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#1096 - New Year, New Format - Don't Miss This Episode!


Everything is new! We’re remixing the format, but Side Hustle School marches on. Here’s what you can expect for 2020, The Year of Interaction.

Side Hustle School features a new episode EVERY DAY, featuring detailed case studies of people who earn extra money without quitting their job. This year, the show includes free guided lessons and listener Q&A several days each week.


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floods of welcome my friend to twenty twenty welcome to something very near. My name is critical about. This is cider school, said breaking news every Thing is new for the very first time in three years, and I do exactly three years since January, one twenty seventeen We are reinventing the format of side. Hustle school I've been working on this behind the scenes for several months and I'm excited to kick things off today. So here's what's going to happen when I make sure you understand long time listener is here is what is not changing that never won the daily format, it still everyday, we're still bringing you a different episode every single day. Yes, that does mean seven days a week and the episodes are still short less than ten minutes per episode on average. How is it to be practical, helpful insightful to you when I give you lots of detail, but I also want to respect your time. Our market is people who are
you with all kinds of stuff you they get their data, they got their family, they ve got other responsibilities, Hobbes, etc, you're sort of social work for you and not the other way around our number. To the other thing, that's not changing is the message we are still about helping people with jobs, embraced the world of money, making sigh projects, so maybe, if you're out there, you have never dinner five not entrepreneur, but you understand the importance of having more than one source of income you like. How do I do like how do I make that happen? Won't go thither stuff, I'm doing, and I dont want to take a lot of risk and I want to go into debt, but that you keep listening. Okay, so those things are consistent. What is changing and by the way, welcome to everyone whose joining in this week were expecting a bunch of new people to begin listening for the first time I'm so glad you're here as well, you can go back and listen to more than one thousand archives. More than one thousand detailed story.
Of real people out there, making money doing something there excited about, so how that is freely available. But if you just want to jump in now, that's ok to what is changing is that twenty twenty is the year of interaction. The very best thing about my job is the community. I noticed this whatever I do Thing from book events across the country to the World Domination summit, the annual conference I hosted Portland Oregon just reading. My emails single day trillion. Honestly. The best part is everybody out there who ass, exciting interesting projects at their own or just figure themselves out, because you know we are all on a journey and so towards the second part of last year. I started thinking we need to do more, checking with listeners so this year in real time, we're gonna do a year of questions and answers and instruction where I guide many of our listeners, perhaps even you as they go from idea to income. This is essentially live coaching for free and you can listen and learn as we go so are still gonna have to case studies or stories each week. The other days will consist of q and a three days.
Weak, and new classroom series. Robbie teaching- and I start to finish format starting on Monday and then going every Monday throughout the year, and then for the six day of the week we got something else were working on something else. That special shall tell you about that: we're ready to roll it out soon now, listen, you can also participate right. This is not just passively listening, although you walk into passively lesson, but I also want to invite you to actively participate, say more about that in a moment, but first you might be wondering about the cost, like this all sounds, will agree what's the cause. Well guess what it is all free. It has always been free, it is still free. Now it will remain free. There is no up cell there's no back end. There's no register for my morning, station it only ninety seven dollars a day. The cost is truly zero dollars. Maybe I should look. Do not morning meditation course, a problem I want to know how to meditate first, so one thing at a time: ok, so everything is truly free, and the way they were able to do that is by working with a number of sponsors. Sponsors partners
very happy over the past three years that we ve been able to work with really great companies, many of whom have valuable offers for our listeners. So we usually have two messages per episode. One right at the top went somewhere in the middle again us how are able to bring the showed you completely free. So I appreciate our sponsors here. Is that shot out to them? We're gonna come back, wrap it up and I'll tell you how you can participate awesome. So how can you participate? As I said, I'm happy for you to listen passively Europe, hearing lots of updates from people. Throughout the year other listeners, other people do in projects, but I also want to invite you and if you have a question, if you would be part of this, I gotta do is go to satisfy school dot, com last question and guess what you can do there? What you can leave your
you have an existing business or website if you're already up and running, we will give you a shot out to our tens of thousands of daily listeners and if you just getting going, that's ok too, because we want to hear from people at all different stages of this process. Last but not least, each classroom episode will have an assignment, so the first official classroom episode will be episode, eleven, a one just coming up in just about five days. I believe so, if you wanted to sign up for this week, braced up all the assignment is to get ready, which is pretty easy right, your actual sign. It will begin next week. If you wanna be an over cheaper here's something you can,
tell your friends, you can say: hey, maybe you ve heard of sawdust school, or maybe you haven't where we are in the process. There are starting something new and all this year or the year of interaction you can hear about people's projects, maybe even get inspired, equipped to start you're up to have them subscribe and listen every day they can listen wherever they listen to pack ass. If they dont know how hot guess work, because there are still a lot of people out there in that situation, show them outworks again it's all free and will be doing something. That's never been done before. I'm so excited to share with you every single day this year this has been episode. One thousand ninety six got approximately three hundred and sixty four more to come before the end of the year. Thank you so much for listening, you're rockstar. My aim is critical about this is side as a school
from the onward project.
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