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#1093 - WEEKLY RECAP: It's More Like a DECADE Recap, Actually


In our FINAL recap of Season III, we'll look back at … the whole year. Almost.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. 


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gosh what a year it has been, as is the final recap: twenty nineteen Everything will be new in just three days this week and were fifty two in the show. So I think we have to strive or days- and I guess you caught week, fifty two and one slash two coming up tomorrow and the next day for new year they will be jumping into something very new, indifferent lawsuits recap a bit differently, because it is the end of the year. Has now been three years since we?
it's out of school on January, one at twenty seventeen, his continued because of the commitment and enthusiasm other community. That would be you, so thank you and when I finally do for this special episode is just give you some honest lessons learned on my part. I like to look at the process of things and and see what has gone well, but also you know what could be improved and in fact a critique is always about looking at what can be improved and then from their its asking what should be improved and it s an important point as well, because there are all kinds of things that you could do better. The question is: what should you do because time is limited but less focus on some honest lesson: How was your kind of informed, what I'm planning to do for twenty slash, twenty as well, and if you've been listening for a while, if you've ever given me any kind of feedback. If we have feature you on a program, if you know somebody who's not in the program, if we have met in a book event, whatever your involvement
in part of getting us where we are now also kind of inspiring the ship that will take place in twenty twenty, which is, as I said, just around the corner. So honest lessons learned, let's jump and I think I have five or six of them First and foremost, I want to return to doing more listener events more meat opts for listeners and readers across the United States and Canada elsewhere in the world. I am working on that big tour coming up in April and may going to at least twenty five cities very excited about data. Coming out I'll tell you about it, but the point as a kind of got off track a little bit, because when we started sizeable school I created a workshop series. Anyone pretty well was like a pilot projects on, but it went well enough that we definite could have continued it. I just gonna gotta. Overwhelmed, and so I started sobbing
group on that, along with some other listener events. Second, it's hard to be thematic and, like my intention, was to be thematic with the programme from the very beginning by thematic I mean you're this week or this month we're talking about this particular topic, and all of this story is kind of a line without topic in the next month. You know new topic and so on. It was always my engine to do that, but I think it probably falls in that term. You know what is the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. It falls into that department just because the daily format is so much in terms of preparation in terms of recording terms of keeping up with all the staff, and, of course I don't do it myself, but nevertheless there is a lot of stuff. I have to do so. That has been a challenge. I'm hoping that the new classroom series they're gonna, kick off very soon, just in a few days. In fact, I will help us so I've written a series designed to go from January to December. Basically, starting with you now, where do ideas come from? How can anyone get more ideas? How do we choose the best idea?
How do we then make those ideas happen is actually the majority of the continent like making the idea happen. Figuring out what you need, how to go about getting it, and then everything that happens after that I'm hoping that will definitely help. Let's see this week. We had the story that wasn't a story. I called at the side of the story that wasn't, after episode, ten eighty five, that's something never done before a basically talked about. Why I'm not running a particular story and I'm really sorry I did that, to be honest, you know over the core, of no more than a thousand stories. There are four of them that I would like to give more polished, two or excellent. I've unanswered questions when looking at the person story, but I am not able to reach in time or they data responded, email because their busy, just like all of us, and we have to move forward so that's kind of a nature of a daily show, but is also something that as bothered me. I know that some I'm thinking this will be less of an issue for twenty twenty, because we're moving to this format, where it is largely featuring listener question
I'll give you a complete run down on that in just three days on, but you can also just listen at one thought it will unfold magically, something that would be less of an issue, let's see I also haven't marketed to show very well Much of our growth has been organic, which is great like its people. Talking about it. You know in a side also, it is important to be able to not just do something, but also talk about it. So I'm gonna keep Georgie my attention on content, but I hope it going into twenty twenty with some other changes are making that I can actually focused and that a bit because I have a goal, I have a personal gulf between I share with you. My goal is to double the audience sites case. Now that we have about forty to fifty thousand people that are listening on a daily basis.
And some people are listening to every episode, some that are going to going to the archives and such so I would love to get that to a hundred thousand or so, and then also, I think, it's good, just as a side note to like, you should always focus on what's in front of you like and don't worry so much about this audience growth thing. Other people tend to obsess over like if you upset more of your product to your content and relationships, your building, that's ultimately more important, but at the same time as a counterpoint, if your audience is growing that also means you're doing something right. So it's not a bad thing at all to focus on it and that, together with the other lessons about being about getting batch listener events, just my challenge
in marketing and the recent story that wasn't a story which are some of the things I think of, as I think about twenty nineteen and think, ok. Well, a bunch of stuff went well, that's great. Like has lost up. I just wanna keep doing because its working blots also ask ourselves what could be better. So those are a few honest lessons. I want to share with you I'm in a close out the year in just a moment, with especial quote from one of our recent stories that I really liked. I, when I read this, I was like this is gonna, be a great way to end the year, so I'll show that court with you in just a moment after this message from our sponsor, really appreciate them as well all throughout the year,
My thanks to everyone who has helped out along the way, chuckling judge changing a hard and particular other folks from cadence, far from the ad sales team to anybody else, working in development. Anybody else working in an admin and support attack, all kinds of people that are seen an unseen licorice them working to make stuff happen, as well as our crew, a freelance writers who have worked on a story throughout the year, including in particular MIKE Garret Louis Ellie, Mckinsey Robin Michel David Helena, Kim and Alyssa, but that was a lot of people, but I want to make sure I mention one more. Thank you before I close it out now. Thank you would, of course be to you. That's right you.
A rock star you're. The reason I make the show some, let's closely three cap with a quote from Christine, whose story is coming up on New year's eve. Actually, two days from now Christine is an unnecessary whose also a Mamma three people by said that right and necessary, I was really worried. Forget she's, also Mama three and competitive bodybuilder adverse side, us all, which is actually grosbeak considerable business. She bakes and sells approaching filled gluten free technics. Some people here is throwing a couple days. Here's the quote. She says there is
no perfect timing strike while the iron is hot and figure out the rest later we began selling our cakes before we even knew how much the cost to produce the mice. I'm not saying this is a good business strategy, but there is something to be said for jump again with both feet and taking risks. So that is the beauty of a social model that you don't have to have everything figured out? You can start where you are, if you haven't done so, yet a highly encourage you to do so in the days to come I'll, be here I'll, be here all next year. I hope you'll join me for that. You can subscribe where every listen depart cast. You can ask a question for our new format, had satisfied school, dotcom, slash questions and you can access more than one thousand episodes completely free in the archives. The best is yet to come. Thank you so much for listening. My name is critical about foresight, vessel school,
from the onward project.
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