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#119 - “Cosplay” Photographer Earns $47,000 from Epic Star Wars Portraits


A Texas photographer combines his love for art and science fiction to add magic to his photography specializing in cosplay and all things geek.

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Hey there what's up. This is critical about here: onsite us well school every. The show, I tell you a different story of someone who start income generating project without cutting their day job. I believe that everyone need aside hustle, If you listen to the show and take action and what you learn a monopoly, before I'm telling your story- and I know we have a lot of photographers who listen to the shop way back started on episode. Nine, I told you the story of a guy called the Craigslist wedding photographer. Learn how to shoot weddings by posting an ad on Craigslist sizes, day job working for the state of California and he does one wedding a month for something like three thousand five hundred dollars. So that's pretty cool, but one of you, dog refer and you don't wanna do weddings. While the story I'm gonna tell you today is a pretty fun approach. It a guy who combines his love for art and science fiction to created. Let us specializing in the performance art known as cosplay and iconic stories.
Like STAR Wars and Harry Potter, I'll tell you all about it in just a moment by his own account twenty eight year old atm technician, Daniel grow is a total nerd as a kid he loved space, movies and futuristic tv shows, even when he He sought out all things. I find fantasy anything the push imagination and stressed when he thought was possible. If you got him started talk about star wars, for example. He might not stop and ass. He was growing up the so started taking photos with the family camera a bulky three megapixel Sony, Daniel we found that he had an eye for composition and he also discuss by playing around with his images in Photoshop, he could add his own artistic element to them.
So ass I got older. His photography became an expression of the way he saw the world his first ever paid. Photography, shoot came in high school for a friend That friend paid him twenty dollars for his services, then Daniel. Go to lunch, which cost fourteen dollars so the end, it wasn't a highly profitable day. He made exactly six dollars, but then he went to college. At that point he had invested in a better camera and he felt his quality was high enough to where he could charge a bit more than six dollars. So he created Daniel. Ro Photography he began by taking any job that people would offer any still fairly flexible, but The time has come to specialise in combining his love of photography and that of science fiction and fantasy to let his inner nerd shine through the images. In fact, he's become known for his car.
Play and star wars themed shoots if you haven't have caused by before it combines the words costume and play. It is a performance art where people dress up as their favorite characters from books, movies and classic stories like Harry Potter, star wars, red writing, hood many others. Daniel takes photographs. Cosplay events then spend hours at it, He is a popular freeware program called blunder where he designs, computer generated models to incorporate light, sabres, magical energy fields, starships and other special effects. He's even done a star wars, themed wedding shoot that this trend of adults dressing up to play make believe has become less time over the past decade or so Daniel sees it more more people have some geek in them, or perhaps they have some good there now willing to acknowledge this. Daniel likes to do but also profitable. That's why decide us all? In twenty, At any rate about six thousand dollars in twenty fifteen, it was six
ten thousand dollars twenty. Sixteen was right around twenty thousand dollars and will see what happens next, but it's probably fair to say that Daniel has come a long way from that six dollar, commission and most of his costs in this business in bought his time that nice camera yeah cost about to die dollars, but he doesn't by a lot of other gear on an ongoing basis, so his regular there are almost non existent. He uses online services and free programmes for online storage, He manages its own website. He relies on word of mouth referrals instead of advertising. But again, as I said, he invest a lot of time in it. He says for every shooting he spent about one to three hours, editing and when he comes home from work usually spends a couple of hours. Maintaining the business one struggle has been deciding how to value his work. In response to this challenge and in Fashion Daniel his design, a mathematical formula in Microsoft, excel that considers various parameters, including the
as for photography and editing, also the cost of gas, depending on how far yes to drive for the gig and various other factors. Project has brought a lot of freedom to his life. He put his profits toward a down payment on a house and whenever he encountered surprise expenses like medical bills or car repairs, he says it's no longer a big hit to his by Daniel hope to keep growing this hustle, while maintaining a balance between photography for work and photography. He does just for himself I mentioned. The Daniel is an atm technician that his day job and as part of that he has to drive all over the state to fix ATM while he's doing that, he spent his time listening to podcast, including cider, so school, thanks Daniel your awesome and is also able to scope out unique locations, pursuit, For he says this allows him to get a free education while he's doing his day job, and it helps him to pushes photography further. By finding nontraditional locations and opportunities. He wouldn't have spotted otherwise that indeed a real life superpower
I thought that was a fun story and is Daniel noted that brother penis, gone from being kind of a net tribal identity to being more of a mainstream interest or pursuit. When I was a kid I love to play video games and some of my friends, games, but I didn't know lot of adults at dead. There was interesting, my generation grew up these days. It's trolling for people of all ages to play games. In fact, reading a few years ago when they move A billion dollar videogame industry surpass that of the movie industry. That was almost a benchmark or a maid. Or some kind of moment in time that signified the shift in so something like cosplay. It's also a world within a world like that. It's not nearly as big as something like STAR wars itself. You may not have heard of it before I had heard of it before researching this episode, but I didn't really a lot about it. So it's definitely not huge or mainstream, but it has enough true fans that its also definitely not small. So these kind of operator
it is. They are right for someone with the right talent and appreciation for the genre to start a profitable project. In fact, Daniel mentioned his net income for a couple of years. But since beginning the project and focusing on I play and fantasy he's made a total of forty seven thousand dollars. That's not surprising to me all! I think, and probably going to do a lot more. I can envision events. Some kind of crowd funding campaign much more social media popularity and all sorts of extensions, not just for Daniel, but any one kind of operating in this world and again he could just be a good photographer he could make money doing weddings or something else, but the specific focus is what may, his work more and more valuable, because it's interesting now speaking interesting. I hope you enjoy this episode. I haven't made you think what I cosplay or not, I hope, you're working on own side, hustle I've been here A lot of rigour stories recently when it some kind compilation at some point, some of the people who live, the shop who have already launched their project- or
made a lot of progress, and if you just joining or you're still in the idea phase. That's awesome too we're on a journey, but hopefully there is actually actually destination. He'd like to see Daniels work, work about cosplay just come over to decide: hustle school dot, com, slash one nineteen one, one nine If you'd like to leave a comment or question for the show, give me a call on a hustle hotline at eight thousand four hundred and forty nine hussel I'm crystal about this- is Titusville School and I'll. See you tomorrow.
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