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#11: Ketogenic Cookbook Author Makes $1,000 the First Day


How a specialized diet led to an eager fan base and a $2,000 / month side hustle, all from someone who never intended to make money from her project.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! 

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Hello come back. This is side, Moscow on your house critical about now. First of all, about that chicken saddle story from yesterday. I am aware that Europe as a person you can be listening to a lot of broadcasts all about politics. The news all sorts the topics, but really where you gonna hear about something like that, it's only on site, as will school. Sir, if you wanna do me a quick favour head to Itunes and leave a rating for the show it just takes. A few seconds I have to do is basically click a button and if you're able to spend more than a few seconds- You could also leave a review. Obviously you can say anything you want and you're a but ratings and reviews help. Other people discover the show shall be very grateful for your endorsement, and I also think you'll like today story it's about how a specialised diet led to an eager fan base and two thousand dollars a month side. Hustle support for this podcast comes from Goldman Sachs through launch with joy
ass, a five hundred million dollar investment strategy, grounded in the belief that teams with diverse leadership, DR stronger returns, Goldman Sachs remains committed to facilitating connections and increasing access to capital for women. Black lucky necks and other diverse entrepreneurs learn more at GS, DOT, com slush launch with she s for the past or equipment Valley in Western Massachusetts, Amanda Macarthur runs a car aunt marketing agency, with her husband, she's, been doing this for six years. Managing a team and serving software companies worldwide, Amanda also loves to cook, and she has a special diet known as key to which is like paleo, but no starters. So even more hard core and a few years ago, she began posting recipes on a website, mostly so that she can keep up with them since she had a day job managing websites.
She couldn't help. It add a little bit of markings ass to that free site. Installing an email sign up form there wasn't a business model at all. It really was just a place where she posted her recipes and everything on the site was free without paying much can one day Amanda noticed that more than three thousand people had subscribed through that email sign up form she'd installed. She not. That was interesting, but She was also busy at work and she consider this a strictly personal project. But finally, when this number of subscribers reach six thousand, she sent out the first email to them. She told them. She was working on an epoch that included many ever recipes, which then like to pre order. Now before I go on, I want to make sure you understand why this is so unusual.
These people who are starting out trying to build a platform and an email list of interested prospects are readers. They would love to have three thousand email sign ups, so this was deadline untapped asset for Amanda that she began to pay attention to this point. So I guess what happens after she sends that first email to the six thousand people on the list. Well to her surprise, but probably not ours. A lot of them took her up on the offer to pre order by the end of the day, she'd made more than a thousand dollars for the neck, Three weeks she lived in fear that everyone, but call her a fraud and ask for a refund, but instead the email she received were full of praise and thanks people set things like I have received a lot of help through your site and am glad that I the chance to pay it back even a little by picking up the epoch, and I began to more actively sell the e to website visitors and new subscribers and then, as the website continue to grow in popularity, Amanda was approached by a publisher who wanted
you print buck, featuring more of a recipes and reaching a different audience Dwayne that and the original epoch she's now making at least thousand dollars a month from the project she feels like. She could invest more time in it and see it take off even further, but she's also happy with a day job, so she does both. So what can we learn from Amandas Success story? First, specialised diodes are huge markets. Lots of specialised diet like paleo, pagan gluten, free sugar, free kosher, olive raw foods and people who follow these diets or traditions have very clear needs, for some of them might be alive, style choice, but a lot of them have legitimate medical or
we're just reasons why it is so important for them to follow these diets. So, for them is not something that they can be flexible about. It's a need, not next, because they have this need because they have the specific diet. These people are identify with one another and their willing to spend money to support their beliefs and habits. So when they run into a website like Amandas. It's almost like run into an old friend, and in this case Amanda wasn't just marketing to the group of people who follow that Cuba, genetic lifestyle, it was her way of life as well. She had the experience from her practice and wish first began posting the recipes. It was initially for her own benefit and naturally she built trust and goodwill although subscribers and when the time came to gently, so a collection of recipes. She was in about it, but they responded well why them had just been waiting to purchase all this time. And the last thing I want to point out- is that Amanda had a background in content management, so she didn't
lot about things like search engine, optimization websites, but the way she constructed this project was actually quite simple. She used a platform called gum road to sell the E and come right he's a very easy resource. You can sign up for an account today and have the ability to sell all kinds of digital products right away. So, even though she had that expertise, she deliberately chose to make this project really simple, and it is something that anyone can say anyone can create. So once again, you have a specialised fanatical group of people who all have shared identity. You have the right person provide solutions to those people, because this has been her life experience as well, and just a few hours a week, uploading recipes and maintaining the website while it may not happen exactly like that for you. But these lessons irrevocable- they apply in a lot of different market and to a lot of different side. Hustle ideas. Remember inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better
so I hope you do one thing today to get closer to that: freedom, you're working toward them by the way to show nights for today s side of school, dot, com, slash eleven, and they include links to road that same service that Amanda used as well as her website, and You're trying to figure out how to put together your website. I also have an offer for five dollars a month website hosting and the same email service that I use thanks. So much for listening Chris about to see you tomorrow, with another awesome episode, this aside, hustle school
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