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#1189 - Q&A: What do you think about Shopify?


Today’s caller has noticed a lot of people using Shopify to sell products. It looks easy to set up … but is it the best option?

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Here's a new podcast, I'm excited to share with you produced by the team behind revisionist history. Go and see is a six part series focused on Lexus and the philosophy of gin, Cheech and boots up, which means go and see for yourself an idea that stems from the belief that if you experience something yourself, you have a better understanding of people and how to create something for them. In the series, Lexus invites Gladwell to Japan to discuss Unconventional thinking first hand find out how a japanese t ceremony influence the engineering of a car window. How undressed A samurai warriors eyes led to a suspension, innovation and more follow the journey story. March. Fifth, wherever you like to listen, visit, Lexus, DOT, com, slashed curiosity for more stories like these job- I have seen tremendous growth in the past couple of years.
Used to be that I would mention them along with maybe three or four other companies doing something similar. They aren't you, commerce, provider of lighting, a website set up and sell something right away. Kind of like the Coca COLA of E commerce providers, or maybe Google a better analogy in the sense that, if you think about search engines in Google is a search engine, there are other search engines, but how many others? Could you really name right so shop? If I has done a tremendous job becoming a market leader reaching lots of customers. But who are they a good fit for who? Might they not be a good fit for what I think of them in general? That's what today's color wants to know so shut up the pros and cons in today's episode
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to security, octet Naples innovations to choose any technology integrated rapidly and deliver a security solution that provides a seamless experience without making it harder for your employees, often not only push security forward, but it pushes your business As well so we Ask you one last question: what's your favorite security solution learn more about how you can improve security, PA shared with the leader and identity, Jovan Security at Octoo, dot, com, slash the answer: that's ok, tee a dot com, slash the answer progress. This is very from Nashville, and I've been following the shell for the past couple of years in love, this new format would you think about shop of. I have noticed a lot of people using shop, a five for their business. It looks easy the east up, but you have an opinion on it. What should I be aware of? If I go that route for an e commerce hustle,
banks, and I look forward to hearing from you Possum. Thank you. So much very glad you are enjoying the show and yeah. Let's talk about, Papa, I just the headline long, don't read too long, don't listen! My opinion is the sacrifice great. Actually, we have a partner offer with them. If you go to shop aside outcome, slash site hustle, you can get a twenty one day, free trial which is usually better than any public offer they have. So you can get an extra week of a free trial by using that link. But of course, if you prefer, you can just sign up directly justified outcome. And I am happy to recommend, because so many of our listeners have had a good experience with them. I described him, as an economist solution provider, meaning that they offer a shop heart, they offer their own payment processing, etc. But it's really more than just that. It could be your whole website, the front end and- and they have a lot of neat plugins- you probably encountered as a customer on various sites that you shop, if I
whether you realize it are not one of the most common ones? That's not! Actually, I think it's almost becoming too common in the sense that it might not be as effective going forward, because some people using it, but it was really neat when it first came out. Was this kind of discount we'll thing that showed up and he would go to one of these sites that using shop a by and there'd be a little pop up window? That's like hey, spend the wheel, and you know you'll get ten percent off or you'll get a certain dollar amount for there, some other promotion. So let's just one example of something really interesting and doesn't require a lot of expertise on your end to install a get set up, which is one of the best parts about using a service like Sabbath? I, because it's a visual interface, you can work with even if you're, not a quarter. Shoplift is particularly good at anything product based, so not services as much as a product based business that scales, because it automatically keeps up with your inventoried. So when I say product based bitten,
So when I say product based business, it scales, I mean the kind of business. That's not selling, just one off items, kind of business recite us all, that's selling something that people can purchase over and over, for example, it could be clothing, collectibles, art, Prince journals, yoga mats. These are just a few things that people we have featured on the show have, used shop. If I saw ass for downsides, it is highly customizable, but perhaps not as customizable as you know, just building directly on word, press or another platform. If you are a quarter or want to go that route, work, you're working with a particular case, old programmer and also its the monthly subscription- that's probably thing like. If you use a low cost hosting plan like our hosting partner, they cost four dollars a month right. So you can actually have your website for forty five dollars a month shovel. If I start around twenty nine dollars a month and of course it goes up and there they have different price terrorism packages, and so on
That's is something to be aware of, but in terms of a service itself, nothing at all wrong with it. Many of our future case to these have used it to great success some happy to recommend it again. Our offer is achieved by dot com, slash site, or course you can just go to record a shovel fight com. If you prefer Stars. If you have a question come to satisfy school dot. Last questions will be featuring them. Rob a year along with updates from other listeners as they launch their projects thanks so much money in this critical about this is side us explore. from the onward projects.
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