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#1089 - Boy Scout Merit Badge Leads to Leatherworking Lifestyle


A leatherworker turns a love for his adoptive state into a viable business, selling handmade luxury pens and leather accessories. 

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hello, everyone and merry Christmas to all wishing you a joyous season, regardless of which holiday you celebrate or don't celebrate whatever you're into. I hope it is. Time, for you remember the new year, his right around the corner. Well, today, story about a letter worker who turns a love for his adoptive state. That would be the state of main into a viable business selling, handmaid, luxury, pins and leather accessories now in some ways it follows a fairly common narrative of an artisan or make her, who pursues a hobby only to realise that it might also be a hustle. So we will examine that narrative a bit See what it might have in common for you, or perhaps someone you know, or perhaps just a thought process that you can apply your own way and when this
worker finds himself in need of relying on outside source of income. More conveniently he's already got it wrapped up under the tree actually does not really Christmas reference to it. I just thought I would throw that it he's gonna wrapped up under the tree. Okay. Well, it begins with a boy scout merit batch that actually is part of the story, and I guess you never know when those things will turn out to be useful and stoning to find an application for Might boyscout harshness badge. Actually, not, I think about it. I never got the badge for that, but I was a boy scout arsonist. So that's a story for another day. What to say that one for oh boy scout Mirror Badge leads to leather working lifestyle. That's today story in its coming right up Chris Cobble
it has been making luxury, pins and leather accessories since twenty sixteen he's pins or quasi in handmade card from hardwood with beautiful baby designs and multiple collops leather accessories include cuff bracelets, wallets nope covers their tough and beautiful. They look like something a woodsman from main would carry a long time. Penny collector at some point Chris gotTA hooked on making his he didn't plan to turn it into a business. Even a hustle at first, he was just looking for a hobby for some reason. He thought he'd have more time to learn a new trade and revisit his love of leather making in which he had first earned a boy scout merit badge, just as his son was born. Maybe that was his first mistake. Thinking out all that
your time, but fortunately it turned out well in the it six hundred dollars covered the basic leather working tools, pinned blanks pin, harbour kits and aside of letter, he sold his first pins to family Chris MOM, you several of them as gifts for friends who ended up quartering some of their own. Then his wife brought some of the pins to work and he got a few more orders. The leather working happened at a similar fashion, Chris started by making products self things he would want to use. It began with an upper cover. Then, when he needed a new wall it he made. What people noticed ask him where he got it hand. He had himself more orders. Although we hadn't started up the intent to sell it was clear that was a demand for when he was making. So he set up a story Etsy calling it the Akkadian and slowly began making sales to strangers.
From error. Chris, at a series of incremental goals. The first was to earn a thousand dollars in a month. Then he up that to three thousand dollars total. That's how he approached everything: slow, gradual improvements, proud of in trying to find a secret growth hack At the end of its first year, the Akkadian had brought in four thousand dollars, not bad for something that had just started as a hobby. After that small success he reached out to the main small Business development Centre hooked up with a mentor. It wasn't just a single mentor who helped him work. Has Christmas business evolved. The internet itself was a great source of knowledge and inspiration instead of watching music videos, are common eclipse. Chris use Youtube to learn more about his trade. He learned about the tools needed to up his game and slowly acquire them ass. His sight us our group in particular he credits, the pin, Turner's association and leather worker dot net as resources we're particularly helpful, but the biggest change of all happened in January, twenty nineteen, when Chris was laid off from his data sudden.
That thing that had been a hobby and a way to make extra money had now become his main source of income. It was time to get serious. Chris wasn't a fan of the control that Etsy exerted over his platform, so he made his own store. I'm chop up. I he went from a narrow focus on pins items, to use himself to a broader, offering that scope includes belt bracelets money, clips, combs and more all made with the same careful attention to date, while a rugged, aesthetic, Chris, slowly attitudes, collection of tools buying things like chisel and leather needles. She offered more and more products, culminated in his largest purchased to date, and industrial leather sewing machine, there's no better representation of the occasions growth since Chris was laid off, except maybe four, interim. Remember how he may four thousand dollars the end of the first year now and twenty nineteen third year he set to make over twenty thousand dollars, and, of course, is about more than the money at its core. The Akkadian is
a letter to main and its rugged adventurous culture. Chris S, big plans for twenty twenty. Just like me, catch across this Chris also now that it has full time, dig he's going to give it the attention it deserves. He plans to work from a dedicated space, whether that's running a workshop or building one on his property next will be higher and employ to help with processing large orders. He plans to work from a dedicated space, whether that's running a workshop or building one of his property, He wants to see how far he can take it. The future is bright and rugged, and it all started long ago with a boy scout merit batch So what That formula that practice nor maker in
that I mentioned well, it's kind of sorts somewhat organically, and this is a common thread of a lot of stories it. Somebody who wants to do something new in this case he's looking for a hobby. So it goes back to this long ago. Passion from his boyscout days starts growing more leather working starts, making pins gives them to his family or cells into his family, very enterprising, respect that and then from their it's like people are asking about them thanks. Maybe I could sell these. You know through Etsy, which is a really simple platform. Anybody can set up a shop on its in an hour or less and its great for that purpose, because you can start information right away. You can get it for leads inquiries, questions sales, Nazi ultimate goal, but even if people aren't buying, you still get some information that way never marry. Does it for a while just kind of on the side until he has this lay off that prevents the opportunity to go all it now if he had been laid off The job and hadn't put in the whenever it was two years or so working as aside hustle. He would be that much further behind because he lay that foundation learn a lot about price
development begun to learn more about sales in such then he was what will they grow from whenever it wasn't a four thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars and of course, now that it is made focus, hopefully it will grow far beyond not as well but again, a key point is to lay the foundation before you need it. So. But he did that we will take it up on a show, its page, of course, that page is satisfied. School die com, slash one zero, eight, nine one thousand. Eighty nine special Christmas episode Christmas. Twenty nineteen inspiration is governance. Grace with action is better. Thank you. So much was in my happy holidays once again I'll be back again tomorrow. My name is critical about poor side us as well.
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