I want to say thank you you're. The reason I make this So I've been saying for a thousand days plus, if you make the commitment to make this part of your team, I to commit to supporting you in your quest to create that new source of income, and my hope is that We moved this new format, gonna try and twenty twenty may not be able to help. You more directly will be able to actually make some progress if you ve been stuck for whatever reason, which I understand and I get stuck to what's on from you're stuck, you need to take a different approach, a different perspective, like I just mentioned. I just want to say thank you to our producer, Chuck Red Community liaison Jed, Chang Content, Mature Tina hearts and the official show CAT Libby Gill about all of us. A team sorrowful school are part of the onward project. That is led by best selling author Gretchen Ribbon check out her
like a popular show, happy regression ribbon as well as the other two shows at the moment. Maybe more to come, will see a happier in Hollywood and to the thing this is a free listener, supported, show look towards a new year. The year of interaction. Coming up, I would love it if you tell your friends and show them how to six. I do know anybody out there who needs another source of income. That's what we're all about so seldom to us. We will take care that our concerted inspiration is good actions better because I hope you'll take action. I want a feature, your story here, Your updates? I hope you'll join me tomorrow in everyday next week. A more stories in actionable ideas consider this aid. Or daily investment in yourself episodes go online at six. So what I m eastern time, my name is critical about. This is sought US school,
from the onward projects.
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