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#1166 - Q&A: Is it okay to use SquareSpace for my new website?


This listener is getting ready to start his project, but is wondering about which website platform to choose. He’d like to use SquareSpace—is that a good idea?

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This episode is brought to you by the new podcast, go and see hosted by Malcolm Gladwell. It's a six part series focused on Lexus and their philosophy of gin, Cheech and Bhutto, which means go and see for yourself. Find out how a japanese t ceremony influenced the engineering of a car window, how the sound of an Engine is tune like a musical composition to elicit emotions. How you're standing samurai warriors eyes led to a suspension, innovation, Gladwin means that no detail has left behind and that a car company can learn more about cars by studying people. Followed logo on his journey starting march. Fifth, wherever you liked to listen and visit Lexus dot com. Last curiosity for more stories like these twenty six days to go until the monetary is life to check it out, money, trees, like tat com, and this week we have two questions about building websites over the past twenty years.
I probably have thirty or more websites. No idea with top account has been at least thirty, and this is the number of websites have actually made for some kind of project that was publicly revealed. Not just you know, failed ideas for Darts domains are registered that I never did anything with, etc, and even though I dont build websites myself, I don't you design. I only know very basic, And I have learned a lot along the way through trial and error, the Good NEWS about choosing a platform for Europe. Site is isn't there aren't many mistakes. It can make at least not many that you can easily recover from. If you do decide to switch to something else, later kind of falls into the category of what I call reversible decisions, if a decision is reversible, there aren't many Sequences you now for realising that you weren't you something else later. Then it's not something! You need to spend much time worrying about. Still there are things you should know in the front end that might make it easier later. So you'd like to save time, work more efficiently. You might appreciate the question we have today from Ryan
hi. This is Ryan from Fort Collins, and I have been listening to the show for a couple months after our friend recommended it, I'm hoping to launch my side hustle soon in them wondering if it's ok to use square space You ve talked about using word, press a law and I think you mentioned some other services. Well, I've been looking at square space and it seems easier to me Is there any reason why I shouldn't use it for my new business thanks Chris, and I look forward to hearing from Ryan. Thank you so much for listing port, HANS, I believe you said and short version is it's totally ok, others Absolutely no reason at all that you should not use square space if it seems easier to you if you like it, go for it square spaces, helped a lot of people, including many of our listeners in a number of the future case. Studies that I have brought you over the years so no problem there whatsoever. I've heard some people say they ve had couple.
She's with migrating between different square space sites as cover the OIE concern. I have ever heard, and personally I prefer word press partly because I've been using it for a decade myself, that's what many of my websites have been built on and off because a lot of programmers are familiar with. Building on that platform, there's also a lot of free plugins that allow you to do all kinds of stuff and thousands of free and low cost themes that you can start with an and customize that said there, our competitors and square spaces, one of them. They have really focused on creating a visually appealing in also visually functional, in terms of just being able to kind of move things around. Without getting into our code, just a process that some people do find more intuitive, there's also wicks. They built a sponsor the show, by the way, the past just to be transparent, but Wicks Dotcom, promo code, hustle, I've heard good things about them. So I think I know what it comes down to is that when it comes to choosing the best platform for your website like a lot of things, the best advice is, if you're, really stock. If you really kind of
fighting back and forth and spending a long time trying to decide just pick something because it is a solvable problem, it is a reversible decision. If you change your mind later more important to think about your idea. Your offer your market, all that kind of stuff. So right can perceive a competence, and I hope that you perceive a conference to whenever it is you're working on it or try to make this kind of decision or, if you're a bit further along or if you're, still trying to figure out. What am I going to do? You know? It's all right, we're in beginning part of the year still, and my hope is that, with everything that's coming throughout the rest of the year is going to help and support you make progress on your goals are right. We gotta question comes a sizeable Skoda, coms last questions, as you may have noticed what we featuring them throughout the year.
An episode eleven sixty six tomorrow, we got a special throwback Thursday come in your way and, of course much more to come. My name is critical about this is site us, what. From the onward projects,.
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