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#1097 - Q&A: How do I build trust with my audience?


This listener is sharing tips and strategies to overcome debt, but struggling to build trust with an audience. How can she best connect with them, and what will her revenue model be?

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look at the sight of this poor, mindless critical about as we begin in all new year. This is, after all, twenty twenty recalling the euro. Action. All your long will be featuring questions and updates from our listeners. Let's just jump right it. Let's talk today about building trust with your audience and converting them to paying subscribers. This question that you're here I like it for a lot of reasons, its relevant to many of our listeners. They have very similar goals, and I am also a fan of this person's project and by the way, through this new series are gonna have to different kinds of questions. One kind is general the question of whether the pros and cons of different shopping carts, for example, or what do you think about this particular online network or platform and the other one is more specific, because it relates directly to someone site hustle and the recent gonna do. These specific questions is most of us learn through example,
and many of the questions that you're here are relevant to more than just the person asking them just like today's is that's probably true in general, but it certainly true in this Europe's also. I want you to have a chance to hear directly from many other people in our community who are doing the things that you I've heard about in the stories for our first one thousand and ninety five epithets so without further ado. Here is a sponsor message. Then we'll have Joe Shiro and then a detailed answer might actually be helpful. You never know
Time is gesture Madeira and I'm from Charlotte North Carolina. Abolition into the site has a school part us for a while now my side, hustles call dreams over debt dreams over debt. That com is a blog and resource website dedicated to helping people get rid of their debt while pursuing their dreams. My question is: how can I make it often take a meaningful connection with my target audience in order to convergence a pang subscribers without coming off too much like a selfish, explicit? Thank you. Thank you. Just Europe knows I mentioned I'm afraid of a project. I also think it has a
a drastic name. Did you hear the name? It was dreams over debt. I've noticed here for a while. She was in our side of society programme and when I first heard the name dreams over tat, I was like why that is so memorable and on point, of course, there's a big market of young people in particular, who are in debt because of student loans and whatever else so great name, clear, target market. How can she connect these people in a sincere way that builds trust and leads to them becoming paid subscribes to mark questions, let's break down hard won. Two connection is sincere way that builds trust and preferably without being What did she caught a software salesperson? Well, you know this word value values often use in various business. He kind of language when people say
adding value. What does that mean? I think value simply means helping people. I think that's much easier way to understand it. If someone has helped you in some way than they have added value rights, if you just think about that, helping people, that's going to be the way to build trust, then second convert them to becoming paid subscribers. Now we talk about marketing which, when you talk about quite a lot throughout the year, marketing simply means creating in presenting a compelling offer. Let's say I trust you will say: I trust that you're, an authority in the space and item help well. What is your offer for me? What is the service? What is the product? How much does it cost? Where can I go and sign up all of those details or what makes up and offer so I was taking a look at your shears website
she's got a blog there and she has, however, feature articles mentioned at the top. I love the titles of these two. By the way they are the seven steps I took to pay off over seventy thousand dollars in less than seven years. Great headline clearly communicated a major benefit. The next one is joining the circus seen while paying off debt because, I believe you're sure was an aerial performer if I'm not mistaken, so that also kind of introduces an element of curiosity, my joining the circus. How does not work then she's got with anxiety and debt, also good, if you are in doubt, you often feel anxious about it. And then love over debt. Communicating finances.
And probably understand why all those are hot topics. I think she's deafening on the right track with what she sharing. But what is her offer? Here's the issue right now she doesn't have one- or at least it's not on the website, which is not necessarily a bad thing. She does have an email sign up form that appears to be the main action she wants users to take, which is great, and it could be that this free email series leads to an offer for coaching or consulting or something else, but you mention paid subscribers. Some not totally share with you. All is in any case. The way that you build trust is my being helpful, so just imagine that a young graduates reach your blog and applies themselves using her resources. She's got a bunch of tools and resources, a calculator etc and has been able to pay off some of their debt like even if they dont pay off seventy thousand dollars. They just pay off some or if they feel a sense of hopefulness. After reading this, wouldn't they then trust her. So the two areas of focus to accomplish both goals in terms of increasing trust and converting to paid subscribers are to be as helpful as you can, which we were just talking about.
And to work on that offer? We're cannot offer whether it's a paid membership or the consulting sessions, no matter what it is, spent some time really thinking about. Ok, what is the premium service once someone raises their hand and says? Yes, I trust this process. What's next, you now have a clear answer for that and if you dont have a clear answer for that and that's what you need spent mine. Does your next steps, not speaking of goals later in the week? We're gonna have our first real classroom episode. We will look at setting goals, beer, twenty twenty hustle I'll explain more about that as it arrives for now. If you have a question just kind of Sawdust Skoda, com, slash questions, we're gonna be featuring these Since answers throughout the year, along with updates from listeners as they launch or develop their projects, as I may have mentioned, I'm really excited about this think you're gonna, like it today show no it's our side. Us well schooled outcome slashed
Ninety seven one zero nine seven. You can also now get a transcript of the entire episode and subscribe to a newly, updated email series. What can you handle it? I can hardly queue up myself be sure you subscribed, because we are coming in hot for twenty. Twenty Name is critical about. This is tat. Ass, Osborne. From the onward project projects.
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