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#1194 - Q&A: How to find target markets for livestreaming business events?


Today’s caller is working on providing livestreaming content creation services for small businesses and events. How can he find a niche or target market to focus on?

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I M excited to welcome our new sponsor to the programme at key. We come what is key. Why fun getting a subscription box in the mail recently, this is unlikely subscription box. I've ever seen. It is a science and art subscription Box for kids tested by kids more funding than any game they can play as apparent it can be hard, creative, a new things to keep your kids busy and challenged outside of school, especially right now outside of school right, where a school at home for lots people, he Rico, is redefining play with hands on projects that build confidence, creativity in critical thinking, skills, there's something for every kid or kid at heart. At key, we come get your first month free on. Rates at key coda, slash, hustle, that's K. I w I c o dot com, slash hustle,. What's up welcome, methodical school, this is critical about just why this,
day, two of publication of the book money tree? That's my book, the money tree story about finding the fortune in your own backyard. I'm going to say this day to or day three of book tour planned on being in San Francisco, LOS Angeles, San, Diego Denver, Chicago Portland and so on and so on. But I max going to be in zero cities and set a forty or technically. I will be in one Nevertheless, I've been having a great time talking with lots of people. I did numerous interviews yesterday I was on local tv. I did some instrument. Live and its and Facebook live, I haven't Youtube. Channel Youtube. Jack harms less critical about where I am streaming new ideas for finding opportunities in this time of uncertainty. So I look forward to just getting the message out about the book but, more importantly, not getting the message out about what people can do as we navigate this time of chaos and destruction. I really do believe that, in the midst of chaos and disruption, a lot of powerful ships are going to come about a lot of people going to make some really big changes, so
in that place, I want to do everything I can to support you in that. Ok, so today we ve got a culinary episode. Color is working on providing live streaming, content creation, services for small businesses and events. How can I find a niche or target market to focus on? That's all talk about in this effort It is a rapidly changing world out there. As we all know, it is environment we're all gonna, be buying more stuff online than ever before. If you aren't e commerce seller, this is directly relevant. Are you ready to meet the demands of our new delivery culture? All our friends at shipstation, dot com would love to help, get you ready. They want to do so with a free trial. So right now that offer listeners can try. Shipstation free for sixty days when you use off
We must all make sure your business is ready to meet the demands of delivery. Culture get started a chip stationed icon today, just click the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in hustle. That is ship stationed. I come with offer coat hustle ship station make ship happen was good Greece. This is Leland from Muskingum Michigan Zion Hustle School is an awesome resource in a great inspirational tool to myself and others. Here, I'm rain and get my science hustle started, and I think I found one I'm working on providing large dreaming content creation, services or small business start ups, as well as small events. My question to you today is: do you have any ideas or insight ass to the potential measures in these two categories?
nations that I could possibly take advantage of right away and get this hustle up and running thanks again Chris and I'm looking forward to your insight. What's good Leland. Thank you so much for listing up in Michigan monsieur and I believe you mentioned I'm going be in Detroit at some point, which I realize is kind of. Like outlets listen Chicago not next to each other, but still I am doing my best now. Let's talk your question: I wasn't a hundred percent sure what you meant by the content creation part so this wrong. Let me know what follow up, but when I think about lives, training services live streaming, start ups and small businesses and small events. When I think about first is what do these start? Ups or events need like what is their specific need? It's going to be met through the service, because you know these days, anyone can live stream with their phone. Using Facebook LIVE Instagram live periscope, twitter, Tick.
Life? That's the thing! The other point is any number of services can do this on a very basic on moderated, know diy. Why basis? Ok, now what Leland proposes here, I'm pretty sure at least, is something more thoughtful and structure than that which is going to keep this in mind. Anyone can do basic live streaming, so What is legally gonna do different and better. I also think he's on the right track with trying to home in on a niche or target market since small business and events start ups. All those words can mean a lot of different things. So what are my ideas? Based on how I understand the question I thought about start up product launches. I didn't event in Austin once during sought by South West were actually went to speak at a start accident. They were producing a new product in doing this big launch and they were doing some kind of live streaming for it. They wanted to reach as many people as possible. They wanted to show some behind seen stuff. They brought in gas speakers, including myself cup.
The people, I believe so that's the kind of thing with her trying to get as much reach as possible and they might benefit from having a more produced. You know, live stream format. I also thought about In the same vein, product demos, to show businesses, new product or service, to virtual of yours, I'm kind of an extension of existing social media just a bit more formal, a bit more deliberate, and at last I thought about educational intentions from organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, events like creative mornings or similar, then use or spaces like we work or impact up or local corking spaces. And you're the revenue model there could be a sponsor model psych here I am with this live stream, brought to you by so and so right. I think you also have to answer a couple of questions in the service design here we're thinking about your naturally thinking about what is this business model? First of all, why will people want to watch alive stream of this content? Where will the audience come from and again? How can you do this better,
Someone holding up a phone in posting it on any social network, actually think there are good answers to those questions, or at least there could be good answers, so they aren't something that should hold you back, just something you want to think through as part of designing a service Alright, thanks again man, good luck and let me know what happens listeners if you got a question. It yourself come to Saudis. Will school dot com questions just what we're featuring him throughout the year, along with updates from other listeners, as they launched their projects fisheries subscribe it is it completely free can listen wherever you get your your casts. My name is critical about this is so Let us. From the onward projects.
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