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#1232 - Q&A: How to manage multiple side hustles?


Today’s caller is starting to publish public domain titles as e-books, but she already makes money restoring furniture. How should she best use her limited free time? 

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hello, hello fights of welcome today we're gonna collar, who is wondering very common question: how to manage multiple side hustles, specifically, where to invest ones time limited free time we should say, because all of us have limited time but especially those who listen to the show. I said from day one that my market is busy people, so there are at least three different approaches to this conundrum in a short period of time. Eyes, you're busy I'll give you a ride down of all three: how to manage multiple side. Hustles stated,
hi there. This is Angela from Toronto. I've been listening to the show since you're too, and have bench listen to the episodes I originally missed. I was inspired by Erin from episode, nine hundred and six and have started working on publishing public domain titles as ebook. My question for this hassle is how to determine how to best use my time I'm a full time school principle and already have an income generating site, hustle, restoring and refinishing furniture. If I spend time on the books, I am not able to spend time on my other side hustle. How do people handled multiple site, hustle projects things Chris, I'm looking forward to hearing from you Thank you so much Angela, I'm so glad out there and I for one and impressed with your ability to do all these things, especially being a full time school principle. So this is one of those topics
how there is no single answer for everyone saw, could be three approaches. For both Angela and our listeners, maybe just kind of listen to these set with them and see, ok, which one is best for me or perhaps, which one is best for me now, because it might change her time, ok, so approach number one is start with many narrow to one. So your new to this world, your experimenting, you got several different ideas. You try different things all we normal and over time. What you're probably going to see is that you're better at some of them than others. You're, getting a better response, some of them than others what you learn along the way will inform decisions and make you think. I'm actually don't wanna do that right now or this other thing is, is really cool. It's gonna take off or I'm really just enjoying putting the time on it. So you start with many and over time you like. Ok, I'm gonna go along with this
and when I say all I don't mean you know if you're risking your life savings in years of your life, I just mean like ok for the next month or two for the foreseeable future you're going to make your focus approach. Number two is kind of the opposite start with one and then add as you go, if you can, So in this case, you work on one project for a while, and then you see just like what actual is doing here. What you're capacity is Furthermore, you may learn that it's totally manage aborted you two or more psychics, or you may discover that it's either not good for you personally, just kind of burning you out, I'm taking all of your time and energy or one project ends up suffering at the expense of the other. So you know in that case you probably do to make some choices, because life is all about choices for always choosing one way or another, but the only way you
that information is by trying to add something and then seeing what happens. Lastly, approach number three is just kind of recognizing that to everything there is a season, so you might have multiple projects going on you're, not necessarily trying to you know, split the time. Fifty slash fifty and factoring to get specific about sketch what time do you spend on each project and recognized? It probably won't be that even balance there's a time and a place to release print on a project and say: okay, I'm going to spend all my you know, limited free, on my side a little time at least this month on this furniture, restoring business or on listing the public domain ebooks or whatever else it is, and then up you're probably go back the other thing and continue to monitor what happens with the first one and then will evaluate from there. I was thinking about this myself from my own process. Recently I started working on another course per linked in
on three courses with them. So far we ve got a couple more coming out and when they approached me to do this new one I was like wow. You know. I don't know if this is the greatest season in the world for me to work on it, because I'm quite busy with other stuff, but I I find the process of working on these things enjoyable So in this case I was able to spend a few hours outlining not totally diving into the whole thing, but just kind of outlining and was still. Well, to finish the other work I had my plate that week, so I just think of it s kind of a sees nothing for myself later I'll, be able to to dive it and actually write the material for the course now, but for now I can kind of just did my telling the water so to speak. Our actual I thank you again so much for listing of cheering Johan. Whatever happens listeners, if you ve got a question, come to satisfy school dot com, slash questions will be featuring them throughout the year. We also have to hear updates from listeners
as they launched their projects, so keep those emails coming. Keep the voice not coming signing offer. Now. My name is critical about this is sight all school. From the onward projects.
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