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#111 - Organic Chemist Earns Six Figures Blogging for Pre-Med Students


After witnessing the struggles that many students have with one of college’s most challenging subjects, a chemist creates a blog to help bridge the gap in knowledge.

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Greetings. What's up, welcome back many miss Cristel about your listening to side, also school. If you went to college- a university or graduate school sooner or later, you had to declare a major a story about this is at first, I thought I'd be good at accounting, I realized pretty quickly. I was terrible accounting that lasted about two semesters, which was probably one and a half semesters too long. But then I discovered socio gee, I'm actually really liked it. It was fascinating, learn about the interactions of people and groups how societies in communities are for and I don't really know it- I was gonna do with it. It was interesting. And I certainly didn't know at the time that years later, basically, two decades later I be working. Groups and building online and offline communities often reminded of some of those things that I studied long ago suffer
really does feel relevant to what I do. I just took a while to get there, and I was thinking about that I was writing the notes for today's story. It's about a guy who had a d, major in English and chemistry, and back said he thought, would it be cool? If somehow, I can find a job that combined writing with chemistry, but he never expected it to actually happen. I'll tell you the whole story right after this, after earning an undergraduate degree in chemistry, James Ashen Hearst span a short spelling graduate school, but I didn't much care for it, The best part was leaving to go in a six month trip to the Middle EAST when he got back home, he started applying for jobs, but nothing came of it. Frustrated with the situation. In still having but a savings. He moved in Montreal to spend the summer. You didn't know anyone there. They didn't have a job. So for those two or three months he live like a hermit,
he could do in every one of those lines? It didn't cost a lot of money, so we started paying attention to how he liked to entertain himself and I spent a lot of time going to the library in doing the problem is an organic chemistry textbooks it occurred to him. He should probably spent some time developing the skull because he enjoyed it and was good at it. He joined alive the local university ended up getting a phd in organic chemistry and then did a postal at MIT. At this point, in our story, J, The chemist was on track to get a position in industry or academia, but the two thousand eight economic Recession arrived and his job applications went nowhere, so he did another Bostock. Then he lived in Israel. Then he tried starting a business that also went nowhere. So, once again, he returned to the local library spending more time riding out problems in epochs. That's when he came up with the idea of tutoring organic chemistry online. With two thousand ten, and nobody was doing it then
that not only was no one doing it. Most people thought it was a pretty bad idea: people close to James even some friends and family members said things like who had ever Would it be tutored online that doesn't make any sense what thankfully James ignore them over the next few years, he was able to a good living doing online tutoring, which of course is great, but that's not really what I stories about here. The online tutor Was basically like a day job, there is a good day job. Something he enjoyed, but in his three hours he so worked on a related project, a free wordpress blog. He created on organic chemistry, articles and then use those articles to get search. Traffic to things happened next, first time the blog was getting enough traffic that request for tutoring came dreaming end without him having to seek anyone out. So that was great. You know this inbound source of business and could focus all of his work time on either tutoring or creating, but then even better after
into enough students through thousands of ours of tutoring James had a firm grasp on our common struggles where's the unmet needs in the market. That's when he started creating digital products, writing ebooks and developing a paid membership site for that free blog, his first guy was designed to help students, remember the proper order and sequence for the re agents and organic chemistry. Now I know nothing about chemistry, so James told me to think of reagents like ingredients in a kitchen, you might have a spice rack and your kitchen, not spice rack, has a reckoning. Aw, cinnamon, garlic, etc. What a cook properly you have to know when to use those ingredients- and the same is with the reagents in organic chemistry. So he created this very basic guide was sixty. Eight page pdf You don't even have a real email list at that point, he just had the knee
of a hundred people who had signed up for updates through word press, so he sent an email to them out of a hundred people. Ten of them purchased the guide. You said that opened his eyes to the potential and possibilities of this model. After that everything was fine, straightforward. He began to make different study guides for each course or topic. He'd make sure he understood the problem the students had, then he creates solutions for them and these guys available for purchase on his website. You got better at writing ass. He went along. He got better compiling the products, so the finnish guides were more more helpful to students he throughout this process, slowly organically, no pun intended and overtime. More more people bought them Just now, forty two years old, he has to kids at home and he speaks about his work as an oasis of calm. He used to work from but once the youngest child arrived, he began renting a small office at a co working space, any talks about being surprised, he surprised that he can make a living writing that dumb
major in English and chemistry he tried for awhile worked out. He guessed right and think not a subject, he loves, and it does not answered. Anyone except his readers he's also surprised by the report's he received from his students and readers telling him that they wouldn't it the poorest or wouldn't have gotten a if it weren't for his website he's also surprise. That he can earn money why sleeps you can go away on vacation for several days. Meanwhile, that little website that he had started as a free, Wordpress, Blog Master, organic chemistry, dot com continues to grow, Last night, the site was the number ten most visited chemistry website in the world, with more than seven hundred and eighty three, investors and more than one, wait. Two million page views revenue is on pay for about ten percent annual growth, it is a healthy six figures. Of income and indeed much income arrives while James is asleep. So looking back, he is grateful for the forks and the, that led him to where he is now. He was glad you unable to get a job at first moving overseas. Is travelling in the Middle EAST and then
at summer where he lived as a hermit. It really And to learn more about himself and then lay after he had his phd he's glad that the job market was type into because then he started exploring this world of online tutor. And he was essentially a pioneer in that field. So he's really glad he didn't listen to Those people who said that won't work, nobody there, gonna want that You know sometimes in life when you explore your curiosity and you're willing to try things, you don't know they're gonna work or not you're, just kind of experimenting, which of course is what the role of cider cells is all about it. That's when you make your greatest discoveries, and it was walking that path, making those deliberate choices that lead James to this tremendous success one of them but I thought the story is a great example of not just following a dream, but following the right kind of dream, and collecting not dream to the aspirations and the needs of other people. So what
Your dream is: whatever your aspirations are. Story gets you thinking and as always, I could get you taking action to not just being inspired not just saying like wild us great, but what is waiting out there for me to discover what will my site or something or even my livelihood one day. How will I find that failure discovery or forge it? How do I make it my reality thank you for listening is always I ensuring you. I'm running is critical about this. A scientist.
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