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In this week’s “Throwback Thursday / Where are they now?” segment, we hear from a university administrator who creates a sustainable full-time income from teaching guitar. 

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Welcome to throwback Thursday slash. Where are they now, where we take an in depth? Look if someone whose story has evolved considerably, since we first Beecher them an excited about today's episode has got some very practical advice. I wasn't very personal and by some that I'm in a comment on as well the I now first year at the top of the show I want to give a shut out to a friend of mine, were meet safety. Our meat is somewhat known for about a decade. Now he writes the blog. I will teach you to be rich and well. I guess it used to be a blog. Now it's a bit Buddy he's got a number of information products and courses that he sells, and I know
it s really good works. We set a new course out called herbal, I'm not an affiliate for this course. I don't benefits, and anyway, I'm just giving in to shut out, because he does good work. The animal courses, openness, weak, going to check it out. Go too, I w t dot com, slash, earn as item eighteen outcome, slash earn and if you look at it later, there will probably be await lest her something so anyway shuts remit keep up the good work and for our programme today in our latest feature throwback Thursday will hear from a university administrator who creates a sustainable full time, income from teaching guitar I remember when I first heard about Jake story. I was a little sceptical, because so many people play guitar like must be realised. A lotta guitar teachers out there in the world in some ways in Qatar, guitar lessons
The lessons in general are kind of a commodity. However, he approached it systematically by applying some basic marketing principles, including good copy writing, messaging and you're, just being reliable and solid and ended up far surpassing the vast majority of other teachers. So, as I said some practical lessons here, actually it's been a while he's got some updates, including a personal one, about the stress and anxiety of starting a small business that I really appreciated hearing about. So, as I said it s a couple things about that at the end as well, but first, let's hear directly from Jake important time is right. Now, if you ve got a small business aside, hustle produce your own podcast. Whatever it is, you do. These moments happen all the time their happening right now having a business card that shows how professional you are in your pocket, ready to hand out is the first step to making something happened.
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so we ask you one last question: what's your favorite security solution, learn more about how you can improve your security are shared with the leader and identity, driven security at Oxford, DOT, com, slash the answer: that's ok, tee a dot com, slash the answer, my name is Jake Pasco, I'm from Annapolis Maryland and I own Severn River Music and seven river guitar dot com. I was in episode twenty three after going at the lot of other site, hustle ideas, things like e books or my services a kind of stone into guitar lessons. I wasn't really that great of a guitar player, to begin with, but I've been plain guitar since I was maybe fourteen or fifteen years old, and I just needed to be good enough to teach beginners had a play So if I had a seven year old student with no experience, I could handle teaching them as a good teacher. Just not great
our player. So I put an add on Craigs list and Maybe you, Google ads and after a few weeks I got my first student and just kept growing since then, since I was speeches on the show. I've tried to remove myself from the actual teaching of weapons as much as possible. So now the focus is on passive income strategies. I tried a contract out my music lessons. I do affiliate sales on my website that sort of thing, so I theoretically have more time to focus on other projects Like my writing, and my music, the biggest challenge is managing anxiety. When you run a business alone, it is tough and it is isolating. I don't think enough. Current entrepreneurs or people with side hustles talk about the downsides of running your own business. It is not glamorous, it can be depressing and stressful.
Even more so for people starting a business because they're typically doing it on their own. They don't have colleagues or a staff that they can work with her bounce ideas. Off of so it ends up being really isolating. It's not a fun thing to talk about, but I think it's an extremely important things. In addressing. This is absolutely not meant to discourage you from starting your own site hustle. It's meant to prepare. For it. So when you hit a wall of anxiety or depression, and you will hit one of those walls- probably multiple times your better prepared to deal with it and move on, so you will be successful as far as advice for One who is interested in starting aside hustle like mine, specifically anything That is a service based side hustle. It is super easy to get started. Here's what you do I'll give you three steps step. One figure out what your service is for me Gee music, for you could be walking dogs. There could be personal training. It can also be teaching music step to give yourself thirty two.
That'll be your timeframe step. Three just advertised as much as your budget allows start with free stuff like Craigslist adds Facebook. Groups are messaging, email or call all of your family and friends tell them what you're doing reached out to businesses that cater to your clientele For me, it was schools I would reach out to music teachers and tell them that I was available to teach private lessons if they had students interested. You could do low cost options as well like flyers or Facebook ads or Google adds. The important thing is that you do it a little. Each day they won poster gradual, sad day to put fires up around. Of state three open your Google ad account. You have to make an ad just open the account just little step every day and don't supper thirty days After thirty days, you will have your first client. If you don't, then your side, hustle idea, probably won't work, which is ok,
now, you know that you can want to another idea, just rents and repeat the process until you find something that works. The whole point of the exercise is to validate whether or not your site hustle can work. If you find that after thirty days, you're coming up totally dry with no clients, you gotta to stop and think whether Not your business idea is viable again totally. Ok, it's not! It could mean a market. Just isn't there not your fault, just move on to something else. All right, I'm back now, isn't it interesting that Jake says first of all, a start from the top says. I wasn't really that greater guitar player to begin with, for me just goes to show the technical mastery isn't the main qualification of a successful music teacher. And really when allowed him to grow his business in charge more in see his schedule fill up to the point where he could do a full time and make a good income was. First of all, by learning more about being a good teacher. So being a good teacher, let's say as more important than being an excellent musician
and then by marketing his business creatively, What about that a lot more in the side of a book and told his story? He was just a really good at thinking outside the box and you just kind of create this grandiose copyrighted style. He called his guitar lessens the best Qatar. Lessons in the universe which, of course, is just catchy and memorable, and then he was solid. Unreliable and cap raising his rights as he went along now. He had some great practical advice, naturally step plan. I wanted to focus a bet on what he said about anxiety and depression and feeling isolated. So, first of all, thank you Jake for sharing that I try to talk about it once in a while as well and if you're out their experiencing something like this, you know understand from Jake story from by story other people, it is somewhat common.
But I say Communist sought to make light of it. It's just going to show you that you're, not the only one. You know, I think it's especially common or especially made a commoner universal, but like it's not unusual when you're making a transition from the world of structured employment and also, if you add some responsibilities on top of that, like Jake, has a family, for example, when you responsible for more than just yourself Then this can be isolating and you can have a sense of the weight of the world is on my shoulders and I'm feeling stocking there's nobody. I can talk to and such, and so I think the first thing is, you know acknowledge when this happens right just acknowledge it, you know, don't try to pretend, not there and then try to understand. Maybe just ask yourself like: why do I feel this way? Is it situational or is a general if its situational? That means there is a specific instance. You can point to a circumstance. We're like this is what I'm anxious about it. This in our resolve itself that I won't be anxious anymore. This client, a lot of money and I haven't paid up and am worried
No they're not going to pay or it's gonna, be a hassle to try to get the money that situational anxiety. You have its general you're, just as I said feeling the way to the world. You might have a sense of sadness or loneliness. You know something else. However, you describe it how it feels and when not occurs. It's not usually a practical problem is not necessarily a side. Hustler question necessarily, even though its opposite connected to your work. I would encourage you first of all to understand, like everyone, you know, is fighting a hard battle in the past three years of my life in particular, therapy is made a big difference. For me, not person might not be a business professional but can still have maybe even bigger pics. Maybe even more of an impact on whatever you're going through, and I try not to bring my therapeutic processing stories and dishonest school too much. But I just know that some people have these kinds of struggles and
can be a much bigger deal them like. How do I set up my email list? You know or what is the best copyright, precis use and so on. So if the shoe fits where it, you know, if not more stuff is coming up, I think to Mars episode is about buying items for resell. It play markets, gotta big community out there doing all kinds of it. Stuff! Thank you again, Jake! Twenty twenty is our Europe interaction. If you have a question like to update us about your hustle you're, like a free guitar lesson, perhaps you'd like a free state, the date invitation to my upcoming bookstore waste. I've got that good. A monetary book dot com has come to satisfy schooled outcomes. Last questions today show no it's including links to Jake's project. Anything else I mentioned, are etc. So school dot com slash eleven eighty one, one one eight wipe it thanks
to be strong out there. This is critical about poor cycles, will score. From the onward projects.
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