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#1247 - PR Pro Writes Herself Into Screenwriting Career


An “only for fun” romance novel leads to a multiple six-figure side gig writing real-life screenplays for this PR and marketing whiz.

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What's outside of hospital listeners trans community of your doing, ok, we're everywhere in the world, we have reached the end of the month for those living in real time the end of May twenty twenty episode at twelve forty seven. How are you remember time how you remember the season when you look back or what would you think of and for me These days I am regrouping. I'm trying to more experiments do my best to plan, I think about bigger things instead of just grinding along. What do you mean these six months from now. Are you wanna be a year from now? I try to think about that stuff. A lot, because the decisions you make today will affect the options available to you in the future. To something I try to remind myself. As I said so, I pass on to you as well now entered a story. And only for fun. Romance novel leads to a multiple six, bigger side. Gig writing real life screenplays this pr and marketing whips. This is another career.
And to pursue that passion project. Once you go down the road of adventure, you don't always know we're gonna end up I was left hearing about people who start something just as an experiment, and then you know at least says something so much better. Happened in my life and want to different ways. So perhaps there something for you to take away as well pr pro write yourself into screen writing career. That story is coming up after this message from our sponsor today. Every answer matters within ever before, because whether it's about health deliveries of finance, some things Just can't wait! That's why IBM sobbing businesses manage millions of calls texts and chat with Watson Assistant its Congress Personally, I designed to help your customers finding answers. They need faster, no matter the industry, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM Dotcom, Slash, Watson, assistant, to learn more
Melissa. Sarah was growing up. She had a dream of writing soap operas, but life took her in a bit of a different direction. She did up working in marketing pr For a time she took her work on the road spinning three years travelling around the? U S and an army with her husband and their three docks. Eventually, they settled down in Napa, California, two beautiful area, but also a bit isolated and militia, suddenly had some free time to entertain herself. She decided to start working on a romance novel just for fun. She never intended to share the book publicly. It was purely for amusement, should write chapters and send them along to a few friends. Things kept up like this until one day, while business allay for our work. Appointment, Melissa picked up a book called the copy book.
Screenwriter. The buck teaches you to write a screenplay and little many bursts of about ten minutes a day. That's got her thinking, their private novel become a public tv show entreat most about the book and immediately went to work. A few months later she had a draft of a pilot she reached out to the author of the book and shared her writing. The author had worked a senior story, analyse per dream works and gave her glowing feedback She told us a her. Writing was just as good as some professional screenwriters she team working in Hollywood for years. That's when Melissa started thinking. Maybe this was something she could pursue seriously. She lined up copy dates, show runners directors producers and other writers anyone who is going to share their time a few those people gave well intentioned but discouraging advice. Telling her not to bother trying to break into the stream. Writing this. It's nearly impossible to get noticed or be successful. Other scholarship, To gradually work her way up the ladder, and it would take years
before anyone even looked at a script, she'd written her head began to spend where they right. This is just a pipe dream for weeks she felt pretty bombed. But Melissa had one more meeting with a guy. She really respect it. A long time tv industry, veteran most are told, somebody about she'd been given, and he shook his head and told her to ignore all those people in just keep riding right a script. It's really good. He said because good work usually gets found was the left that meeting ablaze with renewed excitement she threw herself into screen writing working in the mornings at night on weekends. She even scheduled work where she could write more to receive tons of rejections, but there is also some interest, and within a year she got offered her first paid writing dick and original movie for the lifetime network. Just like her mentor promised good work caught pound things happen quickly from there
Whenever mentor introduce Melissa to a literary agent, my started working together with his help she sold an original tv series called addicted loosely based on our own dark experiences with pharmaceuticals. Her first movie girl, followed premier it in April to seventeen on lifetime? She almost cried when she saw her name on screen for the first time since then, she's had four additional screenplays produced and, while the specific payments of a screen running contractor confidential, we can safely say that she's not bringing in six figures a year. Things have shifted with their marketing work too. She now teaches companies and entrepreneurs how to incorporate screen running techniques into their messaging and content with their business model. Now, at seventy percent screen running and thirty percent consulting bringing the best part the experiences knowing that she saw it through, even though she was told for a long time that she wasn't good enough for that she had certain rules to make it moving forward. She loved to fund in producing original web series film, or maybe even a documentary,
Her advice is to keep your eyes on your own paper. Good work often gets found so keep working away congratulations to Melissa, she sounds to me like a hustler, inter form as somebody who is not afraid to commit a working hard yet also, not afraid or unwilling to talk about age to pitch. It term is to part process. If you're all and no works, and that's a charlatan basically just keep working away like nose to the grindstone without promoting the work, then you're anonymous and your unseen think a lot of our powerlessness. Are not charlatans are much more likely to be the second category, their working hard bites their load and unwilling to talk about its unwilling to knock on those doors, to follow up with the author of the screen running
I can't write to other writers, shipowners etc. I'm so just take some balance right. It just takes imbalances of hard work and being willing to talk about it, knock on those doors etc. I wanted to my friends- are less craft and Sarah Fain, who produced the pot cast happier in Hollywood, she's thinking about them. As I was working on this, they have been good friends in writing partners, for, I think, close to two decades, if it's not too decades already when they produce this wonderful show, which you may have heard already, but a case, you have not check it out again. It's called happier in Hollywood all kinds of funds stories as well as tips, and such you can listen to that wherever you listen to pack ass, just likes hustle school artlessness inspiration is good, but inspiration. What action is better. Today's show now it's our inside us all school dot com, slash, twelve, forty, seven one to four seven! Thank you! So much be sure you subscribed much more is coming up. My name is critical of this is cited school
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