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#1138 - Q&A: Should I hire a graphic designer?


This listener runs an online health coaching company. Her course content needs detailed illustrations, but she’s not an artist. What should she do?

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No one likes to feel stack, especially by your cloud, but the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your absent data anywhere. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM dot com, Last flexible, when you need to get something done, you don't have a scale to do it. What is the best path forward? Is it better to learn that skill, at least to a basic level or get some help from a professional course they answer could be? It depends on. The scale depends on what you're trying to accomplish, but let's get
effect because today's collar runs in online health, coaching company, her course content needs detailed illustrations and she's, not an artist. So what did she do when answer questions in detail and for any other listeners in a similar situation? Also give you a couple of options and tips for solving this problem? Should I hire a graphic designer or learn to do it myself. Hey, my name is unless certain I am from cedar hills. You tat my sight. Hustle is an online health. Protein company called run life.
And another coach teach courses on weight, loss, race, training, wait, training and overall wellness our course content is developed in house and we often find the need for custom graphic design. For example, illustrations of the body with certain muscle groups highlighted progress, charts meal plans and worksheets. The problem is that I am not skilled at graphic design, so my question is: should I put in the time and money and learn to design myself, or should I contract out? My graphic design means I want to leverage my current skill set, but my path to income has a huge hurdle. When I think of pay someone else to do all my design work thanks. So much for taken. My question talk to you later, Chris. Thank you so much less so glad you're out there. Now, when I think about this question, it sounds
We like the design and illustrations needed here are pretty important like are not secondary or supplemental. It seems like kind of critical to the whole process and I don't think it's the easiest thing to learn to draw parts of the body with different muscle groups, highlighted in all those things that you mention. In fact, it sounds pretty heart cells hard to me at least, and even though I know it's a hurdle to think about paying someone else. In this instance, it seems like the right approach since you're just getting started, hiring someone from a platform, Upward or fibre might be the best bet that can be very affordable. I'm almost certain that you can find someone in the low budget there and to do so like you're, a couple of tips about this go to one of those sites. Let's say it's up, work and search for design or illustrate
what have you like for? You have the option to only work with freelancers, in the? U S or throughout the world, and if costs is a big concern, you definitely to be open to working with someone from anywhere. You can list your project forbidding or you can look you lots of profiles and portfolios to approach the person directly, and in this case I would suggest the first option like listing your project, opening it up forbids so right, a detailed description of what you're. Looking for the more specific, the better come back to that then, after a few days, you should have a number of project bits in there. You can look here and see someone's portfolio begin communication and have already set up front. What you're budget is that person has been a specific amount. So all that should be pretty clear. The best case scenario here is it you'll find someone you can work with for a long time and it isn't totally unusual like I know, people that have found somebody through this.
Way or platform in and gone to work within four months or years. However, even if that doesn't work, you should be able to solve your pressing problem without spending a lot of money, but here's one more thing that might help instead of trying to learn graphic design, which is a profession of its own minister, what people go to school for four years, you know learn to improve your visual literacy. Lorries should be able to communicate better in terms of your preferences. What you're? Looking for the better you can communicate both your initial direction and any feedback that better results, you'll, see and also the lower cost. You'll have is something that I have had to improve on over the years, because I'm not a designer, then it beginning. I would look at something somewhat had done and I could Oh you know, maybe it was on the right track. Where did some more work for it? It was the wrong direction entire and I knew that, but I wasn't gonna communicating why and the more you can improve. As I said, the better results, you'll see
so over the years, even though I haven't develops in a row, graphic design skills. I've been able to improve in terms of my ability to communicate what I like and don't like what I would like to see and so on that will definitely help. Last but not least, given I always say it's good to start by spending is little money as possible in the long term for a lot of businesses. I do think it is important to invest in quality design and web development. It can make for a much better user experience at least over time, and it allows you to level out so consider that as your project gets going, thank you, listen and good luck. Listeners if you have a question just come to satisfy Skoda, com slashed questions, what we featuring them throughout the year, along with updates and other listeners as they launch or develop their projects. This has been episode Levin thirty eight marked out another throwback Thursday slash. Where are they now segment? You d want to visit, you sure you subscribed. Might Avis preschool about. This is cited in school
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